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'Ignoring Romania's WWII complicity – not an option'
Oleksandr Feldman
Published: 02.11.11, 09:19
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1. Great article
Dan Kelso   (11.02.11)
Dont forget Romania joined with German in attacking Russia in 1941. Russian gernals Zhukov and Koniev punished and destroyed the invading Romanian troops.
2. I agree. Now Israel should recognize 11million not just 6mil
Josh   (11.02.11)
We should put the truth out and show compassion for the dead by not making heros out of men who were mediocre at best. Thus we should recognize Rabin for Altalena and USS Liberty and stop making him as a tool for political sheepdome and mocking the dead by making him something he is not. We should recognize the slaughter of the Ethiopians as they walked to Israel and raise a voice up against racism. We should recognize the babies taken from their mothers and given away and seek to unite them. We should recognize the role of Nazi and helpers, but don't expect a world to care if we don't show that quality in our own dealings.
3. what more do you want from us?
Camelia ,   Bucharest, Romania   (11.02.11)
what more do you want from us? we have made museums, distroyed antonescu's statue, it is known and admitted that romania has collaborated with the nazis. now would you just leave us alone? we have paid the highest price for being germany's ally, although in '44 we have turned our weapons against hitler and left german army with no fuel, no grains so that the allies could defeat them. and what have you done for us? you have left us with stalin and cancelled hundreds of years of romanian civilization. you should point your finger to "prime minister" putin and russia who denies still today that stalin has killed millions of ucrainians leaving them to starve to death. just mind your own business and leave us alone for once.
4. Iron Guard / Antenescu are heroes to the Romanians
Sami ,   New York, USA   (11.02.11)
To the Romanians the Iron Guard / Antonescu are heroes.
5. Romania has been on status of Geman Colony
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.02.11)
Romania had fascist party CRUCEA DE FIER (IRON CROSS) who tried to throw the king by a puch. Romaninan has been under grip of nazi idhelogy where progroms have be common and TRANSNISTREA work camp where 400.000 jews perish. Everythink was keep hinded in the past by comunist regim and very well documented in HOLLOCAUST CRONICELES. More striking is today with barrely small jewish population the antisemitism is strong with nostalgy to old fascist prties as PARTIDUL NATIONAL TARANESC. Requirements for recognization of attrocities should be adrssed to reveal historical truth and not to allow to renanscence of fascism again
6. thge more I read the more I am disgusted
k ,   US   (11.02.11)
The more I read the more I am disgusted I admit I used to not really care about the "holocaust" as it was about 40 years before I was born But the more I read about it the more I am hateful to the country's that took part in it Amazing what they did and how they got away with it
7. #3 camelia
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.03.11)
It seems both sides have facts to support them. But you are reminding us of facts we may not have heard before ("we have turned our weapons against hitler..."). Everything should be known and remembered. Thank you for the reminder.
8. #7 solomon
Camelia ,   Bucharest, Romania   (11.03.11)
they always talk about the "eliberating" russian army, conveniently forgetting that stalin was the first german ally, remember how the soviet union supported hitler when invading poland and norway? and how hitler sustained stalin when the latter invaded finland? stalin entered the WWII in '39 side by side with hitler, russia was expelled from the liga of nations, just as japan, italy and germany. however, surprise, stalin exited the WWII as winner while we have been treated as losers although WE have created the premises to change the course of history by the allies. and the dear allies thrown us to the russians... i've never heard people demanding russia to admit the killings, never seen an official from any country condemning putin for saying that the biggest mistake of the century is the rupture of soviet union, no one ever came forward to ask putin for explanations. they are busier with Romania because russia just tells them to keep their mouth shut. and they do... half truth is not the truth.
9. Mr big shot Ukrainian official
Camelia ,   Bucharest, Romania   (11.03.11)
i think we have paid enough, not an eye for an eye, but a heart for an eye. we have not been admitted to negotiations after WWII being treated as losers. entire parts of our country have been taken away from us and given to russia, ukraine and bulgaria. romanians born and living there have been invaded and massacrated by the occupiers, russians and ukrainians. many have been killed while some managed to escape back to what Romania was left like. Mr big shot Ukrainian official, we have admitted our collaboration in pogroms while you have never, to this day, admitted the killing of romanian people in the land you occupied. shame on you! we have grandparents that still have tears in their eyes when remembering how they had to escape and how many relatives they lost in the massacre. we are still here and never forgot what you did to our people. and while we're at it, Bucovina is Romanian land as well as Basarabia! the least you can do is just shut up!
