'Shahab-3 missile no cause for concern'
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.11.11, 13:56
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1.  Shahab-3 ..WHAT IF Hizbullah already has it..(SAD END)
ali ,   Villanova _usa   (11.05.11)
2. SARAH B...Is she going over to help..I doubt it(end)
ali ,   villanova -USA   (11.05.11)
3. Israel haves protection against those missiles
J.Gad ,   Israel   (11.05.11)
4. Nr 1.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.05.11)
I see that Ynets News posting this your talkback. makes you to a so called Laughing stock. Arn.Sweden.
5. rubin and dagan
marcel   (11.05.11)
rubin like dagan soft pedals iran missile threat. Look at hezbollah and hamas missile fire at israel. Has israel and interception solution fo r these at this time> Assume 50 shahabs would get t hrough. That's enough to destroy half of the country. Thge arrow is not automatic and is not everywhere in terms of supply. Rememeber in 81 and 2007, idf attacked sites with some of the military and mossad against the hits. So they are not the ones to make such decisions. Imagine if the US had to contendwith saddam with nukes. You know saddam would have fired nuclear at the US and israel. On the other hand, israel has to be extra careful. Iran can fight for 10 years,use its brainwashed people to be martyrs and set the gulf and israel on fire with rockets and suicide bombings. israel also needs resupply and oil reserves so the decision is not yet taken. As good as dagan was, he is too close to the scene to make such decisions. Also his advocacy of the saudi peace formual disqualifies him in my opinion
6. Hello Stupido (#1)
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (11.05.11)
Shihab 3 is a very large rocket. It has to be fired a minimum of hundreds of miles, but it is designed for thousands of miles. Lebanon is ZERO miles from Israel. It takes days to prepAre it for firing. It is very easy to hit on the ground to to it's size and slow mobility. AND IF YOU STIL DON'T GET IT GO GET A NEW BRAIN....
7. easy talk for scientist
Jalal ,   Gaza   (11.05.11)
easy talk for scientist thinking it's just another simulation but when he knows that his kids in the target area of the missiles then he will sing another tone
8. If Israel detects a missile toward it from
zooog ,   US   (11.05.11)
Iran, it must assume that it carries an atomic warhead and must act accordingly.
9. Rubin sounds quite cavalier, yet i've heard such dismissals
Bernard Ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (11.05.11)
10. If the system won't be up until 2012 how is there no threat
David   (11.05.11)
11. Good but not good enough.
Adar W ,   Israel   (11.05.11)
This news certainly is comforting, but a major issue has been ignored . Israel has been working for years to make themselves invincible to rocket attacks, doing this would make them practically un- touchable (I would like to see Hezbollah or Iran try and march troops into Israel). The problem is Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas, together have hundred of thousands of rockets. Even if the Arrow 3 and Iron Dome can intercept the all the rockets (which is highly unlikely), the dilema is the financial one, it costs much more money to intercept a rocket then to actually launch one. Does Israel really have the financial backbone to disarm that amount of rockets?. In the end the Jewish people will prosper the question is at what cost.
12. From All Directions!
Taz Man ,   USA   (11.05.11)
I think it'll be from all-sides. Israel will suffer some, but they will win (God won't allow it any other way)! A great testing is can feel it in the air. As it was in '67, the world will be stunned, once again, by Israel's improbable victory against all odds. God is soooo awesome! He specializes in the impossible. The only ones who need to worry are Israel's enemies'! Trust me...their allah (false god) won't come out and play; after countless wars, he's turned a deaf-ear to the Arab's cries. I suggest a lot of tissue boxes, because the real hurtin' is about to commence. God bless Israel and His Jerusalem (Muslim free)! A Christian Zionist
