Palestinians aim to join 16 other UN agencies
Elior Levy
Published: 01.11.11, 13:14
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1. Free world
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (11.01.11)
Welcome to the agencies of United Nations. Please join us for free. Boca Juniors from Argentina, White Sox from Chicago, Barcelona from Spain and the Moscow circus are also applying. We offer the following menu: 1. Weekly condemnation of Israel. 2. Weekly program to be a Judendreig world. 3. conseling how to launch missiles from expert already joined. 4. USA and Israel flag burning curses. Join us is FREE!!!!!!
2. Israel the Only Authority from Jordan2Sea ...
American Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.01.11)
Makes sense, perhaps naturally inevitable & irreversible based on loong-time behaviours, hence ok with me. Let's make it happen in a manner consistent with Judaism & International Law ... Buena Suerte!
3. Looks like the USA will be saving a lot of money.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (11.01.11)
4. how can they join these organisations legally?
zionist forever   (11.01.11)
Abbas is planning to make his big UN bid but until both the General Assembly and Security Council vote in favour then the palestinians are not members of the UN and so if they are not UN members how can they join UN agencies? Would I be able to request UNESCO and 16 other UN agencies grant me membership?
5. Illusion
Igor ,   Israel, T"A   (11.01.11)
Looks like "palestinians" try now create illusion of state instead state. And plan to live in this illusion. Good luck.
6. Now members of the UN!
Palis,   (11.01.11)
Does that mean that they will now play the 'respectable' country of "Palestine"? Gee whiz.... I wonder what God has to say about that lot! Oh well, time will tell! But it's nice that they can join the Body of Satan!
7. Is that a threat of a promise?
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (11.01.11)
"I am not threatening to have the Authority disbanded, but Israel might find itself as the only authority between the Jordan River and the sea," Erekat declared" It can't happen soon enough
8. Face reality, Israel!
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg & Sweden   (11.01.11)
This is just another natural step towards what 99,9% of the world knows and understands will be reality. There will be a Palestinian state. It will be based roughly around the borders of 1967. Complete separation for a number of decades will be necessary; no Arabs in Israel, no jews in Palestine. No one will love the solution, everyone will have to accept the solution. Wake up and smell the coffee!
9. Empty threats designed to frighten the west into giving them
JC of the PPFJ   (11.01.11)
more money and support. It works every time! Muslims will not disband and hand over the land gained by the Oslo accords to Israel. Get real! They see it as Muslim land! But they know that the west, certain Israeli leaders, and certain Israeli media outlets buy into their empty threats and give them what they want.. Clever lot..
10. Glad of one thing
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (11.01.11)
Every time they join something they accomplish something no other American politician can, they save some of my tax dollars. An extra bonus, they quit funding this bureaucratic toilet bowl called the UN. I hope the next thing they cutoff is the UNRWA.
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (11.01.11)
send all those in Gaza to a new city built 50 miles down the coast, top quality like Dubai, those east of the Jordan across the river to the Hashemite kingdom, and raise their standards of living in the process.
12. Join 27 for all the good it will do you
Tarbouche ,   aswan   (11.01.11)
13. Riding high on cloud nine.
tiki ,   belgium   (11.01.11)
The Palies are drunk with their 'succes, but havn't learned that even the greatest love affair can end very bad. They will soon find out.
14. Not Anot Another Dollar to UN! Not Another Dollar to PA
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (11.01.11)
Not another dollar to the UN! Not another dollar to the Palestinian Authority terrorist organization! America, Europe and Britain have severe financial problems. People have lost their jobs and cannot get work. People are struggling to survive and greedy, selfish PLO/Palestinian Authority demand that they are given free infidel money to support them and for their illegal terrorist state implant in the Jewish Holy Land. No more tax dollars from Americans, Europeans and British who are struggling to survive!
15. The Camel has Its Nose In The tent
emanon ,   USA   (11.01.11)
There are lots of regional variations of this story, but you get the image and the drift. Before you know it, the camel has totally taken over your tent and pushed you outside.
16. as you sow so you reap
common guy ,   china   (11.01.11)
Some of the Anglos, Europas and their cohorts will use every trick of trade to bribe the Palestinians with Money (and other tried and tested means where ever opportunity exists) to intimidate, derail and block their country bid at UN inorder to serve their personal interests. The swindlers innovate, earn and fund the Anglo's & Europa's backbone structures to protect their(swindlers) people and aspirations. To sustain their dominance, this club will plot to pit the arabs, persians and others against one other through assassinations, wars, frauds, mixing poison, denying knowhow and technologies. To shield from the club members poisonous designs, the arabs, persians and others have to protect and save life of living beings (basic pillar), establish freedom to living beings, invest in people institutions, innovation and businesses, sustain defense power, abolish polygamy practices against women.
17. Gunnar Gothenburg no 8
No Arabs in Israel yes.Gunnar,Palestine never existed.Their ancestors came to the Jewish Land of israel, in search for work, as they are doing in Sweden.In 25/35 years, the Muslims population will be much more than the White Swedish population.Would you accept that Sweden to be an Islamic,instead of Christian? No way you will accept. Israel is the land of the Jews for over five thousand years even before Islam was invented.
