‘Leftist law’ a bad joke
Uri Misgav
Published: 10.11.11, 00:49
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1. Also ban funding for right wing organisations
Haim ,   TA   (11.10.11)
The fanatical right wing, and ultra orthdox are more of a threat to Israeli society thatn Iran, so therefore funding from overseas should also be banned. This will mean cut funding for yeshavias involved with violence , then we shall cut donations for right wing politicians in upcoming elections, . naturally in true Israeli hypocracy the govermend dosent mind excepting bilions of US Tax payers money in aid, their hypocracy knows no limits. Thankyou for bringing this to our attention.
2. Foreign aid between countries is one thing.
Z   (11.10.11)
Foreign contributions to political parties is a very different proposition.
3. Because we are immoral!
as it is   (11.10.11)
4. Here are some other projects also be gravely undermined
Ari Briggs ,   Raanana , Israel   (11.10.11)
Delegitimizing Israel at each and every UN body possible. Writing submissions to every European government to boycott Israeli products, academics, and cultural exchanges. Running presentations around the world about the immoral soldiers of the IDF and many many more. So obviously the point is that just because some of the money from foreign governments done some good it does not mean it is right! The damage to the country, its institutions and public greatly outweighs any good.
5. Nr 2 Has the point here !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.10.11)
Nobody foreign shall controll Israeli Parties or Policys, that belongs to the Israeli people in Israel. Aid to Israel by other countries benefits the whole of Israel and its population. Arn.Sweden.
6. the US give Israel a coupon, not donation
Golan ,   modiin   (11.10.11)
the 3 billion you talk about comes with a price tag of buying US products... things we can make here or purchase cheaper somewhere else. So why do we take it? Because its a coupon, and because it creates a better working relationship with a foreign government which is selling us weapons to stay alive. And please stop using the term fascism unless you define it. Fascism, anarchism, and communism are mirrored political movements which use violence and demand special rights for its group. It is a radical movement that is birthed from the Left after it either collapses or becomes very powerful. Israel is a liberal state struggling with socialist foundation established by the Labor party back in the 1920's. Netenyahu has reformed Israeli laws to allow a better economic model. Nothing he has done is radical and no change came fast as to shock the makeup of Israel. Thank God for BB.
7. disallow FOREIGN sponsors
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (11.10.11)
The state of Israel can NOT be beholden to free expression laws that allow SAY: FOREIGN Nazi or FOREIGN Left, or FOREIGN Peace Now elements from sponsoring thier philosophy in Israel. I hope that readers understand that a foreign Nazi elements can be identified by its hatred of Jews or its "philosophy". I doubt that that some readers WANT to understand that FOREIGN Left or FOREIGN Peace Now type orgs are just as bad ! Israel can withstand home grown political movements...but Israel must remove the influence of FOREIGN $$ money. moshe
8. Foreign Aid from one country to another
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (11.10.11)
is perfectly acceptable.A Govt giving aid to a specific group should be illegal ,as well as ngo's transparency about who they receive their support from must be made public
9. Friend vs Enemy
yoni ,   jerusalem   (11.10.11)
Clearly you dont see the difference between a friend who supports us and an open enemy who tries to undermine and destroy us.
10. "fascism"?
Edward Benjamin ,   Israel   (11.10.11)
It would be nice if commentators in this and other Israeli papers could refrain from abusing words such as "fascism" to the point that, as Orwell once pointed out, it has come to mean nothing at all but, perhaps, "something not desirable." Real fascism was a rather serious thing, and ought not to be invoked in such a reckless manner.
11. Haim #1 learn to read
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.10.11)
The law proposed if for ALL NGOs. No government in the world supports any non-left wing extremest NGOs in Israel. Draft dodging morons in Tel-Aviv are our greatest threat. Get a job stupid and do you service.
12. #1. Israel's enemies don't fund right wing groups.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.10.11)
#1. Israel's enemies support leftist groups because they know these groups are harmful to Israel. Patriotic right wing groups benefit Israel and that is why Israel's enemies would never support them. Unlike many mindless Israeli leftists, Israel's enemies know what helps and what harms Israel.
13. The US doesn't "donate" 3 billion to Israel every year!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.11.11)
Israel does get $3 billion from the US in Military Aid, but it has to spend 80% of it in the US so it's hardly a "donation". And by accepting the money Israel is forbidden to bid on a whole slew of arms sales that it would have a good chance of winning. Is the 20% minus the loss of income on those deals really worthwhile? Maybe not and there has been much talk of Israel refusing future aid. http://tinyurl.com/usaid2israel Uri Misgav supports .. Peace Now; Beit Tzelim; J Street: HaAretz and a host of other self-hating groups and isn't averse to spreading mis-information on his columns!
14. #3 - Who is this "We" that is immoral?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.11.11)
I assume you support Uri Misgav and his ilk?
15. to #1
ef ,   usa   (11.12.11)
you are sure your name is "haim". you sound more like muhamed.
16. poorly argued
Michael ,   Cincinnati, Ohio   (11.12.11)
this is a nonsense argument. First, the law would not ban George Soros from donating to leftist groups. Two, the money from the US is military aid used for military purposes, not funding for political organizations.
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