Jew-haters welcome in EU
Manfred Gerstenfeld
Published: 15.11.11, 19:29
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1. Thank you Mr. Gerstenfeld
Sandra Cohen ,   Jerusalem   (11.15.11)
I always enjoy reading your articles because you "tell it like it is." Your dedication to helping Israel is much appreciated from this reader.
2. No facts, just opinion.. brainwashed nonsense to brainwash
Good assed Jew   (11.15.11)
the right wing American sheep reading it
3. Now Manfred Gerstenfeld needs to write about the USA
Cary ,   Toronto   (11.15.11)
bet he is too scared to go to Brooklyn right now after the anti semetic attacks there, or visit a holocaust muesum after the shoots there.. can he join a country club? they are still restricted from jews, right?
4. Antisemitism.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.15.11)
This level of antisemitism is a direct result of the internet culture.To fight against it effectively is very simple.Using an advanced technology annihilate the thousands of far right websites.It would be the responsibility of the Government of Israel to do so, for securing the future of the jewish people and the State of Israel.
5. Europeans in crisis?????
tiki ,   belgium   (11.15.11)
Nazism, racism & Judeophobia on the rise. You can bet your $$ on it. It's as sure as death.
6. Could be the reason why Europe is going down today!
Rachel ,   US   (11.15.11)
7. Antisemitism? Joking?
Joker   (11.15.11)
There are more expression of self-loathing antisemitism in the Israeli press - like Ynet - than in the whole world. Bolshevik Jews are the instigators and financiers of antisemitism: Gilad Atzmon, Haaretz and the posters on Ynet are the mouth of the horse.
8. When economy is bad, they blame the jews.
Efroim ,   Baltimore   (11.15.11)
9. September 11, 2001
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.15.11)
A total of 3,497 people perished on September 11, 2001. 2,740 were American citizens. 270 of the dead are confirmed to have been Jewish. It is thought that as many as 400 of the people massacred on September 11 were Jewish.
10. Are Gerstenfeld and Meotti twins?
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (11.15.11)
Or are their articles written by the same person? Welcome to the strange world of Gerstenotti and Mestenfeld: Antisemitism Jew Hate Islamic terrorism Scary? Only if your IQ is 80 or less.
11. #2 European Antisemitism
A Jew ,   Not in Eurabia   (11.15.11)
Did virulent European antisemitism ever stop? This is an issue of very well documented facts not just opinions... To the dreaming leftist-oriented sheeple...it supposedly did for a short while after WWII; to the realists (myself included), it NEVER did, not even for a single solitary moment! For today's European antisemites, the aggressions of the Muslims against the Jews serves as an elegant and ultra-convenient fig-leaf and pretext to labor, as customary, on the eradication of all Jews worldwide...this time through willing proxies. Nazism didn't quite do it...then lending a hand to the Jews' mortal enemies i.e.the Muslims, is the "easy" way to go because they'll do the dirty work, and maybe that will work better than the extermination camps and gas chambers of the 1940's. For example, the Greek Orthodox Church and many of its pious(?) adherents have forever harmed Jews whenever possible and never ever relented in their hatred of Jews. Today is no different than a year ago or five hundred years ago. Ask any Romaniote Jew... Europe detests Jews as habitual and customary, not just the surviving Jews in Eurabia, but Jews everywhere... Listing all the European countries that overtly or covertly harm or assist in harming Jews is pointless since every country in Europe is guilty without any exception whatsoever... You "Good assed Jew" need to stop hiding behind empty "leftist' slogans and assorted rose-colored propaganda; antisemitism is alive and doing very very well everywhere even in the US (I know because I fled from France to the US i.e. a bit like jumping from the frying pan into the fire).
12. Prof. Gershtenfeld's woul-be detractors on this thread
Molly's dad   (11.15.11)
1. Self-hating Jews; 2. other Jew-hating Jews; 3. professional non-Jewishantisemites; 4. radical/extreme/bigoted/ultra-Leftist Jews; 5. Jews and gentiles living in denial because of various factors, among them material, associational etc. The list can easily be added to...
13. Europe stays true to its nature and dark past
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.15.11)
Europe is in decline. Europe can no longer dominate the world militarily, economically, politically or technologically nor industrially. Demographically speaking Europe is in a state of complete collapse - bad for them - good for Israel and the rest of the world. What is interesting to note that the huge and massive influx of Moslems into Europe still can't limit or slow down Europe's ever increasing rate of population decline. Moslems will constitute a higher percentage of a smaller future European population. Europe is the only continent that is imploding demographically. While it is true that Europe is hostile to Israel and the Jewish people, it is important to reach the following logical conclusions: 1) Europe's golden age of dominating the world is over. Demographic implosion means fewer soldiers, fewer graduates, academics, scientists, researchers, businessmen, economists, lawyers and so on which in turn leads to imploding economies. Europe is in a dramatic retreat. Also, my advice to is to study how the Europeans deal with the debt crisis in Greece and Italy and how the confidence for the Euro is at an all time low. 2) European interference with Israeli domestic affairs and with Israeli foreign affairs says more about Europe then it does about Israel, since Europe's power is in decline, the Europeans are picking on a small country. Have you seen Europe challenging China, India, Japan or the USA? When dealing with countries militarily, the Europeans made a joint effort to deal with Libya - not exactly a world power. Europe desperately wants to cling onto the age of European imperialism, grapple with their guilty conscience over imperialism, colonialism, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, and to portray itself a peace loving continent yet uses warlike rhetorics against Israel. 3) Jews cannot change what's going on in European minds. We can tell them the truth about the Arab-Israeli conflict, we can reveal that Europeans are really anti-Semites behind their politically correct facade and we can explain to them that their racism is wrong (as if it would help) but the Europeans won't change. 4) What Israel can do is to strenghten itself, make itself less vulnerable and diversify its foreign trade and place a smaller per cent of its foreign trade in Europe.
