IAF holds distant-strike exercise
Yoav Zitun
Published: 02.11.11, 14:57
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1. This is what Israel needs. We should cut
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.02.11)
all funds to non Zionist groups and individuals. Cut welfare and money to prisoners families. No more child allowances to draft dodgers families. Make them return all the money they received, plus interest! Tax all draft dodgers and use the money to strengthen the I.D.F.
2. Huge strategic mistake if israel illegally attacks iran
christianpalestinian ,   haifa   (11.02.11)
Most analysts and observers agree that iran has a variety of military response options to any israeli attack.
3. Iranian Chief-of -Staff thinks America will be able to...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.02.11)
restrain Israel. Am I supposed to think my dog is smarter the he is??
4. The biggest mistake Israel has made sofar is that Israel....
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.02.11)
..hasn't already attacked Iran. May I also humbly suggest that IDF destroys not only all the nuclear facilities but also bomb every square inch of Iran and send the Ahmadinejad government, the ayatollahs and 75-80 million Iranians to their destiny. If IDF does that, the threat from Iran will be no more. But it takes balls and brains to do that and understand that. If IDF wipes out Iran, Turkey and Syria from the face of the earth, the world will be a much better place.
5. @1: how about cutting back on pensions 4 army from age 45...
Because you do realize that the lions share of the Defense Budget goes to pensions for career army people. Yep! Career army people retire at age 45 and they get full pensions (depending on rank at retirement anywhere upwards of NIS 25,000) and after the large group of young retireees there's all of the disabled soldiers and the families of fallen soldiers (some of those fallen were killed in car accidents NOT in wars) after that there's all of the waste in the military budget. Equipment purchased spontaneously on a military shopping spree that just sits in storage gathering dust or until it is stolen by criminals and resold for profit. Now about the draft dodgers of course you are speaking about all of those ultra orthodox who are "slaying themselves on the fields of Torah", right? In other words Jason be go educate yourself and until u r educated please do give it a rest!
6. this is
the israel i know and love! you will succeed. no doubt about it.
JOYCE ,   JERUSALEM   (11.02.11)
The fact is Isreal can NEVER strike Iran, that is why they keep on announcing and undertaking artificial drill.After the drill i bet there will be NO ACTION. Mark my words. The question is that do Isreal need to make noise to disturb everyone before it strike. Be serious for once.
8. Talk of attack on Iran is a smoke screen.
JPoL   (11.02.11)
The real targets will be Hamas and Hezbollah, thus cutting off the arms and Isolating the beast.
9. "Isolated"...what a dumb thing to say.
Ypip ,   Canada   (11.02.11)
10. Think what such move would do to the Holy Stock Exchange?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.02.11)
Although war is always good for world economy I am not sure we are there yet. Depends on Greece... not?
11. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK ........I am just......
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.02.11)
holding my breath...
12. #4 Alex, Superpower dreams?
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.02.11)
Are you a religious freak or a megalomaniac? Both should stay out of the way of hard working people in Israel who make IDF strong. Thankfully, sane people lead Israel and they will rely on diplomacy to restrict Iran as long as possible.
13. @4
sipahi ,   istanbul   (11.02.11)
Let alone US support, even if UFO's helped IDF, they cannot "wipe Iran, Turkey and Syria" from the faceof the earth.
14. Are you kidding me????
TC   (11.02.11)
How come Ynet is publishing this? Or is this only some kind of psychological warfare, ie nothing will happend?
15. #12 Michael, I see your point
Doctor ,   USA   (11.02.11)
but I am afraid restriction of Iran is not going to be possible soon. #4 Alex is correct!
16. #5 and #1
hodaya ,   israel   (11.02.11)
Cutting pensions of retired soldiers? the people who is in the army most of their life?, do you know how hard it is and how little family time this people have while on duty. Sometime they don't come home for a week, do you think they dont deserve an early retirement? And to #1 we have many Orthodox that joins the army, actually in chadissim, men must enroll the army for women is not tzniut. A different outlook is that people doesnt realize that also this ultra orthodox people are the ones who learn torah and mitzvots, someone must to do it, otherwise how will our heritage will pass from generation to generation, unless we want every rabbi to be reformist or reconstructionist. I catched so many wrong religion related discussions coming from children who assist to chiloni schools. So little by little we are also loosing it. There are so many families that are loosing the tradition, and after few generations it could be over, i was so sorry to hear a child asking why his father needed to go to pray at the synagogue. To pray to who and why?
