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US church versus Israel
Giulio Meotti
Published: 11.11.11, 13:16
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1. United Church of Canada
C McCoy ,   Canada   (11.11.11)
UCC has been huffing and puffing in this direction for years. The difference being, they've become so obsolete and down in membership, people wonder if they're still around.
2. Christian groups penetrated by Muslims
Scott ,   Australia   (11.11.11)
That's all this is - just like the "5th Column" working inside Israel.
3. Christian church?
Brod ,   USA   (11.11.11)
Any christian church that is anti Israel is a Pagan church. This is to say that it is the devil that they worship instead of Jesus Christ who gave the two greatest Commandments to the world.
4. Hurt by ricochet..
Ayeush ,   Gibraltar   (11.11.11)
There is a RELIGIOUS WAR going on in the USA mainstream . Presyterian Church is in a decline, due to various reasons, to the Evangelical movement that is more widspread among the middle classes, and expecially in these economic down days, Presbyterian has been hurt rather badly as the contribution from the 'wealthy' is being erroded. In this context, of course Israel is getting recochet by the American internal War of Religions. So, it is only natural to see the picture not as alarming as Mr. Meotti would like us to see it. The Evangelical movement is far superior in number and is being paramoured by both American parties Dem. and Rep. Presbyterian members, like the CIO, are taken for granted by the Dem., and ignored by the Rep. While Evanlegical movement is spreading aroud the world, the Presbytarian- Anglican in England, and Protestans in Africa, are splitting and being reduced. Thus the context, do not get all that concerned , among the Republican candidates for next years Presidential election, there are mostly Evangelical adherents.
5. Christians against Israel
Mattisyahu Shlomith ,   Dallas, TX USA   (11.11.11)
I cannot speak for the "mainline" denominations, but all of my brothers and sisters in Christ actually still see Jacob as God's chosen people - we might believe you are mistaken about Ha' Moshiach, but God's promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is eternal and unbreakable. I don't believe these others are truly Messiah's followers and lovers. By the way, Jesus was Jewish, not from any other nation.
6. we got the evangelicals thats all we need
ronen   (11.11.11)
7. Christians United with Israel
Julie ,   Stockbridge, USA   (11.11.11)
Although you have some in America who are against the Jewish Nation and the State of Israel, I want to encourage you that you also have some that are with you and are praying for the Peace of Jerusalem and for the Peace of the Jewish Nation... God made a convenant with Israel thousand of years ago and God ALWAYS keeps his promises. He will never forsake you! God loves you and His people do too!!!!! Be strong in the Lord and the Power of His might, know in your heart every battle He will fight!!! Shalom!
8. All churches affiliated with the National Council of...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.11.11)
...Churches, to one level or another, are anti-Jewish racist churches in that all of them, without an exception, would rather see the demise of the nation-state of the Jewish people, the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty in the Jewish homeland with Zion/Jerusalem at its center, than any Arab Jewish accommodation. This organization has been at the forefront of anti-Jewish/anti-Israeli activities of many decades and sadly, it too represents the face of American Christianity.
9. they are not christians
Nigel Rosen   (11.11.11)
Thanks Meotti for your cry
Leah McLellan ,   Fort Worth Texas   (11.11.11)
The previous post about churches belonging to the National Council of Churches is precisely correct. However, I would like to say that the Presbyterian church of the Founding Father's day is not the same as the PCUSA today, which is oddly liberal and this liberalism caused a major rift with some 2000 congregations pulling out of the PCUSA. The groups that pulled out are conservative and support Israel. Caution to writers from ynet news: do some background on the denominations before broadly saying "Presbyterian". Not all groups are in lock step anymore.
11. I'm leaving
Robert ,   Presbyterian USA   (11.11.11)
The Presbyterian church USA may have been a force in the past, but it is a dying church and it's position on Israel and many other things is an embarrassment to those of us who believe the Bible and still belong to that church... I'm an evangelical and I'm leaving.
