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Europe’s veil of fear
Giulio Meotti
Published: 05.11.11, 21:18
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1. Spot on
Sarah ,   Bruxelles   (11.05.11)
As always, Giulio Meotti is spot on with his analysis. Europeans are very afraid, but yet they can do nothing to stop this. The police are powerless, everyone has given up. Islam has taken over. There is no freedom of expression in Europe - too much to lose!
2. Europe’s veil of fear
Geekay ,   Canada   (11.05.11)
Good-bye Europe, it was nice knowing you.
3. Translation: Hate Arabs, Love Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.05.11)
4. #3 Not at all.
Scott ,   Australia   (11.05.11)
The article spends most of its time talking about how OTHERS - not just Jews in Europe are affected by the "Islams leaden cloak decending over Europe". There is no "hate arabs, love Jews" message at all.
5. Double standards don't help anyone
Henry from New York ,   USA   (11.05.11)
It's a shame that some people think that some religions should not be open to criticism. Such a double-standard isn't healthy. I wonder though, I generally wear a Jewish keffiyeh (a keffiyeh with magnei david, which says "am yisrael chai" in Hebrew all over it), what would the reaction of such mini-mobs be to me in London? I heard that a lot of pro-Palestinian people claim exclusive ownership of the keffiyeh and are rather offended by the stylish Jewish keffiyeh.
6. Steve the article is about Muslims not Arabs nice try though
What   (11.05.11)
7. Islam is the greatest threat to world peace
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.05.11)
You can observe that malign phenomenon of Islam everywhere. Islam is the reason why Arabs, Turks and Iranians scream for Jewish blood. Islam is the reason why Moslems believe Jews are an "inferior race" that either should be killed or enslaved or reduced to second-class citizens without any rights what so ever - something that Sephardic Jews are painfully aware of. Islam is the reason why Arabs, Iranians and Turks oppose Israel's right to exist since they see a sovereign independent Jewish state as an "insult" to Moslem "honour" - meaning that according to Islam the Jew's "rightful place" is under the oppression and tyranny of Islam. Again - Sephardic Jews can testify that accuracy of my statement. Islam is the reason why the world fears terrorism. Islam was and is behind almost all acts of terrorism in the world - from Israel to Indonesia to London to Moscow to Madrid, to New York and Washington to Stockholm and to Oslo. Also India and China do battle with Moslems. It is not true that Islam of today seeks retribution for European imperialism, since Arab imperialism (the Caliphate), and Turkish imperialism (Ottoman empire) existed well before European imperialism. It is actually due to Islam's historical hostility to Europe and Christianity and Islam's historical military superiority to Europe which made it virtually impossible for Europeans to trade in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean via or through seas controlled by Arabs and Moslems - that's why Europeans began to seek new routes - which made them discover the New World and alternative routes to India and the Far East. All what I've just written are well documented historical facts. The threat of Islam IS NOT NEW. It's no fashion or fad - it is an inherent ideological obsession on behalf of Islam to conquer the world.
8. Alexander #7: Just to be fair to the Arab
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (11.05.11)
and Islamic world, on the whole and normally Jews fared infinitely better there than in Christian Europe. Kindly read Bernard Lewis, dean of Islamic studies in the West.
9. Interestingly, historian Benny Morris is
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (11.05.11)
an anathema to the body politic of Israel through his one-sided and distorted critiques of the state. He is one of the leading "new" historians so effectively criticized by Efraim Karsh. You would think intolerant Muslims would have honoured, as opposed to threaten, him.
10. yet
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.05.11)
yet the French still hate the Jews more and support the wildest Arab claims against Israel.
11. The Domino Theory Lives
Dan ,   USA   (11.05.11)
American leaders used to talk about the Domino Theory when the US was fighting in Viet Nam. It never came about, but the theory is relevant in Europe. Between a Muslim population that is exploding and leaders being too politically correct to offend Muslims, there will be one country after another falling into the hands of radical Islamists.
12. Robert Haymond #8 two points
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.06.11)
First that was a long time ago, and not one of those Muslims are still alive today. Second - that is a false comparison. The Arabs were as brutal in their various pogroms against the Jews, they just far more scattered because of lousy land.
13. to#3
anita ,   finland   (11.06.11)
islam is the real threath for any freedom in anything, the most hideous religion I know.
