Iran demands UN censure of Israel, US 'threats'
Published: 05.11.11, 20:59
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1. Mummy, UN , please
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (11.05.11)
make USA and Israel stop, please buahhhhhh, buahhhhhhhh, we are scared that "great satan" and "zionist enitiy" will bomb us. Please UN, mummy, help us
2. and threatening to wipe out the map
Jorge ,   Israel/USa/Argentina   (11.05.11)
Israel is in favor of the international laws? Hey cavemen, grow up and leave the persian people alone, nobody want you cavemen
3. "Cooked !"
Luke ,   South Africa   (11.05.11)
What's good for the 'goose',is also good for the 'gander'.
4. LMAO!!!!
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.05.11)
How stupid can Iran get? Pretty stupid it seems. How long has it been since Iran threatened us with genocide? I don't know must have been minutes at least. Iran has threatened most of the countries in the region and others that aren't such as the US. They invaded and occupy US territory. They have violated numerous international laws and treaties such as the NPT and now they go whining to the UN because we say we might have to do something about their threats to us. Send them some cheese to go with their whine.
5. Ahmedinijad,
Daniel ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.05.11)
Who are you to talk about international law?
6. Major Hypocrisy
Essie HaKohane ,   Florida, USA   (11.05.11)
Truly amazing! Iran has been calling for the destruction of Israel for years. Now that the world is taking them seriously, they are crying foul! Pure Islamist hypocrisy!
7. is this not the nation who every Friday chant
"death to America" ,   "death to Israel"?   (11.05.11)
8. Let's see if I have this right ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.05.11)
Organizing protests and paying the participants to scream "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" is perfectly acceptable; threatening to attack United States naval interests and threatening to destroy the "Zionist entity" are perfectly acceptable, but Israel and the United States warning Iran to step back its nuclear quest is worthy of censure? It would appear that the Islamic Republic really has gone through the looking glass. The United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Israel are all wrong, but the Islamic Republic is fully justified. Doesn't that say it all? Iran is the single greatest threat to civilization that the world has ever seen. It needs to be stopped. One way or another.
9. No damn shame...
Oivei ,   Israel   (11.05.11)
These Iranians are really pathetic evil clowns! "Threats and agresive rhetoric" it's what that psychopath of Ahmadinejad has done against Israel every single opportunity he has. Evil people really, that's what they are; shameless disgusting criminals and terrorists.
10. "The pot calling the kettle black?"
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.05.11)
Exactly! The iranians (and arabs and "Pals") have been doing that for years !
11. And Iran openly calls for Israel to be wiped off the map.
Cynic ,   USA   (11.05.11)
12. Extremely Delicate Situation!
Billy H ,   Burlington, Canada   (11.05.11)
Well! Although Iran sounds pretty nervous & worried meaning they're not as strong military as they trying to bluff everyone, I don't think Israel should attack! We have to be very careful for the sake of the Israeli people's safety. Even if "Arrow " system will be capable of shooting down any Iranian missiles and Syrians are pretty busy with their internal problems, we've to consider Hezbollah of south Lebanon! "Iron Dome" system is far from being ready! This will be a disaster! Besides it will unify Muslims against the Jewish state, will give golden opportunity to Turkey to be the major player in ME & we might loose some valuable friends in Europe also! This is a very worrying situation!
13. Iran publicly states the destruction of Israel
gc boca ,   bocausa   (11.05.11)
What retoric youtalking about?!... evry other week they say they will distroy Israel and wipe it off te earth and that is not a threat!.. That is the problem with them and the West. We let them play with our international. Rules but they don't apply to them at all. The world will be better off without ayalotah and friends than the other way around.
14. "wipe israel off the map"
yehonatan ,   israel   (11.05.11)
wasnt it the iranians who said they will wipe israel off the map and now they have the hutzpah to complain to the UN; whatever the hell is wrong with them, it is no little thing
15. This actually makes perfect sense ...
John ,   Alaska   (11.05.11)
As an Islamic Republic, the leaders of Iran are reasonably outraged that non-Muslims would dare threaten Muslims, even in return for threats by those Muslims. That would not be allowed under Sharia law. What they are not considering is that the UN does not itself follow Sharia law. This story does emphasize the clear and present danger Islam presents to the entire world. For the safety of the rest of the world, the infection that is Islam cannot be allowed to spread.
16. Amazing how all talkbackers use the same line
tea man ,   marjayoun   (11.05.11)
Could be they all graduate from the same Ivy school and could it be all have shared the same Lab classes one has to wonder
17. As an Iranian I really don't get this regime.
Persian CAT   (11.05.11)
Ahamdinejad and Khamenie use every occasion to bad mouth others including the UN, but then run to mamma UN whining and crying complaining about "violating international law"! The sure can dish it out but not take it. These wimps sure are not acting "Iranian". Regarding the "computer model". Why not? Iran has the knowledge to build nukes, but has not violated any laws. And unlike Israel Iran is not a threat to anyone. No Iranians are building colonies outside Iran's international borders, unlike the Zionist state.
