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Minister slams Shalit for going to beach on Shabbat
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 03.11.11, 08:44
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1. Shas Minister
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.03.11)
Should mind his own business and not intrude into the private lives of others
2. As if Shas are the moral elite.....corrupt!!
Daniela ,   London, England   (11.03.11)
Leave the Shalit's alone! Why can't freedom be celebrated? Gilad is free to choose to go to the beach and his choices should be respected. No one needs to follow the image of Shas. In fact as a party they are a disgrace, if synagogue and morals are so important. Then why as a party are they guilty of corruption?! They are certainly not the moral elite: I respect Gilad Shalit and his way of life as an honest man, many times more than the dishonest scum that are Shas!
3. Jewish prayer of thanks -
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.03.11)
Sorry to inform you and all other religious people, giving prayers of thanks can be done without synagogue. God hears wherever you are, believe me.
4.  bringing people closer to Judaism is one of the party's pri
andyboy ,   Israel   (11.03.11)
Well- Shas is doing a pretty good job of alienating people from their faith and comments on the Shalit family lifestyle are a good example. If this fundamentalist outlook becomes even more dominant then I despair for the future of the state.
5. Utter tripe and nonsense
Sagi   (11.03.11)
You do as you think fit and leave other people alone.
6. How about the Shas Minister
Raptror   (11.03.11)
going to the beach on Shabat and getting some concrete enjoyment out of life instead of "spiritual" idiotism.
7. Trend is Showing
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (11.03.11)
There is already a trend in the Israeli right wing, as reproted in several Israeli press outlets, delegitimizing Gilad Shalit and his service and his captivity. You may not like that he lived, but setting him up for some nut is totally inappropriate. He's a soldier who got captured. He did not choose to become a national symbol for any political or religious philosophy.
8. Leave the boy alone
Chaim ,   Arad   (11.03.11)
Why don't the rabbis leave this boy alone? Only HaShem knows his heart and he probably prayed more in Gaza than all the rabbis in Israel. His relationship to his Creator is none of Yosef or Nahari's business. HaShem is looking for a personal relationship not some man made religious experience to please everyone watching.
9. Leave poor Shalit alone
Rachel Avraham ,   Be'ersheva, Israel   (11.03.11)
After every thing he has been through, he deserves to go to the beach and have fun with his dad, since he was deprived of sunlight and fun for the last five years. As others said, Shalit's relationship with his creator is no one's business but Shalit's and G-d's!
10. The beauty of living in Israel
Debbie ,   Israel   (11.03.11)
The beauty of being an Israeli and living in Israel, Gilad has the freedom now to choose how he spends his Shabbat and his life. As the rest of us do. In the same vein Shas has the right to feel this way - but they should keep out of his life and respect his decision. While they are at it, leave the rest of us alone. Now the time has come for the country to step back and let Gilad and his family move forward in their way. Keep him in our heart, but out of the news!
11. I'm sure God is infinitely patient.
No doubt Gilad said many private prayers in captivity.
12. Give the guy a break
Potash Katiftof ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.03.11)
Maybe wait at least a few months after he is release before you guilt him into questioning his soul. Or better yet, stop using guilt and religion to push your agenda on others.
13. What complete and utter stupidity.
Natalie ,   South Africa   (11.03.11)
It is written that when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. God sees what is within, not what is on the outside show. Gilads spiritual status has nothing to do with anyone. Leave him alon. What a beautiful thing to go out and enjoy Gods creation with his Dad. Sure God smiled at that!
14. pikuach nefesh
david ,   hashmonaim Israel   (11.03.11)
many haredim and some datiim always seek the hardest way instead of the permissible Gilad was suferring from lack of sunlight as well as the psycological and other physical effects of lack of sunlight for 5 years . Any sane rabbi would have commanded him to go to the beach on shabbat rather than continuing the potentially fatal effects of the sunless imprisonment . My wife a nurse worked in a haredi camp with severely disabled children whose very survival was a daily miracle never tthe less she encounterd blockades to giving them proper care on shabbat
15. Shas minister can go mind his own bussiness
Haim ,   TA   (11.03.11)
The Sh-ass minister can go mind his own bussiness. Never miss a chance to force their so called religious values on others and this time the chance for a bit of publicity courtsey of Gilad Shalit, how low can they get? I would suggest the minster focuses his attentions on the 7 Sh-ass MKs who have spent jail time for crimes of theft, fraud and prevention of justice.
16. Shalit is old news
Ilan   (11.03.11)
Who cares what he does? I don't want to know, see or hear of him. He has returned to private life and it what he does is his business alone. Even when he was a captive he was never "everyone's child" and now certainly not. No more peeking in the window. Let him get on with his life and let us get on with ours.
17. Thats why I hate religion.There is no
Eric..... ,   Israel.....   (11.03.11)
compassion ,humanity or warmth in religion.Its cold cold like some of the people that believe in it.Leave Gilad Shalit in peace.
18. Own choice, thank you!
papihansi ,   Beerotayim   (11.03.11)
In the synagogue, you do not look for shells.
19. None of his business, really.
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (11.03.11)
What normal Government Minister anywhere in the world would waste time he's being paid to do REAL work doing saying such nonsense? What business is it of this oppressive minority's, anyway. How about doing some real work, and minding your own business?
20. G-d bless Gilad
gal1 ,   israel not palestine   (11.03.11)
21. Thanking Hashem
Lioness ,   Israel   (11.03.11)
Many of us "religious" prayed for Gilad in our synagogues every week. I also know many Christian friends all around the world did the same, so I think it would have been nice of the Shalit family to have made a visit to a synagogue to give thanks. I know prayer is a personal thing and have no doubt that the family must be truely thankful to Hashem for his safe return but as this did become a national campaign with many people of different religions praying for over five years for his well-being and safe return I think it would have been very nice gesture to go to a shul and offer thanks. It need not be on a Shabbat can be Monday or a Thursday when there is the Torah reading. Let the world see we really are a Jewish nation who care for each other and belief in the Creator.
22. Send Gilad back to Gaza!
Golan ,   Modiin   (11.03.11)
At least there the matchstick had privacy. The beach is just as boring and worthless as going to the synagogue. So who cares where he goes? LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!
23. Haredim: Stop telling others how to live!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.03.11)
Stop religious coercion and go and serve in the IDF, go out and work, pay your taxes and stop leeching of the land.
24. Minister slams Shalit
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (11.03.11)
Why doesn't EVEYONE just leave Gilad alone. Hasn't he had enough? His prayers are and were between him and the Almighty. Please find some other subject to exciten our lives. Let Gilad and his family catch up with their lives as you would want for yourselves.
25. beach
marianne   (11.03.11)
What do you think when you go to the beth knesset you are a better person? You make me laugh.Let Galit alone. Gilat do what is the best for you do not lissen to the stupith people a round in this country,I wish you al the best
26. MYOB
Steve ,   Raanana   (11.03.11)
Yes, he should mind his own business. There is nothing that drives Israelis further from Jewish observance than comments such as the minister's.
27. Nahari is right
Amir   (11.03.11)
No question there.
28. Shas=corruption, thievery, and all other things neged Torah
A Jew ,   Galus, Texas   (11.03.11)
29. Gilad and Prayer
Shoshi ,   Jerusalem   (11.03.11)
And I'm sure Gilad has thanked HaShem a million times already for his release from captivity.
30. Dear G-d thank u 4 giving Gilad a beautiful beach day! Amen!
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