Report: PA fails to meet UNESCO's education standards
Roni Shaked
Published: 02.11.11, 14:10
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1. Surprised?
James ,   Raleigh US   (11.02.11)
Did anybody expect anything less than complete hypocrisy from the UN?
2. Codex, rules, regulations, even international law are...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.02.11)
...meaningless in the face of a political bulldozer in the form of the oil rich Arab states, backed up automatically by the Muslim world and helped, often reluctantly, by the economically enslaved states of Africa and Asia. The world has become more and more cynical!! The only person who still doesn't grasp it is the President of the US..., who will, no doubt, will attempt back channels through which to continue fund UNESCO, despite the law prohibiting him to do so.
3. UNESCSO fiasco !!!!!
Texan   (11.02.11)
This is the UNESCSO ! Bibi Stop funding terrorist and abbas and his so call palestinian stop supplies of energy water food medicine ...No more interence to Israeli hospitals !!! Change the jail system no more visiters to terrorist , food same what they give to Shalit no fresh air no more walk terrorist killer give them the dead penalty AM YISRAEL CHAI!!!
4. UN = UIR
emanon ,   USA   (11.02.11)
The United Nations is rapidly degenerating into the United Islamic Republics. If they can force / threaten / bully their way in to one organization, they will use that as a springboard to force / threaten / bully their agenda of a totally islamic world. I stand by my earlier predictions: women must first be veiled before entering the chambers abd later banned from any function what so ever within UNESCO and eventually the UIR, eh excuse me, I meant the UN. Next cuts of funding to nations with any Jewish population. The camel has its nose in the tent and will not rest until everyone else is shoved outside and the camel entirely controls the tent.
5. The UN never plays by the rules when it involves Israel
Sidney ,   USA   (11.02.11)
6. #5 Sidney UN have a double standartd when is come to Israel
Texan   (11.02.11)
7. U kidding?! Palis don't meet basic Human Standards!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.02.11)
8. Who cares?
Tambour ,   eilat   (11.02.11)
UN under the influence of parties hostile to Jews. Arab bloc, leftists, 1940's remnants
9. 1) Tells you alot
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (11.02.11)
about what the UN is, 2) how democracy is not a guarantee of any morality, 3) that the International body is a manifestation of a crippled ideology that is in conflict with 'Natural Law' and therefore opposed to the basic tenants of God's law, which as a result is naturally followed by antisemitism. The motive of the UN is not to bolster the Arab cause, but to denigrate and weaken Jews.
10. Israel also fails to meet UNESCO standards
Bill ,   UK   (11.02.11)
"Do its textbooks recognize certain nations and religions"? Answer: No. What so called "Israel" does not recognise the Palestinian identity or Palestine's right to exist. "do they include anti-Semitic or racist references etc" The answer: Yes. Anyone with a basic knowledge knows that Zionism is based on race and the "chosen people" myth. Therefore, "Israel" is not entitled to be a UNESCO member if you think that way.
11. PA fails to UNESCO's education standards
Mat ,   uk   (11.02.11)
UN becoming UM (united muslim) voting reasons hate Israel and dont want to be out of step for not backing palistinians
12. Well said #10.
Bill ,   Australia   (11.02.11)
Look at the counting books used in Israeli elementary schools for example: 6x tanks, 4 Captains, 3 guns etc.
13. Israel meets UNESCO Standards
Ian Grobman ,   Lima Peru   (11.02.11)
Israel text books and education, does not inlclude tesching Anti -semitic o racist references. Palestine is not a country. It is still in negotiation with Israel about the recognition of the existance of Israel!!!!! Israel is a universal fact. exists and is located in every Mapamundi of people who lives the reallity. I recommend people to read and think after posting your ideas
14. It's EVIL UN Approval of Violent Jihad Against Jews
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (11.02.11)
All that the UN/EU/US/UK ever required of the Palestinian Authority is to say words of peace in English and continue killing Jews. The Palestinian Authority non-stop indoctrination of murderous hate, violence and war against Jews through PA textbooks, schools, mosques and media is well known. The Muslim goal of conquest of Israel and a Second Holocaust of Jews is no secret. By financing, arming and training the PA, and demanding a terror state implant in little Israel, the US/EU are guilty of actively aiding and abetting this wicked goal.
15. @ #10
Even Balance ,   Beit Yehoshua, IL   (11.02.11)
Apparently you didn't take the time to read the report this article refers to. 1. The Palestine is not a country, and if it ever was, it includes Jordan as well. 2. Regarding your 'chosen people myth'; Hitler seemed to believe we are 'different'. So did the Arab League nations when they ethnically cleansed almost 1 million Jews from their communities in Arab lands that pre-dated Islam itself, and herded them into Israel for final eradication in 1948, during the Palestinians and Arab nations 'mistake' of not accepting the 2 state solution. Perhaps you should be telling them how ordinary we are, and not us?
16. #10 Bill picked the wrong case to argue about
Julien ,   Liverpool, UK   (11.02.11)
Palestine is not a country, there's nothing to be recognized there. Try again.
