Egyptian helicopter invades Israel's airspace
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 03.11.11, 11:04
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1. As usual, only half the stpry...
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (11.03.11)
Was this a military or civilian helicopter? (Is there even such a thing as civilian aircraft in Egypt?) If this was a military helicopter, then it is an attempt by egypt to trigger THE WAR. The future of the "peace treaty" will depend on Egypt's handling of this incident. I imagine there will also be major moves in US congress to cut all funds to Egypt as well.
2. Islamist Egypt testing Israel airspace
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (11.03.11)
Waiting 25 minutes could cost Israel life's if a terrorist uses the Egyptian flag to break into Israel territory... Israel better get ready for anything;there are no more friends around Israel and Islamist Egyptians,Syrian etc..etc.. will try to enter Israel by all means... Israel suold be on Hight alert every single day;no time to relax....when the enemy cannot enter via sea and via land,THE NEX BIG STEP will be airspace...get ready Israel!!!
3. Gaza takes a few hours.
Matt   (11.03.11)
It is just a forward operating position, you know strategic depth and all that.
4. Mi-8
Aleph ,   Centrope EU   (11.03.11)
Was this heli armed? According to wiki there are about 70 such army helicopters in Egypt.
5. #1 The Mi8 is a mostly military helicopter.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.03.11)
Usually as a transport or modified to operate as a gunship - it's a military craft, and Egypt's air-force has several dozens of them. So the model does pretty much answer that question
6. That MI8 had nothing to do over Sinai or Negev !
Trumpeldor   (11.03.11)
7. Israel is not worried
Martin Marietta ,   Los Angeles USA   (11.03.11)
Pound for pound they have the best Air Force on this planet .
8. hamra
9. It's OK!
Muhammad ,   USA   (11.03.11)
As a Palestinian, I give permission to Egyptian pilots to "violate" Palestine's airspace. Don't Israeli planes violate Lebanon's and other Arab countries' airspace. No double-standards please!
10. I got wost. Thowwy.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.03.11)
11. Egyptian helicopter invades Israel's Airspace
Amos ,   Nigeria   (11.03.11)
IAF is not serious at all, 25 minutes is enouch to destroy israel G'd forbid. it is a test of the airspace and Iran has taken note of your porious airspace. plaese stop disappointing surporters of israel like that.
Nowhere Man ,   Metropolis, Zion   (11.03.11)
13. Isn't this the second time in one month?
Logic ,   Israel   (11.03.11)
I read something on Ynet about an Egyptian fighter plane violating the peace accords last month by flying into Sinai.
14. SECURE BIG ISRAEL, Sinai back, nonviolent transfer, BALANCE.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.03.11)
15. It's OK
Davion ,   Monroe   (11.03.11)
Then I guess by your logic, it would be ok to give permission for Israel to start sending rockets into Gaza and every other country that is attacking it's citizens. Personally I think they should have shot the helicopter down, and send a strong message that you don't violate Sovereign airspace without permission.
16. Muhammad #8
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.03.11)
Since all 'Palestinian territory' is EAST of the Jordan River they were violating Israeli airspace and we didn't give them permission. This comes from the stupidity of ignoring all the violations of the Camp David Piece Accords by the Egyptians.
17. #9
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (11.03.11)
Thank you for publicly acknowledging that the fight the Arabs are putting up for a place called "Palestine" has nothing to do with 67 lines, Gaza or the "West Bank" It has everything to do with the elimination of Israel. The Negev, the area the Egyptian helicopter was was over is one of the areas that ostensibly ( if you are stupid and just believe the loud public pronouncements of the PA) is not part of the fight. However, you, I and many others know the truth. Occasionally, like now it is casually put in writing! Thank you for helping reaffirm the desire of the "Palestinians" to eliminate all of Israel, May you all rot!
18. Lucky for the egyptian helicopter crew
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.03.11)
we have bibi and ehud buraq in command. The copter should have been shot down. The arabs know they can get away with murder with the government of Israel and the ones before. And we have a general staff that is more afraid of the i.c.c. than of another holocaust.