17. A clear warning shot...but the Iranians
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.02.11)
will just overlook it, a warning shot is NOT enough !!!!!!!!
18. Without nukes, Iran is just a paper tiger
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.02.11)
and it has no viable option to retaliate... In fact they are BIG COWARDS !!!
19. israeli media and plans for iran
alexi   (11.02.11)
its hard to understand haaretz and their journalist marcus, verter, levy and oren. Guilt, slave mentality, hate themselves in the mirror like oz,burg, olmert and even livni who deviated from their parents and have continuing father son/daughter problems. Lost in all of these theories is that the whole lot of them have little national conviction of israeli history. They have adopted the arab narrative and the run to the US with cup in hand for approval. It is demeaning, not befitting a soevereign nation and humiliates israel. Excluding olmert who is facing jail and all know he would sell his m other to avoid jail, livni is the same like him again not sanctionning abbas for joining unesco violating oslo. She has this idea of freezing settlements ,that negotiations would work and that nato would guarantee whatever borders would be determined. Ynet refuses to publicize my comments because I call livni an absolute idiot, a moron in that she cannot see what is going on here. 10,000 rockets have hit israel associated with her advocating withdrawal from gaza without holding philadephi. Livni is a an idiot lawyer, the twin of olmert. and I still do not know what is at the root of haaretz, because it demeans jews and israel with every article it publishes.
20. #4
Igor ,   Israel, T"A   (11.02.11)
While not big fun of Tehran, I don't understand why must we wipe out Turkey and even Syria. And even Iran. Still, I hope we will wipe out Iranians atomic objects.
21. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.02.11)
Excuse me, but since Iran has spent the better part of thirty-two years threatening Israel with destruction and promising to "wipe the 'Zionist entity' from the map," why would it be "illegal" were Israel to decide to take such existential threats seriously? By the way -- Iran's "variety of military response options" pale in comparison to Israel's nukes, wouldn't you agree?
22. War of words,...
split ,   US   (11.02.11)
Why would you brag about it if not for the reason to terrorise Iranians ?
23. If only the US was a stronger support!
My only concern is the weakling in Washington's inability to take a stance on the Iranian and Arab threats.
24. Israel will not dare drop a pin over Iran
reza shah ,   tehran   (11.02.11)
I am willing to bet every one here that all that is Hoopla is just Hoopla Israel is desperate now and looking for place under the sun
25. To Christianpali
Norman ,   France Eurabia   (11.02.11)
And what about hamas "illegaly" launching rockets ? -)))
26. IAF Exercises
Spencer ,   Israel   (11.02.11)
If indeed Israel is considering a long overdue attack on Iran's nuclear facilities then Israel's media is acting in a most irresponsible manner. Why go public with Israel's plans. Whilst I agree with "Freedom of the Press.....that too should have limits. I believe that the Israeli Government should take steps to ensure that any articles concerning our IDF plans should be vetted by a censor. Yes, I agree that this is a draconian step, but taking into consideration the special position israel finds itself, special steps are needed. These article "disclosing" the IDF plans put the lives of all Israelis (the includes our soldiers) in danger. If such measures aretaken then a contravention of the law should be punishable by gaol, without the option of a fine.
27. For same reason Israel will never attack Iran
E,M Jordan is Pales ,   SF   (11.02.11)
First Iran dose not have enough technology to make Nuclear bomb, Second Russian are not stupid to provide technology to fanatics Muslim nations because the Russian aware of their ideology too, Third Israel dose not want to make divide nation to united nation beside after the fanatics regime Israel will have huge interest in Iran.
28. Christian Pali
Barry ,   Tokyo   (11.02.11)
Why should we even listen to your advise, Christian or not. Better watch your own backs in the event of more Muslim pogroms that is being planned in the context of the Arab "spring"...
29. is Iran going to distance Israel from any strike
observer ,   Egypt   (11.02.11)
30. Why talk about your
Moragh   (11.02.11)
drills? Why warn the enemy? Why the Fanfare? Do it, and not a word about when you will move! I have never understood why you announce these things. All you are doing is peparing the enemy. I'm not a soldier, but for goodness sake, I know I would keep my mouth shut and certainly not warn the enemy of my intentions and what I intended to do and where I would strike. Come on Israel... get your act together. Somebody, please tell me if I'm wrong!
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