14. Islam, religion of peace
John ,   NZ   (11.06.11)
15. Are the P. C."freedom of speech" advocates protesting?
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (11.06.11)
16. Taking back Europe
robert elman ,   montreal canada   (11.06.11)
We owe a huge debt to these most courageous people. They who believe in freedoma nd tolerance are being attacked for their beliefs. we must take back our space, not from those who would emograte to our country and feel blessed to be living in freedon, but from those whose emigration is but part of a much larger picture of domination and control We must march shoulder to shoulder
17. Read "The Mosque of Notre Dame" by Elena
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (11.06.11)
18. He'll rott in jail if he questions Holocaust, lose his job
Dani ,   Bronx, NY   (11.06.11)
In US and Europe to say anything about the Holocaust other than what is allowed (the 6-million) is a crime and will result jail sentence. "On an Islamist website, he was sentenced to death in a posting that, in order to facilitate a potential assassin’s task, also provided his address, telephone and a photograph of his home. " Wow, what a load of crap! A 6-year old can create an "Islamist" web site and post anything on it, if Jewish propaganda can't do that.
19. Marine le Pen
mike caton ,   usa   (11.06.11)
Now you understand why a certain number of French Jews will vote for Marne Le Pen.
20. #8 Was it really that good under Islam?
BeukendaalMason ,   USA   (11.06.11)
Was it really better under Islam then Christianity? The Jews in Europe went from none to about 10 million (before the Holocaust). In the Middle East (and Northern Africa) the Jewish population never reached above 1 million before they were expelled to Israel. Was it really that good or did the Muslims and Jews just not write about it (unlike Chrisitians who were very thorough). How did the Jewish population increase so much in Europe if their lives were that much worse than in the Middle East where they had a MUCH lower population growth.
21. 13 Anita, Finland: Almost as hideous as
Rivkah   (11.06.11)
Roman Catholicism which is as dangerous as Islam and should be banned in nations that want to remain free.
22. dark days ahead
citizen   (11.06.11)
European governments are terrified of Muslim violence and this ‘veil of fear’ is not only undermining democratic values but is paralyzing any efforts to fight against acts of violence perpetrated by Muslims in the name of their religion. How many will have to die before the veil is torn?
23. Europes veil of fear
peter ,   tel aviv   (11.06.11)
well you dont have to look to Europe. Stay in Israel and see the price tag attacks by our jewish brethren. Anybody is in danger of those lunatics.
24. Oh really??
ahmed ,   london   (11.06.11)
Does jewish firebombing of mosques highlight jewish threat freedom?
25. Robert Haymond #8 - Yes I know Bernard Lewis
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.06.11)
But you seem to forget what Bernad Lewis has stated on numerous occasions, namely that the bad times for Jews in the Arab world usually never reached such extremes as in Europe but the good times for Jews in the Arab world were never as good as those in Europe. The treatment of Jews in the Arab caliphate was usually bad and Jews were almost always victims of extreme discrimination, whereas the treatment of Jews or should we say the Jewish experience in Europe was much more volatile and unstable - the shifts between bad and good times were sudden, dramatic and radical. Even if we suppose for a second argument that Jews were "infintely" better treated by the Arab world than by Europeans centuries ago - what practical use do we Jews have of this knowledge today here and now in the Middle East 2011?
26. response to #8
Ezra ,   sandiego   (11.06.11)
Jews living under the control of Islamic societies were treated as second-class citizens. Never again. No excuses, no comparisons; it's wrong and never again. Period.
27. Really? Can we look with faked disdain at the "Europeans",
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.06.11)
while our own citizens a la Amos Oz & assorted left-wingers are showing all the characteristics of dhimmitude and most revolting attributes of self-hate? Who are we then to call the gullible, misinformed Europeans "fearful" while Ha'Aretz (El Ard) still has a large following in this country? This "critique" may momentarily make us feel good, but like wetting your pants, after a short while it gets uncomfortable....Otherwise than that: as always a spot-on article :-)
28. Strange
Eilidh ,   Glasgow & London   (11.06.11)
Strange. I work with Muslims. I have Muslim neighbours. Some of my clients are Muslim. My husband and children have Muslim friends. Strange, because we're Christian. Or, perhaps, not so strange. Perhaps we all get along, and even become friends, because we treat them as we would any decent people. You might try that sometime.
29. Fear
Avi ,   IL   (11.06.11)
After two millennia of fearing the Jews and showering them with love joy happiness and benevolence making their life a delight in ghettoes and such, the Europeans are now enjoying our cousins – maybe they will be more appealing to them then us…
30. #29 Avi - Yes, mate " the boot is on the other foot"
Scott ,   Australia   (11.06.11)
Unfortunately, we have also *imported* the M.E.'s problems into our country and are beginning to see the signs of the problems Israel and Europe suffers. It will all come to head one day in a very, very bad way as we do not want to live like them or in any way under the influence of Islam - it is a massive problem, right now 'sleeping' here. Shalom.
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