19. 25 minutes and no shoot-down? Barak must explain or resign
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (11.03.11)
In the first place, Egyptian military aircraft are banned from demilitarikzed Sinai. And a military helicopter like a Soviet Mi-8 has enough navigational aids like GPS to know it was in Israeli airspace. For 25 minutes, at low altitude. in the sensitive Eilat zone, and near Uvda airbase??? It was on an illegal reconissance mission and should have been shot down - over Israeli soil - when it failed to respond to radio hails. Warning shots are for CIVILIAN intruders, an Egyptian air force Mi-8 a warplane! Barak owes Israel either a credible explanation for his refusal to order the jets to shoot it down - or his resignation. This is another example of Barak's timidity and unfitness to be DM in these dangerous times. All Egyptian aircraft in demilitarized Sinai must be ordered out after this incident. Barak won't do it, he needs to be replaced.
20. #9 Mohammed, it is O.K.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (11.03.11)
Take a seat on the next Egyptian Helicopter, try your luck, and see if you return home in one piece or in pieces Lebanon & other Arab countries invaded our space, when they attacked in '48, '56, '67 & '73, which resulted their getting their heads handed to them Allow me to clue you in, incoming missiles or bullets are invasions of our air space, since they fly through the air to get here Muhammad, head on home, they're looking for fighters like you, just don't forget to make certain that your family has loads of candy to pass around after your demise
21. Egypt invades Israeli airspace
yoel ,   Israel   (11.03.11)
an incursion for 25 minutes could have done a lot of damage, what were the F-16's doing playing host or just watching the show, Dont play dumb! the copter pilot had the guts and knew the odds- dont make this mistake ever again.
22. we should have forced it to land not chase it back to Egypt
zionist forever   (11.03.11)
This may be something harmless like a communications break down although it could be something very serious. We needed to speak with the pilots find out exactly who they were and examine the helicopter see what equipment was on board. We should not have just chased it out of Israeli airspace because now we don't know who these people were and what they were doing. We should have combat UAVS patrolling the skies at all times, that will help stop another 9/11 and make it easier for us to react to incidents like this before jets can be scrambled.
23. Were it shot down, would Israel be apologizing?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (11.03.11)
Israel is so obsessed with remaining in the good graces of Egypt it seems ever tolerant of violations of existing agreements. Giving that chopper 25 minutes of grace is just too much. It should have been forced down or, if it refused, shot down. I'm old enough to remember a certain Libyan airliner that breached the Sinai in 1973. The pilots refused to be dissuaded by IAF fighters and the aircraft was shot down. A lot of civilians were killed and Israel took grief for it, but at least the world knew that Israel meant business. Egypt apparently now feels Israel can be provoked as it restrains itself from reacting.
24. Slow flying helicopters are usually on intelligence missions
William ,   Israel   (11.03.11)
which lends support to the claim that Egypt aided the Gazan terrorists who attacked Israelis near Eilat, crossing from the Sinai.
25. #9 - where's "palestine"?
William ,   Israel   (11.03.11)
Sorry, I can't find it on a map because maybe it doesn't exist. Israel can violate Lebanese airspace under the rules of war which Lebanon declared against Israel. Same too with Syria. But Egypt is not at war with Israel so sovereignty must be respected, just as Israel does not fly over the Sinai without permission. I know law makes things complicated for you, but in an essence, you're wrong again.
26. deterrence is dead
michel ,   france   (11.03.11)
How many people died ; how much money spent all those years...for what? Thanks to people as Barack, Olmert and Livni; Israel is closer than ever of war because they aren't more afraid of it.
27. Invasion of Israeli Airspace
Joe ,   Israel   (11.03.11)
This was a test, and Israel failed. All Egyptian aircraft are banned from the Sinai. The fact that Israel allows it is just further indication that the military and political leadership of Israel is afraid. You cannot defend a country under these conditions.
28. #9, muhammad: you are violating my internet space
seth ,   j'lem   (11.03.11)
run along and comment on al-quds
29.  Egyptian helicopter invades Israel's airspace
suter ,   tel aviv   (11.03.11)
if it was an israely helicopter over egupt the would shoot him down 25 min? why the airforce dont shoot him down??? he dint answeat the radio conversation? oh maybe he was asleep lol
30. 25 mins??? Id replace the ENTIRE military high ranks...
Rotem ,   Scottsdale, US   (11.04.11)
Barak, you're fired! Intelligence, how did you not SEE THAT COMING? Citizens of Israel, how are you NOT FIRED UP ABOUT THIS? World, you're sleeping anyhow because we haven't fired yet. And, A message to this rate...we're DOOMED!!! WAKE UP!!! Protest SECURITY, NOT REAL ESTATE!!!! IDIOTS!!!!
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