IAF holds distant-strike exercise
Yoav Zitun
Published: 02.11.11, 14:57
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31. reza
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (11.03.11)
reza get out of iran with your family while you have the chance to, dont be foolish just go go .
32. iran is much safer than england trust me
reza shah ,   tehran   (11.03.11)
when the thing hit the fan you gonna smell it in england
33. as long as Barak is defence minister,there is no attack
chaim.s ,   54st brooklyn ny   (11.03.11)
Israel attacking Iran ? is this a sick joke?,as long as this pathetic coward Barak is defence minister,the only attacking the IDF will do,is when they will come in the midlle of the night to the settlements in YESHA,and throw out the women and children from their homes,this coward Barak,never stood up to the real enemies of Israel,in the last 3 years while he was defence minister,over 2000 rockets have rained down on Israel from Gaza,did he lift a finger to stop it,? of course not,he is saving the IDF's firepower for the more important task,when the time will come to dismantle the settelments and throw out a few hundred thousand jews from their homes
34. strategic bombers
T.J.McBearsofBrookly ,   New York   (11.04.11)
Without strategic bombers (which Israel does not have) the firepower that can be projected is minimal, one S bomber has more firepower and long-range capability than a whole squadron of fighters, some other clever method needs to be used to go after Iran
35. where is the unity?where we can find it?
arca-jcb ,   U.A.E.   (11.07.11)
i'm not happy for all the comments i've read they are talking about anger, promoting war is not the solution we need peace...
36. Hmmm, Strategic Bombers
A ,   Oz   (11.11.11)
They weren't needed to take out the Syrian/Iraqi nuclear refining operations. They weren't needed to destroy the Arab airforces in '67. They are large, slow, airframes with limited survivability, for destroying huge targets. The USA has moved away from Strategic Bombers (SAC peaked in the late 1960's), tactical bombers and fighter bombers are the preferred option, especially in contested airspace.
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