12. The Presbyterian church is not what its founder John Knox
Rivkah   (11.11.11)
intended it to be. He was a Saturday Sabbath keeper who could not possibly have envisioned the apostasy of the church he founded in Scotland long ago becoming an apostate Sunday sabbath of man false religion that stopped believing the Messiah is equal to His Father, the Creator of the Universe. More apostasies are hardly surprising at this point. It is a harlot or false religion. After World War II, my mother's husband who was a US Army officer and 1936 graduate of the US military academy at West Point, left the army and went to a Presbyterian seminary even though he was raised Southern Baptist. My mother was raised Presbyterian and insisted on the religion change. After graduating, it took six months to get a job, not much promise for Presbyterian graduates. When a job was found it was in Mississippi being a circuit preacher to seven country churches in Atala County. He was not paid enough to feed his family and was not allowed to take a part time job teaching to get enough income in to survive. My mother picked berries in the summer and made jam and we ate from a barrel of flour and a barrel of oatmeal and little else since the people who went to the churches paid tithes in sugar cane and an occasional chicken. With all the hardships, they would have continued except that the doctrine of the Presbyterian elders was so contrary to the doctrine of the Scriptures, they quit and Daddy went back into the US Army and never entered a church again except for weddings, funerals, and baptisms he could not escape going to. My Uncle Ernest was a Presbyterian minister and went to South Korea as a missionary for 14 years until his son's deafness caused the family to return so he could go to specialized schools. The Presbyterian church would not find him or help him get a job in America after 14 years as a missionary for them suffering hardships. So my grandmother and all her fellow parishioners in Mississippi where she lived withheld tithes until Uncle Ernest was given a job wtih a Presbyterian church in Virginia. The Presbyterian church is a stinking skunkhole and is about as far from HaShem as an apostate church can get. I recommend all readers with any affiliation to it, leave it, before they are led to hell by what Revelation calls a harlot daughter of the mother harlot (church), the Roman Catholic church. John Knox is rolling over in his grave, I am sure.
13. US church versus Israel
John Jessee ,   Manteca USa   (11.11.11)
The same God of Israel that showed Abraham the Promise Land, Israel Is He not the same GOD that gives us Salvation One will not be true with out the other. I trust Him for my salvation so there is no question that the land belongs to the Jewish nation
14. "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel".
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.11.11)
Who said it?? I didn't hear anything about Presbyterians being mentioned. Scripture reference : Matthew 15:24.
15. I would look at the reason
nospam ,   nospam city   (11.11.11)
I would not believe in their following of one arab priest. Saudi money perhaps.
16. Jesus, the man, was a Jew
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (11.11.11)
Christians that demonize Israel, forget that Jesus, the man, would understand the Hebrew of Israel and be dumbfounded by Latin, Greek or English. After all Jesus, the man, was a Jew. Perhaps Jesus, the Jew, would find fault in the Israel people and government... so do many Israelis. "Fault" stems from error, it does NOT give a reason to become disgusted, to join the enemy. "Fault" is NOT a reason to cry out and "disown" us Israelis: We must physically fight for our lives and our children's lives, against great odds, and a clever , diabolical enemy. moshe
17. 14 Noodles, Coney Island: The lost sheep of the house of Is
Rivkah   (11.11.11)
Israel are in many places since the tribes of Israel were dispersed. The tribes of Israel include Judah or the Jews, but has many other tribes besides Judah, Benjamin, and Levi. The Messiah was sent for the lost tribes of Israel which are in most or all countries, not just in Israel in the Middle East. How does the Scottish orginated Presbyterian church which was a Saturday Sabbath church under its founder John Knox before it became apostate fit into the lost house of Israel? The migration of the Jews when Babylon attacked Jerusalem was to Northern Ireland where the throne of Judah was set up in exile by Jeremiah and his scribe Baruch for Princess Tia Tephe and her husband who was a prince from that area of Northern Ireland. The Stone of Scone which is the pillow stone of Jacob was taken there. Then the Throne of Judah was moved to SCOTLAND, then to London and the Stone of Scone is now under the Coronation Throne of British monarchs. British means covenant man in Hebrew. Brit=covenant and ish=man. That is how Presbyterians from Scotland and elsewhere are part of the lost sheep of Israel the Messiah was sent to recall to His flock wherever they are on Earth.
