ZAKA marks 10 years of operations
Published: 10.11.11, 09:29
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1. May the hand of G-d continue to strengthen Zaka!
I have seen them working with great dignity and respect performing the work of collection of human remains after terrorist attacks...May G-d continue to bless them with the strength necessary to carry out this holy work. (and May G-d bless us with peace so that the work of Zaka becomes redundant!)
2. kol hakavod
michael ,   karmiel Israel   (11.14.11)
To all those involved in this tremendous organisation-a big yshkoach.A truly inspirational task ,you all stand out wherever you perform your holy work.Here in Karmiel we are very proud of Yisrael and his team. May Hashem guard and protect you all in your vital work
Maya S ,   Chicago, Il   (11.14.11)
4. special organization
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (11.17.11)
Zaka does great work but they duplicate work done by the Red Magan David, they duplicate management and resources that are expensive. They should work from within MDA .
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