18. actually
Xellith ,   england   (11.05.11)
he never threatened to wipe anyone off the map. He was talking about regime change in the region in regards to Israel and he has been misquoted and misinterpreted ever since. Do some research.
19. Ohhhh....these faint hearted killers...!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.05.11)
20. #16 Why do you even bother *commenting* then?
Scott ,   Australia   (11.05.11)
Smart people like you should know better.
21. Tol Israel: Load Your Jerichos ASAP
Noah Lev ,   LosangelesUSA   (11.05.11)
Look folks, Iran for years hid its nuke program, even though it is a signatory to the NPT. Its perfidy was discovered, yet it still says its enrichment program is for peaceful purposes (medical isotops, etc.) How dumb do they think we (US, West) are? While they consistently threaten Israel especially, and the "US interests", and are pressuring Turkey not to allow anti-missile launching sites...and foment terrorim throughout the M.E. and in Iraq/Afgthanistan...Ahamd has the audacity to go to the UN over Israel's threat to defend itself? Oh me on my. Israel, should remind the UN about Ahmads crackdown on the protestors awhile back..using mercenaries, snipers, lethal weponry against unarmed people (like Syria). He incarcerated and tortured many, and still has thousands locked up. Irans Guards have recurring military drills, each time showing more advanced wearpony..and threatening to "wipe out the Jewish state" and "deliver punishing blows". We now learn it has 4 nukes..and the Shahab Missiles capable of totally destroying little Israel, with its concentrated population. It has sued Russia for not delivering the S-300 Missiles. it has made alliances wtih terrorist groups (Hez. Hamas Islamic Jihad, Fatah), as well as with Syria. It is codlinhg up to Turkey and promotes Islamists in Egypt. And Ahmad is crying to the biased UN? To Israel: tell Ahmad outright..any attack on Israel by his forces..and goodby Iran. Sooner or later, this will come to a head, hopefuly before Iran loads its missiles. This country is a joke..but Hitler was also thought of as a joke and temporary. 70m deaths later, his rein ended.
22. Get the Jews Out First
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (11.05.11)
20m people proteste4d the farce of Ahmads election, and thousands were murdered. Many still are in captivity..still be tortured. Snipers, mercenaries (Hez) and street thugs were used to end the legitimate protests. And Iran has the audacityh to cry to the UN over Israel daring to say in public what everyone will not allow for another Holocaust as threatened by Iran's Guards and the mad Ahmad. Does anyone take this moron seciously, especially since he went to the UN and said the US plotted 911, along with the Zionists, quote unquote. And my name is Mohammad, and Ill sell you the Williamsburg Bridege for 24 trinkets. Irans military always threatens Israel's existence with military maneuvers..and boasts how its boats are laying offshore the US coast..ready to strike US cities. Sooner or later,, a coalition of the willing will have to end Ahmad and his Islamic fasciistic regime. The sooner the better. I am encouraging Israel/USA to strike ASAP. Take out their 9 major sites, including heavy water and centrifuges. for violating 4 UNSC resolutions. All the procrastination must emboldens them to continue their Israel, Judenrein (Jew-free) and US interests in the M.E. The US devotes billions to destroying Al Qaeda..a pimple compared to Iran. Its time, thoe sites or the 30 sites, be removed entirely, using bunker busters, smart cruise bombs, and if need be, low yield nuke weapons ( Israel has hundreds) But get the Jews out first. That will send a message, that we mean business.
23. hipster cat's blind eye. What about there move into
South America ,   ooops u wrong   (11.05.11)
24. No. 18
geekay ,   Canada   (11.05.11)
Can I come to your library to do my research? Not sure what source of information you're using. I strongly suspect it originates in Tehran, you dumb a-s.
25. #18 Rubbish. They are not Holocaust deniers as well?
Scott ,   Australia   (11.05.11)
"Do some research" yourself smart arse. Whether or not Israel should strike Iran is another question - but there is ample evidence that Iran's regime has ill-intent toward Israel as seen in numerous anti-Israeli activities conducted by Iran. Such as funding Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, etc. Even an ameoba knows "Regime change" in Israel will not come without war. Playing sematics wont win arguments. Actually you only harden resolve against.
26. IRAN
27. # 18
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.05.11)
I suggest you have your eyes tested real fast as you are in dire need of a pair of reading glases. Iran has threatened several times to wipe Israel off the map. Posting lies here wont help your cause.
28. Iranians death wish...
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.05.11)
Ahmadinejad has been threatening Israel from the time his tounge was developed in his body. Sure he would love to meet OBL.
29. #17, Persian blowCAT, you are no less
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.05.11)
twisted than your bosses...
30. No. 17 -Persian Cat
geekay ,   Canada   (11.05.11)
Not quite sure what you're trying to say there. It's either you are meowing from both sides of your mouth, or you are high on something. Come right out and say what's on your mind in a straight forward way.
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