'Don't believe Iran blast was an accident'
Published: 14.11.11, 11:59
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1. why blame the Jews
It is more likely the Saudis or the CIA.
2. Play with fire and the results can & will cause smoke!!!
Mike ,   Israel Raanana   (11.14.11)
3. iranian "accident"
Robert ,   Israel   (11.14.11)
The only way to sell more newspapers was to include Mossad in the iranian "work accident". No news is bad enough if somebody does not involve Israel in it. Iranian self incompetence is not enough as to fill newspapers' first page without external factors.
4. Any one noticed USA now suggesting they did studnex
rebecca ,   Modiin   (11.14.11)
I notice that people in the USA are suggesting that they have been busy in Iran, with studnex and the death of Iranian scientists.. Before when it suited them, it was bad bad Mosad killing people. so if we leave this a bit longer the USA might want to claim a hit there too....
stude ham   (11.14.11)
from the world's most unreliable sources. the iranians botched something of critical importance in their missile setup and blew themselves apart. this was by all accounts a workplace accident. may they enjoy many more of the same.
6. rest in peices
joker ,   sydney australia   (11.14.11)
luv you longtime iran
7. Time Magazine
Jake Stone ,   USA   (11.14.11)
Time magazine is a horrible news outlet. They pro-Muslim and anti-Semetic big-time! However, it doesn't take a flawed news agency or a reputable one to see that Israel was behind this. I'm sure act-two is coming and so-on-and-so-on. The Iranians' are no match for the Israelis'. It's funny: the Jews are playing in their own back yard, and they can't do anything about. So much for the Iranians' thinking they are superior. Take-a-seat and pass the popcorn, this is going to be fun watching ole' Admina-nut job trying to itch the ants in his pants! God bless Israel!
8. IIf true that mossad carried out this attack
Segal ,   Israel   (11.14.11)
then this operation is on par with Entebbe--a truly extraordinary feat, that boggles the mind! Congrats, Mossad--well done!
9. What goes around comes around!!!!!
Chris.B ,   Australia   (11.14.11)
10. Make believe news
Sidney ,   USA   (11.14.11)
"A Western intelligence" and "US blogger Richard Silverstein Israeli official told him". Guesses and unattributed sources are not news.
11. Next you will hear ...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (11.14.11)
...that one of the nuclear Iranian sites blew up. One by one they will all blow up. With Israeli smarts no need to attack overtly Iran.
12. Correction.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.14.11)
U.S. blogger Richard Silverstein was not, in fact, the first to point the finger at Israel. That would have been me. And I wasn't "pointing the finger." I acknowledged the event, with a great deal of pride and satisfaction. No accolades needed.
13. Again?
Doug ,   U.S.   (11.14.11)
I just noted that you quoted Richard Silverstein's blog again, as if this is an authoritative source. When this happened yesterday my respect for YNet as a news source was diminished, and it by this point I don't have much respect for you at all.
14. 1st u work 4 ur reputation and then ur reputation works 4 u
Yaniv ,   Israel   (11.14.11)
15. "don't believe"
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.14.11)
time magazine's credibility isn't what it used to be. to print an unconfirmed (and unconfirmable) story like this isn't journalism, it's gossip. no real "western intelligence source", anonymous or otherwise, will feed information to a time magazine reporter (!) without the consent of his superiors. or at least not without quickly becoming an EX-intelligence source. so why is a "western intelligence AGENCY" feeding this rumour to the press? perhaps to deflect iranian retaliation away from the retreating american forces in iraq and afganistan? that wouldn't be a bad idea. or perhaps just to float the idea of supporting an opposition movement in iran. because after all, "they're working with the mossad"! in any event, what is clear is that time magazine is allowing its pages to be used for purposes other than the reporting of news. perhaps they should have shortened the headline to just "don't believe".
16. Blame ..... The Sharks !!!!
Texan   (11.14.11)
Booker tov Israel!!! The Mossad and the Israeli Shark ,birds blame for oh No the Zionist !!!!!! They have to blame somebody Israel the blame !!!! Savua Tov to all Israel !!
17. What Are Iran saying
Joe ,   London, UK   (11.14.11)
Say it wasnt an accident, why then hasnt Iran blamed the West (or Israel, for that matter). Surely the fact that they are themselves saying that it was an accident implies that it was just that -an accident? Or have I got it wrong?
18. Who Cares How The Explosion Happened
The Only Thing IMPORTANT Is That Explosions Happen EVERY SINGLE Day In iran till No More Enriching of Uranium, Is CEASED FOREVER. No More SECRET NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM Is history like the current ILLEGAL regime. Bye bye ta ta for now! Baruch Hashem!!!!!!!!!!!!
19. #12 give us a break
Rachel   (11.14.11)
I can't believe you wrote this- isn't it bad enough every Tom Dick and Harry blames the Jews and Israel for everything?- seems you are actually proud of this. Sabotage and terrorism is nothing to be proud of- I guess it is rubbing off...
20. Time magazine, Die Sturmer of America
Steve from Raleigh   (11.14.11)
Time has run a steady stream of overtly antisemitic stories on Israel for years including several covers that were so far over the edge CAMERA complained that they were ripped straight out of the Arab press.
21. Blame???
Baruch ,   Cape Town   (11.14.11)
What do you mean blame. I would think that various organisations are fighting to take the credit? Mosad is taksed with saving Israel, if they are behind it well done, every missile that blew up, was not aimed at Syria. Every soldier who died was not training or planning to harm Iranians. Well done to whoever did this, your risk will save lives. By the way, an interesting comparison. If it was the Mosad (I hop it was, would make me feel safer), its interesting to note that success means blowing up a general who has the intellectual property to kill people and his minions who plan to kill people. they were are very hard target, in a fortified area that is on alert for Israeli attack. Success for the other side, is a missile landing on any random civillian area that kills any random civillians of whatever age, gender or occupation. Lets not forget that this Iranian unit is behind the salvo of missiles our South has just suffered and was behind the missliles the North suffered in 2006. Even if you ignore the nuclear issues.
22. Barak on Iranian explosion: “May there be more like it”.
GravesDigger   (11.14.11)
Hopefully, with no blowback to us, anywhere, he silently added.
23. iranian explosion
moron ,   GALUT   (11.14.11)
barak should shut up about this too
24. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.14.11)
Oh, I don't know about that. Do you mean to suggest that you are not proud of the brave Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto who sabotaged Nazi Germany whenever they could? And do you think that the threat posed by Iran is any different from the threat posed by Nazi Germany. Please give us all a break and convert. You are no Jew. I'm sure you will look positively fetching in a burqa. You are an imbecile. Fortunately, it does not rub off. Not, at least, on me.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (11.14.11)
I also killed Jesus ,'cause I did not like the way he was chatting to my woman .
26. Iranians did it
Avi Goldstein ,   Azrieli Mall   (11.14.11)
I would say its most likely Iranians did it . What would Israel have to gain from a tiny action like that in Tehran ?
27. If the Time story were true...
Henry from New York ,   USA   (11.14.11)
I could not see how this intelligence official would be helping anyone on our side by blabbing about it to a major US magazine. I thought intelligence still meant being intelligent as well.
28. ***Sarah***at 24, WELL said !!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.14.11)
29. To: No. 27
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.14.11)
Nothing wrong with asserting oneself, Henry. Serves to put the world on notice that Israel will not be trifled with.
30. To: Avi at No. 26
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.14.11)
It wasn't all that tiny. It took out an entire Revolutionary Guards military base -- which happened to contain the overwhelming majority of Iran's Shahab missile arsenal -- and the death toll was far, far higher than that to which Iran admits.
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