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The protocols of Gilad Atzmon
Yaniv Halily
Published: 14.11.11, 17:07
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1. Israel wiped Palestine off the map
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.14.11)
...and now 10 Million Palestinians are either under occupation or refugees.
2. Psycopath
Raphael ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.14.11)
This guy has some serious mental problems.
3. ignore such garbage
Justina Irimia ,   Bucharest, Romania   (11.14.11)
As Arazi points out, arguing with him (or with individuals of his category) is totally pointless. What outrages me is the fact that ynet has granted him coverage to start with. While there's no denying that we must take note of the existence of such dangerous people, we should struggle to ignore them, because lending them an ear only helps their sick, evil 'cause'. By even mentioning him, we poison the few untainted souls that still remain on this planet. I am not Israeli. However, I feel much more of a genuine Zionist, and an advocate of the correct recollection of the Shoah than this poor individual will be ever be.
4. Gilad Atzmon rant
Ibrahim el-Awal ,   Dearborn, Michigan   (11.14.11)
I follow Gilad Atzmon for years. The man is a psychopath, a deeply disturbed mental case. To criticize is one thing, but to use factual lies, campaign of unprecedented hate not seen even by the most radical genocidal anti Semites is beyond editorial common sense. The long article in utterly unnecessary. The more attention the more credibility that YNET gave to this psychopath. In Proverb 26:4 "Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like him". This article gives more ammunition to anti Semite, radical Left zealots, Ahmadinejad, Neturei Karta and Nazis.
5. what is Pointless here?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.14.11)
Arguing with him is pointless, but we can see a valuable lesson about the secular education and the influence that the nations of the world can have on a self hating Jew. It is not just the Jews outside of Israel who resent being Jews, this phenomena is now spreading to Israelis who receive education here. We must insist on Jewish education that stresses Jewish values and Jewish history. An appreciation of what the Jew is, what the Jew has gone through in historical terms and what the Jew has contributed to the world is a must for our educational systems that basically copies the gentile education system.
Adam ,   London   (11.14.11)
So talented and a Blockhead, but scathing about everything. Sad.
7. 'I despise the Jew in me.
Ezra ,   sandiego   (11.14.11)
Well, I love the Jew in me! I cancel your opinion. He' actually clinging to the darkness with such enthusiasm that he would truly be great if he would only stop blocking the light!
8. An idea for Gilad Atzmon
GOOD ,   USA/Israel   (11.14.11)
Mr. Atzmon, since you "despise the Jew in you" why don't you buy a gun (if you don't have one yet), point it to your head and kill the Jew in you? I'm sure you'll feel better afterward.
9. Atzmons parents must be very proud (Sarcasm)
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (11.14.11)
10. "No1" Steve
Paul ,   South Africa   (11.14.11)
Not even going to argue with you. Just gonna let you know about your own history. You wiped out around 30 million Red Indians, stole their lands & put the rest into ghettos you call reservations & you dare to talk things you know nothing about. Shame on you.
11. i love gilad atzmon and am a big fan of his music and
Dee ,   Haifa   (11.14.11)
thoughts !! i always read his blog ,and defenatly believe i everything he says !! many of the real ( not zionist ) jews will follow step , will will finaly understand that zionizim is the real enemy !!
12. One scik puppy
ed ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.14.11)
This is one seriously messed-up guy.
13. atzmon just an arse leave him be ,he
gal1 ,   israel not palestine   (11.14.11)
ain't worth the talkbacks
14. perverse irrationality
ezra ,   Israel   (11.14.11)
"When you talk about humanity, you talk about a universal system of values promoting love for one another", says this musical savant. And he proudly publishes his hate literature. This self deluding hypocrite gives idiot-savants a bad name.
15. Is this Crazy Pants Rant Week on ynet?
Marco   (11.14.11)
Ynet, you really need to stop dedicating articles to every loon that says something you think will get page views.
16. Qualitative difference
Jim ,   London, UK   (11.14.11)
So what's the diff between Atzmon and Ynet? Not much. One is an ultra-antisemite that would destroy Israel, the other is "just" an enabler of forces on its ideological side which wishes to do the exact same...
17. "I despice the Jew in me"
tiki ,   belgium   (11.14.11)
Real humanity despices creatures like this. A fullblown Idiot with too much drugs affecting his brain permanently. Should be locked up in the loonie bin with the keys thrown away. Stop wasting time on this useless piece of sh..! Playing Jazz and writing hatefull books don't make him no Einstein, Spinoza, Marx or Jezus. His behaviour, comments & writings fit the typical attention seeking loser.
18. Nothing new, nothing constructive.A pathetic egoJEWtripper
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.14.11)
19. too much acid.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (11.14.11)
maybe he needs it to be so "talented".
20. legendary self hating Jew strikes again
david shalev ,   ny, ny   (11.14.11)
I actually despise part of my Jewishness as well. I despise the fact that I am too humane to treat the Arabs with the same barbarism they would treat me if given the opportunity. I am proud to be part of an innovative, moral and caring people who largely try to improve mankind
21. Gilad Who?
Eli ,   Israel   (11.14.11)
Why does Ynet even give this worm a mention, is Ynet becoming like Haaretz. Dont even talk about these losers, you can't reason with them they have lost their minds completely.
22. He wants attention.
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (11.14.11)
My school mate Eric Cartman says the same stuff all the time, but everybody ignores him because we all know he's a freaking retard.
23. Meir Kahane used to say that.....
usa   (11.14.11)
"The worst anti semite is of the Jewish kind" and he was right about this and about many other things.
24. To #1 Palestine has never been arab. It was a jewish place !
The ''Palestine'' was a name given to the Jewish Bible Land by the roman Emperor Hadrien between 132 and 135. Lean first and after talk
25. I feel very sorry
yoav ,   frankfurt germany   (11.14.11)
for poor spinoza to be instrumentalized by atzmon in this way. He certainly does not deserve this
26. Meersheimer is still on the Bar Ilan BESA board
Bruno ,   Haifa   (11.14.11)
27. So you can be a gifted musician and a...
Aylan Bell ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.14.11)
So you can be a gifted musician and a sick asshole at the same time. Big news there ! Music remains the universal language
28. Mossad Agent
Fatima Barrabas ,   Palestine, Texas   (11.14.11)
This guy is a Mossad agent trying to discredit our cause of antisemitism. It makes me think of a joke from the old South Africa: A white lady who thinks she's always been good to her servants reads in the paper about a plot that all servants will kill their masters on a certain day, so she calls her servant and tells him what she's read and she's always been good to him so what is he going to do? He says: "Oh no, Ma'am, I couldn't do that to you. I have a deal with the servant next door that we'll change places that day and do it for each other."
29. atzmon -- to #4
Yosef ben Baruch ,   Coral Springs USA   (11.14.11)
Right on, Ibrahim (even-though I suspect you are not a Muslim). "Artists" such as atzmon will say and do Anything to attract attention and peddle their infected garbage. Shame on Ynet for giving this perverted lunatic a podium. It just confirms its own journalistic decay.
30. So much space for this imbecile?! Get real Ynet.
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.14.11)
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