Ashkenazi to chair oil and gas company
Shay Salinas, Calcalist
Published: 07.11.11, 13:17
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1. I've always said that shining your boots shall get you far!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.07.11)
2. Why so much money?
Talula ,   Israel   (11.07.11)
Why does ANYONE deserve so much money every month? It's madness!!!!! Got nothing to do with the fact that I still think he's so HOT!!!
3. A soldier is a soldier not a business man!
Nora Tel Aviv   (11.07.11)
4. Good for him, He is a great man and figther
Arad ,   Bs As-Netenya   (11.08.11)
Never the less, he should be in charge of the Defense Min. instead of the spineless Barak, (I can´t belive he didn´t go to political oblition along with olmert and livni , both political corpses)
5. @3
No one ,   Nowhere   (11.08.11)
If you haven't been tuned into life recently, Madoff was a businessman, a lot of the clowns in Wallstreet are businessmen. Today's generation of businessmen are thieves. The honorable one's suffer greatly. This is the true reason we are in economic turmoil, as economy is nothing more than a reflection of man's behavior. We disgrace ourselves. I for one am glad an honorable man like Gabi is given such a wonderful position. These positions will exist whether Ashkenazi is in it or not, so all the better such a man occupies the post. Your comment is distasteful and devoid from the reality we live in. I long for the days when honor once again marks our economic ways, and then, and only then will we see economic golden ages. Best of luck to Ashkenazi and may many more noble people come to occupy positions of prominence and power.
6. Knows nothing about oil, but he's got connections
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (11.08.11)
Sad to say, protektzia still rules in Israel. How did Barak, after failing as PM, so quickly become a multi-millionaire in Israel? Connections. What does Ashkenazi know about the oil business? Probably less than me (which is not saying much), but he's got ... connections!
7. wtf?
nadav   (11.08.11)
what does he know about being a chairman of an oil and gas exploration endeavor?!
8. Protecting Vital Assets
Joe   (11.08.11)
The Israeli petroleum industry is also sending a message out by his appointment since his career as a military man would show those enemies that want to attack the Mediterranean Sea petroleum production platforms that he is serious about their protection and importance.
9. That salary is 4 his friends &connections.This is real Isral
Sima   (11.09.11)
10. Ashkenazi has the best credentials
Nora Tel Aviv   (07.29.12)
His CV may not contain a doctorate on how to extract oil from deep seas , nor a doctorate on how to sell oil better than the biggest companies in the world. Being backed by the Who and Who`s of Israel is enough to be chosen to a job Ashenazi knows nothing about it.
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