11. Iasi
Haiya Naftali ,   Dallas, USA   (11.03.11)
My dissertation is on this very subject. "Iasi in Context: The Pogrom of June 1941 and its Aftermath." (Univ ersity of Texas at Arlington, December 1988)
12. stop spreading soviet style propaganda
nowhereman ,   nowhereland   (11.03.11)
Sasha, please read at least a Wikipedia articles before claiming generalizations wrt Romanian prosecution of Jews in WWII. Around WWII Romania had several political fractions some more antisemitic, some less, some not. Some were committed to atrocities some not. The fact that more Jews survived in Romania than anywhere else speaks for itself. The fact that there were no deportations of Jews from Romania to extermination camps speaks by itself as well. Those were hard times and many Romanian Jews suffered terribly, both from mobs and from antisemitic political movement. However Romania during WWII has been the best place in Eastern Europe west of eastern front for Jews to be. Spreading propaganda in perhaps attempt to get more funds from their government, is leading to increased antisemitism in those countries, as viewed as an extortion for crimes the current generation has no clue about.
13. Romania refuses to admit they slaughtered 400,000 Jews
Laila ,   Montreal,m Canada   (11.03.11)
Romania refuses to admit they slaughtered 400,000 Jews. Just because some survived the war to them means they saved a few. Antonescu stopped the murders when he saw Nazi Germany were losing.
14. Romania was among most antisemitic countries in Europe
BotosaniJew ,   London, UK   (11.03.11)
Romania was among most antisemitic countries in Europe.
15. What more do you want from us
Sonny fried ,   Skokie il. USA   (11.04.11)
You must be crazy. You are alive. Your citizens participated in extermination of 400,000 of your fellow citizens. Where any of those individuals tried or placed in prison? Jewish people have right to justice, there property returned an acknowledgement from Romianian about there role in Holocaust and extermination of their Jewish citizens. You have nerve to complain where entire families were wiped out .. When your country acknowledges its role in holocaust an returns the money and or property an businesses then maybe we may not comment. As for forgiveness never. Only victims can grant you forgiveness.
16. Pointing finger again ,...
split ,   US   (11.04.11)
When are you going to iinvestigate and take responsibility for your own collaborators like Rudolf Kastner and his zionist handlers in British Mandate of Palestine at the time.
17. Mr. Feldman, if you looking for justice,...
split ,   US   (11.04.11)
Start on your front yard. 'Holodomor' (the great famine) engineered and administrated by your homie Lazar Kaganovich with the result of 7-10 Millions starved to death Ukrainians.
18.  14. Romania was among most antisemitic countries in Europe
split ,   US   (11.04.11)
If that's the case than how do you explain 3/4 Million Jews living there ?
19. biased article
ion ,   western europe   (11.04.11)
For God sake where do you find these people such as mr. Feldman ??? Romanian authorities have publicly accepted romanian role in killing jewish people during WW2. Every year romanian president and other high officials express their regret and hope such things will never happen again. It is a black mark on our history and every regular and informed romanian acknowledges this. However I didn't read any line though in present article about Romania's territory being torn apart in those years by Soviet Union and nazi Germany or the jewish role in the events that followed Bessarabia's evacuation by romanian army. Do you like so much pointing fingers ? Why don't we learn each from own mistakes instead of pointing to others ? Don't you have any ? Some people choose to live in the past mostly for their own interest. Don't give them space to express themselves unless you are part of the same club.
20. #18: How do you explain then Jews living in Germany?
Sami ,   New York, USA   (11.04.11)
#18: How do you explain 1 million Jews living in Germany and in Austria? And as to the 3/4 M Jews in Romania, 400,000 were butchered by Romanians, not Germans.
21. to accept your history
Endre ,   Hungary   (11.04.11)
well, it's always interesting to see both sides of the coins. yours is one, others is another one. Accept your history, and don't compare a statue to hundreds of thousands of lives. P.S - you left Germany's ally because they were loosing the war, and you didn't want your country to be split up.
22. Leave Romania alone
Michael ,   London UK   (11.05.11)
Just because Romania's not under the thumb of the Jewish lobby, Jews are outraged that Romania remains a free independent nation. Articles like this confirm the statements of anti-semites. By the way Israel is regularly criticised by the civilised community of nations too. If Jews are smart enough to ignore the international community and act in their national interest, then so can Romania.
23. 20. How do you explain then Jews living in Germany?
split ,   US   (11.05.11)
Don't ask me I don't know, I'm not Jewish - One fact that I know that no one invited them there or anywhere, they invaded those/other countries, refused to assimilate and imposed their customs on natives just like they do today in places like Kew Gardens, Crown Hights, Boro Park, Williamsburg, New Square to name few of them in N.YC and State I'm an immigrant too but only at my home with my family when we're alone and that ends at my doorway. That's how do you show a respect and grattitude for someone who gave you an asylum and a chance to start new life.
