Nasrallah warns of regional war if Iran, Syria attacked
Roee Nahmias
Published: 11.11.11, 20:06
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1. Me thinks the lady (actually b*itch) doth protest too much
Charles ,   Paris, FRANCE   (11.11.11)
Translation: Don't believe Hizbullah, Iran, or Syria. They are scared!
2. The truth is...
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (11.11.11)
these uniformed, isolated "leaders" have absolutely no clue what awaits them should they really dare to launch a war of survival with Israel or the west. No clue at all.
3. First You Have To Come Out Of Your Cave!
And Since You Have'nt Seen The LIGHT OF DAY in A WHILE You Your dress Has Hudda ALL Over It!!!
4. You Who Oh hassan Kifuk?
Once Your baba in iran is NEUTRALIZED I Really Don't Think We Will Hear From ANYMORE, CHALES!!! Yella
5. We had regional wars before
Israeli 2   (11.11.11)
1967 and 1973. We already had Iraki missles and airplanes flying into Israel. Israel can deal with it again if need be.
6. nasrallah speaks!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.11.11)
now that nasrallah has come out of his burrow, if he sees his shadow, does that mean that we''ll have a longer or a shorter winter? :-) it's just something about this guy that reminds me of a groundhog...
7. we should call the bluff
JL   (11.11.11)
and deal with it...and this time go all the way to the end
8. Same fatso, same towel on top of head:
Joe ,   France   (11.11.11)
Cud it be the guy who ordered the assassination of R. Harriri?
9. Joe, we'll know only after he removes his diaper off his hea
Richard ,   USA   (11.11.11)
10. Well then, this one will settle matters, at last!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (11.11.11)
And it will not be in Iran's favour.
Mark ,   T.a.   (11.11.11)
12. "Retaliate harshly"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.11.11)
He completely fails to understand. Following an Israeli strike, Iran will be a large, glowing cinder. If Hezbollah does something stupid, much of Lebanon will disappear in a mushroom cloud. These people REALLY spend too much time listening to their own rhetoric.
13. We know that!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.11.11)
The US will be there for Israel.
14. The rat sounds scared to me. End
Maurice ,   Los Angeles, USA   (11.11.11)
15. why israel is not attacking iran
ruff ,   uk   (11.11.11)
Hey guys help mi Why is Israel not attacking Iran
16. If and this is a big IF. The Lebanese
Eric....... ,   Israel....   (11.11.11)
people want too save there beautiful country they better get rid of this lunatic Nasrallah ,because his going too cost the Lebanese people big time.If this lunatic Nasrallah starts a war ,there will be much more devastation too Lebanon than the last war.The next war will be won by Israel with rockets and war planes and we have both.
17. Once upon there was a man
Gilad ,   Johannesburg SA   (11.11.11)
named Bin laden. He had similar things to say and was also a terrorist who hid away like a rat. Nasralah the snake your head will be severed soon.
18. dear Nasrallah,
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.11.11)
you know i love you, but i wonder why do you love Tehran more than Jerusalem?!
19. What he is saying
Dan ,   Florida   (11.11.11)
So what he is saying is that if we prevent them from developing a nuclear weapon that they want to use to destroy Israel and America they will attack Israel anyway by flooding the country with suicide bombers who have been brainwashed to go to paradise where they will be free to rape virgins. This is the disease that has taken over this cult of death.
20. Nasrallah, have it your way !
Canadian lawyer ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.11.11)
I'm dying to see your country turned into a parking lot. This time, IDF will not be held back by the morons in the UN.
21. Hey Chubs
JPoL   (11.11.11)
You're going down....
22. Keep Talking....
Jeff ,   US   (11.11.11)
Your fat *ss is going down with them.. PLEASE, somebody shoot this guy
23. Iran threatened to "wipe Israel off the map' and now says it
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.11.11)
will send 30,000 suicide bombers from syria. That is justification to use nukes in self defense to eliminate the population centers of iran and syria and be done with the threats to the lives of the Jews.
24. #7 jl Are You Speaking For Yourself and Your Army
But I Think The Decision Should Left To B. Gantz and The IDF. But I know What You Ment? I Think? Shabat Shalom
25. #6 Thats Probably The Brown Dress He Wears
with his FULL Figure and the Shmata on his head and his Bug Infested Beard, By George I think You are Right he Looks like Ground Hog. BTW They Stick up close!!!
26. Death Whimpers from the Doomed
Ezra ,   US-Israel   (11.11.11)
Hezbollah clearly supports the murders of Syrian protestors. Hezbollah clearly supports aggression against "the entire region". Hezbollah is clearly the friend of no one and the enemy of Arabs and Muslims alike. And now that Hezbollah has threatened the US along with their big mouth buddies in Tehran, they will be obliterated completely and finally. Uh, do those idiots realize the US withdrawal from Iraq was intended for THEM? They know they will die like dogs but not at the hands of just the US, but the people themselves just like Gahdaffi. Say goodnight gracie.
27. i have no doubt that the west will win !!! but
dafer ,   Haifa   (11.11.11)
this is neither 1967 or 1973 or iraq or afghanistan , this will be a totaly different war in which israel will pay a very heavy price !!!! go israel and lets see what happens !!! have anyone forgot the 2006 beating israel recieved from hizbullah ? well now it will be a 4 front war and its gonna hurt
28. iran
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (11.11.11)
here we go again , the cave dweller, spouting of , i think syria would welcome israel , as there savior from bashar , all hot air this man does not live in the real world
29. #27 2006 War Olmert"lost"-Siniora cried like baby
Scott ,   Australia   (11.11.11)
OF COURSE it will "different". A "4 front war" DEFINITELY not fought conventionally. And if maybe not, unbelievable firepower unleashed on the enemy. IDF only used 5% of its capability in 2006.Next time the orders are "to decimate,cripple enemy" - no more loser Olmert.
30. Madmonkey has reservations: I hate his perfume
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