18. I invite "Palestine" to join every part of UN
John ,   Alaska   (11.01.11)
The US will stop wasting money on each part that adds fake "Palestine" to it's number. This will save the US a lot of money!
19. Sounds like Erekat is already tossing in the towel...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.01.11)
on precious, make-believe Palestine.
20. Would the US support arabs if they killed
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (11.01.11)
blacks and taught anti black lies? and preached racism? Of course not !! But its Ok to be racist against Jews. Impeach obama, get a real american in power who respects Democracy and capitalism. obama supports racism and should be kicked out of office NoW.
21. PA: A Victory for Peace. A Victory for the Human Race ???
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (11.01.11)
It is a DEFEAT for the Human Race. Financed by the US/EU/UK, global jihadists, Palestinian Authority call for the Murder of All Jews and the Murder of Americans: Broadcast from Gaza mosque, Oct 13 2000, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them..." U.S. leaders must immediately explain to Americans and Jews, why the Palestinian Authority, whose goal is the murder of all Jews and the murder of Americans, are heavily financed, armed, and continually given advanced military training by the U.S. - training which is used against Israel. and inform Americans how many U.S. trained terrorists are now in America. And explain why U.S/EU leaders demand that Muslim terrorists are given a terror state inside tiny, vulnerable Israel.
22. Israel Must Secure Its Victories
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (11.01.11)
A Florida Congressperson proposed a bill to limit US contributions to the UN. The Pres was not exactly overly excited, and it went no where. Its time for other Senators and Congresspersons to add their voice. The UN agency, dominated by countries sympathetic to the so-called Pales statehood, w/o negotiations with Israel as to borders, is creating a state where there is none. Its all a mirage..and Abbas knows it. As long as Israel retains "boots on the ground" and doesnt concede one dunam...Israel will have the authority from Jordan to the Med. Sometimes a show of force accomplices more than words. Israel could: declare marshal law, annex territories, station the Golan and Givati in the West Bank. Sooner or later, it will have to fight to win, forcing Hama/.Hez to surrender. Until then, look for the Pales to circumvent Israel's wins from 48 on. Today, the W.Bk, tomorrow, what, TelAviv, Beersheve, Ashdod, Haifa, West Jerusalem. Israel need to act and act firmely to secure its victories. It cannot rest on its laurels.
23. UN a failure just like League of Nations. Lots of money,
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.01.11)
lots of bureaucrats doing almost no good at all. A few vaccinations, a few aid camps but mostly wasted money. Every little hate filled muslum country gets the same vote as the big countries who pay the bills. Some democracy. Just shut it down.
24. So how much will Palestine be donating annually?
JO   (11.01.11)
Countries have the right to do with their money as they will. The US has as much right as any country to fund or not fund. It is not a free for all, everyone has an agenda, the PA included.
25. Why are we surprised?
Dan ,   Florida   (11.01.11)
Now the line has been drawn by the Palestinians and we must immediately build out Jerusalem and declare to the entire world that Jerusalem is forever the undivided Capitol of Israel. All payment from Israel and the United States to the Palestinians and the U.N. must stop. Palestinians that seek work in Israel must forever be barred and forced to seek compensation from the PLO and Hamas who will no doubt continue to be supported by the liberals in Europe and the EU who never learns that appeasement does not work but will when there is a nuclear detonation in a European capitol. Never again should Israel engage with any Palestinian. Attacks from Gaza or the West Bank are an overt act of war and should be treated as such with an overwhelmingly devastating response.
26. Islamist-Jihadist Entity
Brod ,   USA   (11.01.11)
If an Islamist-Jihadist terrorist entity can dominate the UN, the UN is in big trouble. The UN leadership and the Free World need to see Pat Condell's commentary in Youtube entitled, "The great Palestinian lie."
27. Face reality
zaneco ,   Uganda   (11.01.11)
Jewish people and Israel are facing the reality more than any other people on earth. So-called Palestinians are better in Sweden, other European countries like many other econmic refugees brothers from muslim charia based countries because of backward situation. reason : charia based on contempt of Human life not to mention women...
28. #14
Pete ,   Uk   (11.01.11)
Wellnsaid and don't forget the 3B$ of taxpayers money Isreal gets each year. That will go a long way to helping those families
29. 18
zionist forever   (11.01.11)
John The US shouldn't be financing the bulk of these UN agencies anyway considering the vast majority of them do not represent American interests. Why the hell should the US care about UNESCO considering there is nothing really in it for them anyway. Why waste $80 million a year? UNRWA, the organisation is a bottomless money pit and crooked as hell. Give USAID to provide food aid but don't just give out money. I imagine there are plenty of UN agencies which the US couldn't give a damn about but they provide the lions share of the funding anyway because the US bankrolls the UN and so its expected and the money is just given blindly. You got yourselves a $15 trillion debt and are making cutbacks at home so why not start looking into what UN agencies you fund and if America itself is not getting anything out of it then just stop throwing good money after bad.
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