Israel's giant UAV becomes operational
Yoav Zitun
Published: 14.11.11, 15:17
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1. Israel and the US
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.14.11)
Israel gave its engineers an "ethics workshop" when the developed the Eitan. That is why Israel lost two wars, and her leaders and officers are considered war criminals. The US told its engineers "destroy the enemy at all costs" when they developed the Predator. That is why the US is a superpower and its President received a Nobel Peace prize.
2. ''morality'' ? You are at war dude !
3. Only 3 countries do not use the metric system
Adam ,   Raanana   (11.14.11)
Israel is not one of them so how about using the metric system in your articles Ynet
4. #1 you are wrong
Dan ,   Florida   (11.14.11)
Obama got a Nobel Peace prize for doing nothing.
5. Light unto the nations means being right.. not being a dummy
Hippocrates ,   Earth   (11.14.11)
right defined by jewish concepts of morality which allow for everyone to be righteous, jew and non jew, but aren't turn the other cheek and let your enemy rape you.
6. #3 why not metric?
Maurice ,   Montreal   (11.14.11)
The large majority of readers of English language Ynet are Americans. That is why they prefer not using the metric system. In Canada we use metric as well, but we have to constantly adapt to non-metric because of our proximity to the US.
7. Good news
Weary White ,   Norway   (11.14.11)
Let the sky be filled with theese ones over Iran. Crazy idiots need to be surveilled day and night. But do not reveal the weaponary to be used, it has to be a surprise...for the mad dog..
8. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.14.11)
"Eitan is 14 meters long and has 26 meter-long wings." Seems pretty metric to me. If you were referring to the use of knots to describe air speed, and feet to describe altitude, well -- here's a news flash: those are the standard and conventional descriptions in use throughout the world, much the way English is the language used EVERYWHERE in the world by pilots and air traffic controllers.
9. #3 knots are international standard...
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (11.14.11)
The speeds of vessels relative to the fluids in which they travel (boat speeds and air speeds) are measured in knots.
10. May it, B"H, kill only terrorists and save civilians.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.14.11)
11. Serious competition for America's best
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (11.14.11)
Customers of course have to compare not just capabilities but cost (purchase and maintenance) as well. It's not clear how this compares to, say, the Global Hawk which is faster due to its turbofan engine but is costly.
12. Israel should withdraw from occupied Palestinian land first
christianpalestinian ,   hong kong   (11.14.11)
Withdraw from all Palestinian land you stole by force and there would naturally be peace. Its simple.
13. OK. I AM impressed.
GideonReader   (11.14.11)
Nice payload. Sort of an Ariel Incredible Hulk. Paint that suker green, and you have a "smoking vehicle".
14. To#12#
Ruben Jacobi ,   UK   (11.14.11)
I don,t think it is a good jdea for Israel to commit suicide which is what you are asking,in any case it is to busy watching its back from from likes of your Islamic hordes who make no secret of trying anything they can to make beautiful Israel disapear.
15. #12-Xian Palestinian
Jack N Hoffman ,   NY NY   (11.14.11)
Habibi, you need a history lesson: The land of Israel was given to the Jews by G-d. The mythical "Palestinians" are the occupiers and interlopers. Even after the diaspora, there were always Jewish settlements in Israel...the land was never totally bereft of Jews. Look at the bibical borders of Israel and you will see that you are the occupier and interloper, not the Jews. By the way, most Muslim Palestinians hate X-tians. The Jewish way is to live in peace. If they had their way, you would be a dhimmie..2nd class citizen with no rights. Israeli Arab X-tians have a good life in Israel. Much better than under the despotic rule of IJ, Hammas, Hezbollah, or the other Islamo Fascist haramees.
16. christianpalestinian , hong kong
Zak ,   Brooklyn, USA   (11.14.11)
what was the excuse for persecuring jews in Russian Empire - they were poor and destitute; what was the excuse for persecuring jews in Germany before WWII - they were too powerful capitalists; what was the excuse for persecuring jews in Soviet Union - they were communists As you can see, Jews can be persecuted by generalities but mainly for just being Jewish -- you do not need a bigger excuse. And before you decide to pull the wool over our eyes into believing that there will be peace if Jews leave -- ask yourself, why we were kicked out in the first place and by whom?
17. (NON-)METRIC?! Effective COMMUNICATION! How fast is knots?!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.14.11)
18. christianpalestinians hk no 12
LION OF JUDAH   (11.14.11)
No such country is called Balestine. Read your Christian (The New Testament),and ask your priest to whom the land belong to.Jordan is stolen land from the Jews.Read history
19. #1 which two wars did Israel lose? It didn't!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.14.11)
In which war did Israel lose land? It didn't so what are you talking about? How could Israel win in the 2nd Lebanon war? Civilians were mixed in with Hezbollah. Next time will be different because Hezbollah is now a part of the government.
20. #12 - please say which areas you mean? Exactly ;-)
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.14.11)
21. I enjoyed this news very much...I just love It..Great.!!!
Asher ,   NY,USA   (11.14.11)
22. Wrong direction?
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (11.14.11)
I believe, it is the wrong approach to more and more fine tune combat. The enemy reaches out to kill. They don't distinguish between soldiers and civilians. They just kill and are the happier the more Jews they have terrorized. They don't care for rules of combat but dress like civilians and hide behind their civilians. They don't care, if they hold Jews or Muslims as human shields, because they know that IAF worries for both. Drop millions of leaflets that an area will be combat zone and they all have a few hours to leave and then clear the area and bulldoze everything. You will see, during the next war with Lebanon there will be no other choice but to become really really tight! Establish secure corridors and harbors for civilians and show no restraint with those, remaining in the combat zone.
23. Lawyerisation of combat to own detriment
ab   (11.15.11)
Had Eisenhower or Zhukov been like those overcaring about enemy Israeli commanders the WW2 would have still raged on.
24. Killing their civilians is as important as
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.15.11)
killing their combatants. It is demoralizing to the enemy. Or is it okay for them to kill our civilians and we cannot kill their's? There is nothing wrong with killing civilians that the enemy uses as human shields.
25. Looks like a duck
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (11.15.11)
26. No 17: What is a knot
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (11.15.11)
A knot is a nautical mile (1840 metres) per hour. So just multiply whatever speed is shown in knots by 1.84 and you get it in km/h.
27. #1 you are very correct, thank you.
Mark ,   usa   (11.15.11)
Israel is an athical country, if they want thei could wipe them out but they do not US killed millions of people, mostly civilians, if world let the Jews be live in peace they will bring peace to the World
28. Very exciting!
Anne ,   San Francisco, CA US   (11.15.11)
This new aerial monster is the bomb! No worries of any IDF pilots being injured or killed which makes me very happy. I love it! Good work brilliant Israeli engineers.
29. 4
zionist forever   (11.15.11)
No Obama didn't get the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, he got the Nobel Peace Prize because his name was not George W Bush. Arafat was the most deserving man in the world compared to Obama, he at least smiled and talked about a desire for peace. Obama got it because the Nobel Committee didn't like his predecessor and they didn't even make a big secret about it. If he had any self respect Obama would have said I am very honored you chose me but give it to somebody more worthy because I haven't earned it yet.
30. why the sudan
Noor ,   Khartoum   (12.06.11)
why it is designed to fly over Sudan we have nothing to do with Israel,even we do not have terrorist targets
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