13. To: 1 & 2 (Sarah won't have to)!
Taz Man ,   USA   (11.05.11)
Hey, Ali, just like when Frazier dropped the real Ali in the 13th round, so many years ago. You're probably too young to sad! Ali liked the guessin' game; so, I predict an Israeli first-round KO! The Arabs never had a good defensive game; also, they're susceptible to a good left-hook and over-hand right; and their cornermen' don't know how to close a cut; and, I'm foreseein' a lot of cuts on Esau and allah (they both need more roadwork). Well, this ole' boy gotta go! Hey, Ali, I suggest you bet 20-1 on Israel; you'll win a lot of shekels. God bless Israel and His Jerusalem (Muslim free)! A Christian Zionist
14. Yea, like the Iron Domb
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.05.11)
Let's not get carried away with our greatness, that's what caused the Yom Kippur war mishap. Maybe the Arrow can intercept one or two of their missiles, but maybe not...
15. Even a "rubber" doesnt give 100% "protection" , let alone antimissile
16. #1 Ali
HaifaGuy   (11.05.11)
Sad end for Hizbullah and all of Lebanon, possibly for all your relatives living there.
MAMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (11.05.11)
My God!! If that is the case,why would Iran be wasting it's time developing such type of missiles which would not reach it's destination?There is something wrong here,readers.Or,are we to be told that is depends on the weather conditions existing at the time of such salvos being fired from Iran?Something is amiss here,obviously.
18. Palestinians are stealing land
Eli ,   Israel   (11.05.11)
Arutz Sheva: Revealed: Illegal Muslim Burial on Temple Mount Despite calls to protect the holy site, Jerusalem Muslims continue to bury their dead along the walls of the Temple Mount, according to a report in Maariv. The most recent funerals were revealed by the Committee to Prevent the Destruction of Temple Mount Antiquities. The burials took place despite a government promise, made in response to a Supreme Court appeal, to prevent a takeover of the important area. The land in question part of a national park area in which burial is prohibited. The burials are not only illegal, but prevent archaeologists from accessing places with tremendous historic value, experts say. Representatives from the Committee to Prevent Destruction slammed Jerusalem police for allowing funerals to continue. “The police continue their policy of buying quiet at any price, of avoiding fulfilling their duty,” a spokesman said. Police “are ready to sacrifice our archaeological property, as long as they won’t be forced to do their mission,” he added. A total of several dozen people have been buried along the Temple Mount walls in recent years. In addition, local Arabs have created fake graves in the area in order to establish a Muslim presence. Jerusalem Muslims continue to conduct illegal burials along the walls of the Temple Mount, group reveals.
19. 100% Reliance on Arrow is not particularly smart.
Scott ,   Australia   (11.05.11)
Its certainly nice to know that Arrow could defend in such a way. But nobody believes that placing "all the eggs in the one basket' is appropriate. Most people will dismiss this report accordingly.
20. Arrow 3 not scheduled for deployment
Stephen in New York   (11.06.11)
until 2014.
21. ali # 2
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.06.11)
Why don't you go ali. Everybody loves a clown.
22. It is very much possible that great many
leo ,   usa   (11.06.11)
Shehabs will hit Gaza, WB and Lebanon instead. I'd call it poetic justice.
23. MOSTLY no cause for concern.
Vlad   (11.06.11)
According to professor Isaac Ben-Israel, if Iran fires all of its Shahab-3 missiles, about 80 or so will penentrate the Arrow's defense perimeter. Casualties will probably be next to none, as most Israelis will be hunkering in bomb shelters.
24. And if there are multiple Rockets?
Joe Tango ,   USA   (11.06.11)
And if there are multiple Rockets to overwhelm system???
25. Plenty of reason to be concerned
Steven ,   London   (11.07.11)
How many missiles can Arrow take out at once? 10? 20? 100? All Iran has to do is rain hundreds of missiles at once with just one armed with nuclear arms... and then it will be up to our intelligence services and G-d to pick which ones will be shot down and which ones get through. These shields will never protect us - only deterrence will - and that is something we no longer have.
26. SHEHAB-3
Paul ,   Hinesville USA   (08.05.12)
You all wont have to worry about the Shehab-3, as the U.S. Air Force is going to take them out and destroy them. Case closed.
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