Sarkozy condemns Iran nuclear program
Published: 04.11.11, 17:12
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1. Pandering
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.04.11)
2. Why would an attack affect Israel, & ME for 100years
Joe ,   Canada   (11.04.11)
The implication of the statement of the former Mossad Chief is that the attack would be a partial or complete failure & that the Iranian regime would survive & cause havoc & destruction in the Middle East for a long time after the attack. This kind of talk is again a disservice to Israel as it gives information on the estimated relative weakness of Israel's military capabilities by a source considered reliable by Israel ennemies. It may end up encouraging Iran irrational leaders to decide on a preemptive strike or instructing its proxies to do it on its behalf. We know that failing a regime change from some very unlikely internal upheaval, no sanctions will prevent Iran of becoming nuclear. Will a nuclear Iran be less of a 100 year long disaster for the Middle East? Becoming even more popular among extremist Arabs who look with hope for Ahmadinejad to "wipe Israel off the map" for them. Bending Arab rulers to his will or enticing them to acquire nuclear weapons on their own as a deterrent. Two years ago Nicolas Sarkozy summed it up this way: " there is only one thing worse than bombing Iran, its Iran with the atomic bomb". To the two alternatives, attack or no attack, what plausible third path is Ephraim Halevy proposing to prevent mortal danger in the Middle East for the next 100 years?
3. So France is SO MUCH BETTER than
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.04.11)
4. Bla-bla-bla
Oleg ,   USA   (11.04.11)
France will remain silent. All they do is trying hard to make Israel make a first strike. then they will condemn Israel for being aggressive and for use of extensive force. Nobody in the world supports Israel, maybe Canada today, not sure tomorrow, thow. Israel has to be strong and do whatever to protect itself. Hopefully US will have another President who will understand what is on stake losing Israel as an ally.
5. To Oleg #4 : France possible decisions
Joe ,   Canada   (11.04.11)
You may be right depending on several unknown factors in the future. And countries have no friends, only national interests. However it is these interests which might in some capacity involve France on an attack in Iran. The threat of a nuclear Iran goes beyhond the Middle East. The US plans in Europe (& Central Asia) for a encircling ring of missiles sites intended to fend off Iranian repraisals coming from the sky is one sign of the concern Euro countries have. In addition, as long as Iran & its proxies Syria & Hezbollah in Lebanon have the upper end in these two latter countries, there is no hope for France to regain an economic & political foothold which it enjoyed when it was the mandated country. France would especially like to regain the influence it once had in Lebanon. If France interests dictate an intervention in the Iranian problem it is likely to act has it did as recently as this year in Lybia & has it has done in the past (& is still doing in the present) in former African colonies. Finally the recently discovered offshore natural gas fields in Israeli territorial waters may also be a factor in the mind of french leaders. There is nothing else like oil & gas to raise international interest!
6. Sarkozy is just trying to show he's not anti-Israel...
Vlad   (11.05.11)
This despite voting for the Palestinians at UNESCO, pandering to Obama's settlement obsession, calling for the "1967 borders" and a divided Jerusalem, and telling Netanyahu that Israel doesn't have time and is not stronger than the Palestinians.
7. lip service will not stop Iran
Ron Ben Eliezer   (11.05.11)
Obama, Sarkozy and all the "powerful" leaders will not really act militarily. NO other way to stop Iranian Nuk. The sooner the better
8. Don't be so sure...
Jon   (11.05.11)
If the evidence is real and confirmed by the IAEA, and Israel moves on Iran, the U.S. will NOT stand silent. The heads of the U.S. military will NOT let Israel be attacked by Iran without an American response.
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