Western world has failed
Alex Fishman
Published: 09.11.11, 18:00
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1. The world succeeded
BH ,   Iowa   (11.09.11)
in buying the Iranian theocrats the time they needed. Fools.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (11.09.11)
The world listened alright ,it just didn't care ( after all it is just jews at risk .)
3. Iran will surely have its bomb if.......
Nora Tel Aviv   (11.09.11)
.......Obama is reelected.
4. Israel has also failed !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.09.11)
The World will not do anything to stop Iran. They must be forced to, if Israel wants The US to do anything, because the US will sertainly protect the Western Persian Gulf. The rest Israel must do Herself. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4146217,00.html More Chamberlaining talk ? http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4146205,00.html So - ??? Arn.Sweden.
5. for all head heated
userulluipeste   (11.09.11)
There is nothing out of extraordinary in Iran having weapons, be it nuclear or not, like the fact that Pakistan has them. The problem may come from the lack of security, and for now Iran seems to be more secure than Pakistan or how was Russia over a decade ago. You may fear people whom have nothing to lose, but Iran seems to have a lot to loose. I think the best thing is to calm down, because the most risk might come from your fear and your unclear thinking in the face of fear.
6. Ehud Olmert gave a wrong guidance to the world
Ray ,   U.S.A.   (11.09.11)
He said he believes the world should impose sanctions on Iran instead of attacking Iran. He was so naive that he thought sanctions will work.
7. Eastern World is rising, why is this newe?
Nour ,   One State   (11.09.11)
Oh, it means the end of the Apartheid entity. Good riddance.
8. @ no. 2. not really true.
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (11.09.11)
Apart from the fact that the whole 'it's just jews, so we don't care'-attitude which is projected upon the western world by some talkbackers has reached almost hilarious proportions (weren't it not for the fact that it's also rather tragic), the western world has a vested interest in seeing Iran's nucleair project put to an end, as it endangers all of us.
9. Israel was a mistake, and will fail
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.09.11)
...when the majority Palestinians get the vote in Palestine Israel.
10. Honestly, could we expect anything different?
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.09.11)
The Western World did not heed Israel's warnings about (psychopathcally governed) Iran going nuclear. Honestly, could we expect anything different? Did the Western World do anything to stop Saddam Hussein when he built nuclear bombs? Of course not. For that matter, did the Western World do much to stop the Nazi Holocaust? Nope. It was up to Israel to stop Hussein and will be up to Israel to stop Iran.
11. #7 Nour. So where is fictional Palestine?
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.09.11)
#7 Nour. For decades, "Palestinians" used the U.N. as their toy. It always did whatever they wanted. Now, "Palestinians" can't even get their way in the U.N. Have you noticed? So where is fictional Palestine? You're not going to like the answer, Nour. It will never exist anywhere but in increasingly fanciful stories.
12. A Piece of TelAviv, Haifa and New York
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (11.09.11)
People laughed at Hitler, and said he was a temporary joke. In 1933, French, Russian and English divisions could have bombed Munich and taken him and hisSS out.75m war dead, countries destroyed and tens of millions wounded, emotionally and physically, the war ended with 2 bombs. Hitler commited suicide as we know.Most of the NAZIs escaped punishment, cept for the 6m Germans that were killed, mostly by the Russians. Now, Iran seeing the West wants to avoid foreign wars ( and learning from the no win policies in Afghan/Iraq, have made it clear, they will have a nuke arsenal, similar to No.Korea ( who is threatending them lately). Iran has 75m people, and 10m in its various armies...plus lots of friends in the area, Hez/Hamas,So.America, etc.With Russia, it is buidling a missile base in Venezuela. It has 40,000 suicide bombers and missile boats offshore the US. It will instigate riots and warfare in USA cities. It says so openly. Its main targets will be we Jews worldwide, the confenient scapegoats. AT FIRST. Then on to their other goals..a calaphate from Algeria to Turkey, under Sharia law..beholdin to the Iranian Hitler, Ahmad who will, like Hitler, claim himself Allah or the messiah. What can be done?. Right now, much. A coalition of the willing must take out Iran's military might..and nuke plants. A no-fly zone over parts of Iran, similar to Libya (a convenient diversion). Iraq is going Shia..and will join with Iran, thanks to Obamas defeatest policies. Obama is but another Wilson...."peace in our time" Right, a piece of Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, and New York. To Israel: get the Jews out.
13. #4. Never read a post by you that...
Persian CAT   (11.09.11)
clearly says that you're ready to go to Israel to defend her against her enemies. Cowards like you are all bark and no bite.
14. Nour #7
Krzysztof ,   Warsaw, Poland   (11.09.11)
are you sure that in such a case you would be among the living? think.
15. Never again = NEVER AGAIN.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.09.11)
16. Excellent strategy...
esnuffnstl ,   USA   (11.09.11)
...blame the nation (the US) that is pushing hardest in the UNSC for sanctions. As well as being the only possible nation that will help with a military strike on Iran. I suppose all this victimhood stuff gives some of you a sense of self-worth. What it gives the rest of the world is a good laugh.
17. @10
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (11.09.11)
Your point about the west, and saddam hussein is a REALLY bad one.... think a minute, and figure it out...
18. They don't even listen NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.10.11)
19. #3 Nora Tel Aviv
If Obama is re-elected, you only have yourselves to blame!
20. The West failed??
Randy ,   Austin, USA   (11.10.11)
I have to say all of this victim-ness is not becoming. There are many of us that support and pray for the peace of Jerusalem daily. Our own status of "terrorist target" stems primarily from of our (USA's) support for Israel's existence and prosperity. The fact that you have the ability to respond to Iran's threat is [at least] largely due to the USA's friendship. To charge that we don't care is self-pitying drivel, and very unbecoming. We are always obligated to pursue peace to it's bitter end before we bomb the crap out of them. And then there will still be those that say we caused the whole thing by meeting the threat militarily--even many in Israel. So be it. You may be the world's most hated, but we are not far behind.
21. G-d may have plans to save Israel
Josephine Levin ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.10.11)
There is a third alternative which is if G-d decides to take out Iran and punish all the nations that have helped Iran in its publicly stated genocidal desire to destroy Israel.
22. # 9
Birdi ,   Israel & proud of it   (11.10.11)
There is no country called ''Palestine''
23. G-d MAY have a plan to save Israel!
The Bible Worm!   (11.10.11)
Well I have news for you # 21. The Bible clearly states about the end times. Much is written but what I want to terll you very clearly is... there will be a terrible slaughter led by Russia who marches in to Jerusalem and starts a massive war. Many, many are killed on both sides. Cutting it short and the nice part (but heavy work) of the Jews having to bury the enemies will will take them all of 7 months. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it, darling! Now who's going to win? well, as sure as hell it aint going to be the arabs!
24. Birdi @# 22
Moragh USA   (11.10.11)
There IS no such place as a Palestine. There never was and there NEVER will be, and the Palestinians well know that. Put it to them and watch their brown faces turn red!
25. Failed
michaelpielet ,   israel   (11.11.11)
Only israel has failed.
26. # 24
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.10.11)
Kudos to you Moragh.
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