Report: Sarkozy calls Netanyahu 'liar'
Published: 07.11.11, 23:53
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31. Two Insignificant Pin Heads
RobNclt ,   Charlotte, NC, USA   (11.08.11)
Sarkozy and Obama are both mental midgets who could not think their way out of a huge paper bag if they were folded inside one. It's because of low IQ presidents like them that the world is facing the troubles we're facing. Obama in particular is all mouth, no wisdom, no experience, and clueless when it comes to leading. If he was a general in an army leading an invasion his whole army would be dead in no time. Israel will be fine, Iran will sooner or later be none existent (don't tell them, but in the end Israel is still standing while other nations will be no more). I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to vote Muslim loving Barack Obama out of office next year and hopefully the world will not have to hear anything out of his lying lips again.
32. Unmasking the Truth
somewhereinus ,   USA   (11.08.11)
Sarkozy and Obama are fakes. They are fake images of their countries. They have nothing in common with the people of their countries and are a major factor in bringing down Europe and the United States. They are not worthy to kiss the feet of 'Net! At least 'Net cares for his country! These two leaders are just disgusting.. but I would have to add Merkel to this mix as well. All three are bumbling idiots!
33. Presstidtutes
sylvie ,   USA   (11.08.11)
The Presstitutes agreed not to report this? Why am I not surprised? There is no such thing as a free press anymore. They do what they are told and go along with the corrupt governments' objectives. Mainstream media is no longer "free" and "independent", they have bought and paid for.
34. Unfortunate but....
Nadya ,   Garden Grove, Ca.   (11.08.11)
It's unfortunate that the microphones were on but the truth hurts, netayahu is a liar and the kind of spin.
35. You're kidding, I hope.
Daisy ,   New York, USA   (11.08.11)
Sarkozy must speak English. Obama speaks Marx.
36. God Bless Israel
Vampiric aristocracy ,   united states   (11.08.11)
Many americans,including myself,have complete and utter contempt for obama. He is an anti-semetic,muslim piece of garbage. Israel is the birthplace of christianity and judism. Now,because of the USAS current lack of support for our brothers and sisters in god in the holy land,the birthplace of christ and our holy traditions are in the hands of muslims in bethlehem. I support BIBI all the way. Israel had been pacified long enough. People are afraid of its strength and will to exist. If we do not help support the fatherland and the israelities rights to exist,we will be proponents to a second holocaust.
37. Anti-Semitic Conspiracy
Iambic PentaMaster ,   Bitterclingerton USA   (11.08.11)
That Obama hates the Jews -- Is not exactly much news -- Freedom torch-bearer? -- Appeaser of terror! -- Barack will ditch the Hebrews.
38. Coincidence?
RandyC ,   Houston,TX   (11.08.11)
FDR famously said that there are no coincidences in politics. Hawkish Bibi supporters might consider this was allowed out into the public intentionally. It's also ironic that the Israel Communication and Research Centre was caught feeding SkyNews and the BBC their narratives regarding regional affairs regarding Israel. As far lying goes,"War through Deception." That's the Mossad's motto right?
39. What's most disturbing about this...
Rex Baker ,   SLC, United States   (11.08.11)
it shows just how powerful and independent America is if its elected president is complaining about being Israel's employee, expected to report for the day's to-do list. And so many americans are appalled that he had the nerve to complain. You fellow americans love Israel so much then move there. Leave americans who want to be just americans alone. Thanks.
40. Nothing new, they all lie. Journalists keep them honest.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.08.11)
Maybe Sarkozy meant to say Netanyahu lies more than other PMs? It would be interesting to get some comparison data from Mr. Sarkozy and a clarification. What they both meant to say, clearly, is that they don't like Bibi. Well, two out of three Israelis don't like Bibi either. It comes with the job.
41. open mic
d mc ,   indiana   (11.08.11)
They should be ashamed of themselves. Leaders of the day should be above this kind of attitude. Apparently they can't handle it.
42. Bibi supporter
Ralph77 ,   Derry, NH USA   (11.08.11)
There are a lot of Americans praying for Israel and Im one..Keep your chin up..
