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'The Boss' headed to Israel?
Raz Shechnik
Published: 15.11.11, 15:10
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1. Concert dates
Arnold ,   Canada   (11.15.11)
No sooner will the concert dates be announced that the pressure from outside will be put on for these acts to cancel. Why don't these acts just go to the other Arab countries to perform ?
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (11.15.11)
Are to be found at every falafel stand here.
3. wait for the uproar
Paul Ticks ,   Baltimore   (11.15.11)
Beyonce performed a personal concert for Qaddafi for $2 million and I'm still waiting for the uproar from human rights activists, (what about all the women, independent?). Because we know all too well, that to left-wing activists a concert in the serial apartment-constructing Zionist entity is a lot more of a threat to international peace and security than Iran's nuclear program, missile program, and proxy control of Lebanon.
4. #3 how right you are
awr ,   jerus israel   (11.16.11)
wonder how many "leftists" will come and enjoy these concerts, after failing to have them cancelled~
5. Bruce Springsteen
David ,   USA   (11.16.11)
If Bruce seals a deal to play in Israel then he will honor it. He will not buckle like Elvis Costello did when the lunatics call for a boycott. This will be the greatest English language pop concert in Israeli history...hands down. All else will pale in comparison. I think you are using the word "producer" when you actually mean promoter.
6. Gee! I laughed to read the name
M0ragh   (11.16.11)
Elvis Costello. The guy isn't worth tuppence! Don't tell me that after all those years the guy is still trying to get a 'hit' out!
7. Bruce Springsteen
Funny Gal   (11.16.11)
menschens kind! he's one hunk... unfortuately, he's happily married I am told. Just my luck huh?
8. And when is the adorable
She lady   (11.16.11)
Cliff Richards going to appear on-stage in Israel? I've been to one of his concerts... "menschenskind" apart from his being a great singer he's one of the most beautiful men I have ever witnessed and spoken to. In spite of his age, he's still gorgeous-looking!
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