17. #10
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (11.02.11)
I don't know where you are getting your information, but your post is very false and typical. Israel does recognize all nations and all religions, including Islam. What you are referring to is the Torah Classes, which educates the Jewish students of their Heritage, just like any Bible Class Christians attend, learning the New Testaments. The Jews always help people all over the world (read a little). Israel is a Jewish nations whether you like it or not. With regards to your anti Semitic BS remarks, all you need to do is look in the mirror, the answer is right in front of you (Jew hater). Nice try, but your adolescent understanding of Israel and the Jewish history is far from reality. You need to sit where you are under the rain and cool down a little.
Even the US cut funding to UNESCO, which proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not a viable or intelligent organized body and it does not help world progress, peace or the establishment of good relations between nations. UNESCO's failure to properly evaluate the PA's hate-filled culture underscores the dire need to disband the UN completely...a totally RATIONAL action to take at this point. A new organization should be formed of RESPONSIBLE nations that cooperate based upon dual-benefit and global benefit, not catering to madmen and lunatics. The insanely irresponsible actions of the UN and its offshoot orgs has clearly revealed the need for the CIVILIZED WORLD to re-evaluate the direction the world is heading and addressing the changes that need to be made. Namely and firstly, the disbanding of the UN while maintaining the intelligent treaties and alliances among the civilized world.
19. who are they IMPACT-SE ???!!!
Sabra ,   Zinzibar   (11.02.11)
by whom they are financed ? why they were established ?? in Law you can't create evident for yourself , and by a partial body ??? !!
Okay, the entire world knows England is perhaps the most anti-semitic place on earth, not to mention the committng the most racist and violent atrocities against humanity and civilians above perhaps any nation in world history. Setting that stupidity aside, you're baseless claim that Israel does not meet the requirements underscores your hatred for Jews, NOT just Israel. Did you read the textbooks Israel has? Did you see the scrutiny in the paperwork UNESCO put Israel through like it does every nation? Have you READ the palestinian text books? Its clear that you are just an anti-semitic, key-board commando with no scrupples or intelligence. Your statements are rooted in your backward mentality and war-mongering disposition and rationale so generously spread throughout the english populace. Good luck with that: is it any wonder your little island is always covered in clouds?
21. What about Israeli textbooks?
Adam Keller ,   Holon, Israel   (11.02.11)
"The Palestinian textbooks and maps are largely devoid of any reference to Israel, geographic or otherwise". But equally, the Israeli textbooks and maps are largely devoid of any reference to Palestine, geographic or otherwise. In fact, the maps presented to Israeli school children completely deny the existence of Palestine and present territory of Palestine under the name "Judea and Samaria", as if it was part of Israel. So, Israel does not meet the UNESCO standards, either.
22. palestinians were educated in the school of terror
zionist forever   (11.02.11)
The world has been turning a blind eye to the palestinians and their failings for decades so why should the fact they don't meet up with UNESCO education standards be of any great importance now? I don't even understand on what grounds they could even be granted membership without bending a few rules anyway because there is no palestinian state. How can an entity which is neither a state or a UN member be granted membership of a UN agency? At least the US has done AMERICAN TAXPAYERS a favour and stopped contributing the lion share of the funding towards UNESCO which is an agency which the US personally gets nothing out of anyway. I also have a feeling UNESCO is already starting to regret admitting the palestinians now they have lost 22% of their funding. This is going to mean UNESCO has to operate either with a much smaller budget or other members who voted in favour of plestinian admitance are going to have to start spending more of their own money to make up the shortfall which I don't imagine will go down very well with voters.
23. #21
Nigel ,   Israel   (11.02.11)
That 's because there is no country as Palestine.
24. #21
Spencer ,   Israel   (11.02.11)
Judea and Samaria ARE part of Israel. By the way I don't know which Israeli text books you read but there are many references to Palestine under the British mandate. Learn your history. There is NO country called Palestine and there never has been. So, you rwhole outburst is devoid of any truth.
25. #12 - how is that "racist"?
William ,   Israel   (11.02.11)
It's an indication of the issues that permeate Israeli society. Yes, everyone serves in the army and knows about it because we have violent, racist neighbors who attack often. You'll find such mentions in many other country school books, but it doesn't make them racists. You might find it distasteful, from your cushy home in Australia, but this is the reality ion our land. Your blatant disregard to this context just underscores your own ego-centric focus and purposeful lack of understanding.
26. read a bible for names on a map
27. No. 10 & 21
Alejandro Ramos ,   Mexico City   (11.02.11)
My dear Bill and Adam... you should read and cultivate yourselves as your comments here show a huge ignorance about basic facts of history and geography... even people who have lived and who have been educated in the third world (like myself) know much more than you do!
Nathan ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.02.11)
UNESCO fails to meet UNESCO's education standards. Bunch of half wits.
29. 21
zionist forever   (11.02.11)
" the Israeli textbooks and maps are largely devoid of any reference to Palestine, geographic or otherwise " Er you may have failed to notice that all this nonsense they call the peace process is supposed to be about CREATING a palestinian state, a state which currently does not exist except in the minds of the arabs & some Israeli and western idealists. If at some point this state of Palestine does come into existence then future maps & textbooks will list Palestine on the mutually agreed upon border.
30. #19 - did IMPACT-SE create "Palestinian" school books?
William ,   Israel   (11.02.11)
Last I checked, the PA did this themselves. IMPACT-SE only investigated them (and other school books of many countries). Not unlike the New York Times or Guardian, and they are rather biased in their articles.
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