43. Embarrassnent
TheWatchman ,   USA   (11.08.11)
Allow me to apologize for the IGNORANCE of this circus CLOWN we call President. He is no more a President than his V P Joe Biden is an Olympic figure skater. The American people who voted this man into office failed to investigate the integrity or lack of in Obama's case before electing him to the highest office in the land and should be ashamed, but sadly most are too dumb and/or proud to realize it. Honestly, being a local dog catcher would be a stretch for this man!
44. Snowman
TheWatchman ,   USA   (11.08.11)
45. Obama
Paul ,   Utah, USA   (11.08.11)
Snowman is right. Obama does not reflect the attitude of most Americans.
46. open mic
R Luna ,   Mexico City   (11.08.11)
Not surprising the French President and President Obama would be talking badly about the Israeli PM. Obama and Sarkozy are Muslim supporters and Obama hates the Jews. Funny how all the suddent the media gets some rules when its Obama making negative remarks. Obama is always covered for by the media.
47. Why am I not surprised?
Joe Tango ,   USA   (11.08.11)
With friends like BO and Sarkozy who needs enemies and Israel trust these two leaders God help US
48. and the kettle said....
Todd P. ,   Manchester, NH USA   (11.08.11)
How ironic that the PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, Obama, agrees with Sarkozy! Obama is like the old joke @ lawyers (Q:how can you tell when he's lying? A: his lips are moving). At least the Israelis now KNOW that Obama is a snake in the grass.......
49. Obama/Sarkozy
dcarrick ,   Minneapolis, MN, USA   (11.08.11)
If only Benjamin Netanyahu were running for president here.
50. Obama's childish deference to Sarkozi remark says it all....
Daniel ,   Los Angeles   (11.08.11)
51. Birds of a Feather
Anthony ,   U.S.   (11.08.11)
Well,they are 2 Islamic leaning panderers so it is natural they'd feel small in front of a leader who faces dangers Obama & Sarkozy avoid by putting their heads together in the sand. That is all.
52. Look: It's the Cookie Monster and Miss Piggy!
Taz Man ,   USA   (11.08.11)
I'm glad this happened; it finally shows the American Jews what Obama (the joke) is really like. The dirtbag can't be trusted; and if he is elected in 2012, Israel will really see his true, Muslim heart. Whatever goodwill he shows Israel is for personal expediency (for his own political gain). He hates the Jewish people. He is a dark spot on the American, political landscape; his socialist agenda is destroying our country, and if given a chance, will undermine Israel's security--guaranteed! Sarkozy is just his French woman. God bless Israel and His Jerusalem (Muslim free)! A Christian Zionist
53. this
sbern vergner ,   gene usa   (11.08.11)
"the journalists are subject to precise rules of conduct. " Please tell me that you are not trying to convince me of this.
54. So Netanyahu is a liar but....
Kat   (11.08.11)
Is there such thing as an honest politician?
55. I am sorry my President is Nuts..
ObamaIsNuts ,   los angeles, ca   (11.08.11)
I am sorry my President is Nuts..but is more crazy is the fact that so many in the jewish community here in the USA support him. Not good.
56. To my Israeli friends
Bill in Tennessee ,   Knoxville TN USA   (11.08.11)
I apologize on behalf of my ignorant president, I did not vote for him. Many, MANY people in the USA have chosen to stand with Israel, me among them. Please don't think that the ravings of this temporary president (gone in 2012), this stain on our national honor, represent the feelings of the majority of Americans. In a year, this clod will be gone and perhaps our two nations can reforge old friendships.
57. Obama/Sarkozy
Mignon ,   CA, USA   (11.08.11)
The USA is FED UP with Obama! We have to DEAL WITH HIM every day! 365 days until election and God-willing we will have an adult in the White House.
58. Daily dealings
Michael ,   Detroit, MI   (11.08.11)
I feel bad if Bibi has to deal with this man daily!
59. Sarkozy on Netanyahu
Terry Dallas ,   deerfield, IL   (11.08.11)
sure, it was an accident!
60. Sarkozy Calls Netanyahu a Liar
Keith ,   Houston, USA   (11.08.11)
The french are feckless and the press are pathetic. As for Obama, I will paraphrase His wife: "For the first time in my life I can really be ashamed of my country." Well, my country's President, anyway.
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