18. Translation: Israel can do no wrong
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.11.11)
...and those that criticize Israel, for clear and obvious transgressions against the native Palestinians, are antisemitic.
19. No organization is immune
BH ,   Iowa   (11.11.11)
They must all be vigilant to prevent penetration as noted by #2.
20. Christianity
John Holladay ,   Plano, USA   (11.11.11)
The Christian scriptures direct us to honor and support Israel. To pray for Jerusalem. Further the same scriptures tell us of a great falling away. Do the math – many Christian churches are really leaving the true faith, there is a prophesied reason. Some churches need to rip pages out of their Bible to match their teachings. My Pentecostal church supports Israel and the Jess. Loves all people and prays for all. I am off to Israel in the morning to service God’ Chosen for three week – I am serious about this “obeying God, not like so many USA churches who are falling away. PS It wasn’t Jews nor Romans who killed Jesus – is was Assyrian conscripts in the Roman Army – few know how the legions were formed. Further, if Jesus had not dies we would not have a resurrection thus salvation. So those who blame the Jews are confused.
21. Please read.. the American church is pro-Israel.
Mr. P ,   USA   (11.11.11)
The USA has about 313 million population; 135 million attend church regularly/somewhat regularly. Another 56 million have a committed relationship to Christ but don’t attend church. That is about 191 million Christians. There are 2.3 million members of the Presbyterian Church, I don’t know how many Presbyterians are anti-Semitic; HOWEVER, Presbyterians only make up about 1.2% of the USA Christians. I think most of the American CHURCH HAS THE BACK OF ISRAEL, in prayer and public outcry, for our government’s periodic misnomers. I would like to see a few more articles stating what part of the the American Church (Christians) that are Pro- Israel. (I also question any “Christian” organization being anti-Semitic. Christian and anti-Semitic, Biblically, shouldn’t happen).
22. Jesus was born a Jew and he died a
Eric.... ,   Israel......   (11.11.11)
Jew.If you smile the hole world is too the Christian world smile.It all comes down too jealously.We the Jewish people know this.
23. Shame
GOOD ,   USA/Israel   (11.11.11)
How can any Christian stand by the people (Muslims) who persecute and ethnically cleanse Christians in their land? The only place in the Middle East where Christians are free and safe is Israel.
24. They can't stand the fact that Jesus was not a cowboy.
Ben-Africa   (11.11.11)
25. To #14
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (11.11.11)
Well, the "lost sheep" were found to be nothing but wolves in disguise. The world took notice.
26. thanks christian talkbackers for that context
joe ,   st louis usa   (11.11.11)
Much appreciated. Writer did not go into internal christian politics, your comments were helpful.
27. dreams
tiki ,   belgium   (11.11.11)
In the eyes of their 'new found Muslim friends, Presbyterians, Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews & all other religions & atheists are the same and should be cooked in the same pan. Let the Presbyterians pray never to be put to this test. Calvinistic Protestants have been Jew haters from day ONE.
28. Misleading Article
Joshua ,   Jersey City, USA   (11.11.11)
The author refers to "the Presbyterian Church" in general terms. There are several different churches that are considered "Presbyterian." Most of the anti-Israel incitement comes out of one denomination, Presbyterian Church U.S.A. This is a large but rapidly declining organization. The author of this piece has a habit of grossly overstating his case, such as his bizarre claims about the "success" of the BDS movement, which in fact has virtually no traction in the USA. Ynet does a grave disservice by printing these columns without doing some fact checking.
29. presbyterians @11
steve   (11.11.11)
Thank you!!
30. Theologically correct
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (11.11.11)
The teaching and activities of the Presbyterian Church USA may be harsh and, yes, incitements, but they are absolutely theologically correct. The Jews lost all claim to the Holy Land after the Passion and Crucifixion of Christ Jesus, after which the promises set forth in the Old Testament were abolished.
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