24. Ukrainian involvement in Odessa massacre
Camelia ,   Bucharest, Romania   (11.06.11)
We, Romanians, have publicly admitted the killings, while you, Mr big shot Ukrainian, are still keeping YOUR involvement a secret... "...some accounts differ (often greatly) in the numbers, partially due to different definitions of what constituted the Odessa massacres, as opposed to other acts of genocide in Transnistria carried out by the Romanians, Germans, and their allies, including LOCAL UKRAINIAN AUTHORITIES... the Romanian military, aided by LOCAL AUTHORITIES, murdered up to 25,000 Jews and deported over 35,000, most of whom were later killed".
25. #4 Sami Antonescu is no hero to us
Camelia ,   Bucharest, Romania   (11.06.11)
Antonescu is no hero to us, but he is certainly a complex figure. on the trial, before receiving death sentence, he said "i leave to the Romanian people the good things i've done and take all crimes on me. i ask for death sentence and refuse any eventual pardoning." consider that, unlike Germany (hitler) and Russia (stalin), Romania was the only nation that held a trial against its leader, antonescu and inflicted his death sentence (Mussolini was killed also in his own country, but with the involvement of an eglish agent and with no trial).
26. Antonescu is a war criminal and not a hero
Rodica ,   Bucharest, Romania   (11.25.11)
27. We have done all that
Rodica ,   Bucharest, Romania   (11.25.11)
Romania has apologised, from our president down, for the Holocaust. The properties have been returned and we give our citizenship to any jew how want it. Shall we commit mass suicide now? Toghether with the Germans, Poles, Hungarians, etc.? Or maybe toghether with the Brits? How about the Americans? Did they have any responsability for the death of countless jews during WWII? Maybe for not bombing the train tracks to death camps?
28. Why do you seek the citizenship of countries you despise?
Radu ,   Iasi   (11.25.11)
Why do Israelis seek the citizenship of countries they despise? How can you pledge allegiance to a country and a flag you resent?
29. The truth
Tony ,   Canada   (08.08.12)
"We shall never forget that in the darkest days in Europe under the Nazis, Romania stood up and saved the life of many of the Jewish people here and that 400,000 of them went to Israel and they were the builders of Israel." - Shimon Peres, 13 Aug 2010
30. why romania entered the ww2
boni ,   pe ici pe colo, roma   (11.20.13)
The article stipulates that Romania was neutral at the beginning of the war. After the fall of France under Germany the Soviet Union gave an ultimatum to Romania to to give up the romanian teritories Basarabia and North Bucovina. Germany also pushed Romania to give up North West Trasilvaia to Hungary and Quadrilater to Bulgaria. Under those conditions Antonescu took the power. He was just a military with no party and he accepted to make a government with Iron Guard. Romania old allies were not there anymore. Even France made an armistice with Germany. In the end Romania entered the war to recuperate Basarabia and Bukovina . not to forget that the soviet government deported over 30.000 romanians after their occupation.. The soviet parlament contained many nations representants including 30% Jews so it means that they were at least in part responsible for all the actions the soviet government took, sime of them like the anexations of other countries. See Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania's Basarabia and North Bukovina..
31. A comment too long to be reas
Adrian ,   Constanța   (07.01.18)
Quote: "in Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union."
Ukraine and Moldova, can you name other countries that had territories under Romanian administration?
Why is it important to minimise or to maximise the numbers? Is Romania worst if the number is 1 million or is Romania any better if the number is 50 thousands. Was Antonescu really worse in comparison to Horthy (Antonescu paid, Horthy didn't. A dark saying says: Let the goat of your neighbour die too.)? What is not fair is that you left out another cruel detail, the numbers in the reports also include Gipsies, but there is no one to take their side, you could say that the Gypsy organisations are weak, but maybe they have other purposes like fighting with the present situation. Are only the crimes done during the WWII taken into account. Romania paid a lot of war compensations (more than double in agricultural and oil industry products), Romania paid, people died of famine because of the Soviet administration that took more compensation than the one stipulated in the treaties, maybe the people that died are fewer).
The last words are, we are collectively guilty and we do not know if we are less or more guilty than other nations, we are also collectively victims and we are also collectively heroes (of course, Antonescu was not a hero, he was a patriot and if our education system during the Ceausescu regime chose to present him with a brighter image, to manipulate the history, it did so in a response to a greater manipulation of the historic facts, I am sorry. My family hated Ceausescu, he could be considered a criminal, yet he was a patriot of his Romania). My Romania is not the same Romania as the Romania of others.

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