14. Antisemitism - SO WHAT?!
John ,   Europe   (11.15.11)
This is PRECISELY why Israel was created! Read the Judenstaadt: Hertzl writes that ANTISEMITS should be happy with Jewish state cause they will get rid of Jews once and for all! Personally - and I really think this is the right opinion - I don't give a rat's ass if somebody is antisemitic! Who cares? People are anti Italian, anti American, anti Arab, anti Muslim, so why not be anti Semitic? If you are an asshole that you hate on basis of race, gender or whatever, be it! I am a Jew! Don't invite me to dinner! Don't marry your daughter to me! Don't go to shabat walks of chess play in park with me! This is your right as a human and as an asshole! But you turn violent... Hehehe, we are not sheep anymore. You want violence, you get violence. Me die, you die for certain, FU! Israel is our tzuri vegoali! And THIS is its ultimate right of existence! With it being on the map, we are EQUAL to all other nations! So - hate me, who gives a ...? :)
bob kirk ,   las vegas usa   (11.15.11)
16. Nazism
Harold ,   USA   (11.15.11)
Nazism and the appointment of Hitler became very popular in Germany becuase of the financial and unemployment situation created by cetain people. 99 percent of the Germans were poor and one percent of them were millionairs and very rich. Now the same situation is the United States and all European countries.
17. Ynet
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (11.15.11)
May I remind you that you did the same thing yesterday about French? Who are you kidding?
18. And Israel doesnt help in anything
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (11.15.11)
To make the situation better
19. anti-semitic
Because they are scared of the Arabs in there country.
20. RE: John, Europe # 14
Coolguy   (11.16.11)
john, you are perfectly right in every respect. Absolutely. You just forget one thing only: the antisemties are "intra portas", inside Israel. I whisper it to you: it's certain some other Jews whom are racists and antisemites. To tell you another secret beside: the current noe is the only, only political force that is trying to fight against this imo. The object of the righteous and noble fight is the target of the "traitor act" to be updated/voted upon soon. The Europeand and EU-financees are here with us and are ready to punce and push us into the sea. Yes, they have names, we all know them, but impossible to name them here. Gershtenfeld is by the way totally right - and (!) this piece is nothing, but a clear response to the EU's Israel-rep's aggressive, not-so-veiled threat whereby he (Andrew Standley) basically blackmailed/extorted the government to srop the traitors' law. This is brilliant response from us 99 % against the 1 percent which, incidentally, this rag supports...
21. Fascism isn't right wing
Shirley ,   Virginia, USA   (11.16.11)
Please get your ideologies correct. The Nazi's were leftists (hint: National Socialist party) Just because they said they were right wing doesn't make it so. Like a lefty has never LIED before. Since the "right" hates big government an extreme right winger would be an anarchist - no government. Also, why are you surprised that Europe is going Nazi again? They have always been anti-semitic nut jobs. And even tho the lefty nutjobs are in charge of universities and teaching our kids to hate you too, We the People of America will ALWAYS stand beside you!
22. #13 &14 Kudos!
A Jew ,   ex-France, now in US   (11.16.11)
You both are a 100% right on the mark! The only thing I disagree with is Alexander's claim that Europeans have (or had) a guilty conscience over any harm and destruction inflicted on the Jews..."halevai" the Europeans would even have a smidgen of a conscience. I distinctly recollect hearing several times (in France, my birth country), the expression of profound regrets about the Nazis not having made all of Europe totally "Judenrein", + that the "inept Boches" had as usual botched a perfect opportunity to do so...and that a true worldwide Final Solution was in the offing with all the help the 'ingenious" French would very willingly offer. Not much has changed since the late 1950's when I first heard these ill-wishes...
23. so what? no racists in the israeli government as well?
the boss   (11.16.11)
24. Shameful to say it, there are Jew haters in Israel
Jorge ,   Tegucigalpa   (11.16.11)
In the Israeli press, in Israels acedemia, the Knesset, Israel is a widely tolerant society that allow people that are openly traitors to the basic idea of what is Israel, a Jewish state, to speak and even help derail that idea.- Haarets, Chomsky, Baremboim, Tibi, some in Meretz and Neturai Karta fit this pattern. Tolerance should have its limits, that tolerance should never threaten the survival of the Jewish state, the Jewish people. The Jews and Israel, have more than enough outside enemies.
25. Traditional & new antisemitisms
Joe ,   Canada   (11.16.11)
Traditional european antisemitism (which does not exist in most of Asia) derives mostly from the "teaching of comtempt" in early christian liturgy to which centuries of superstitions were added. Nowadays we have at least two more sources/factors of antisemitism which grow on the traditional one which still provides fertile ground , in spite of some steps taken by the Church to mitigate this source of harm . One new source is the deteriorating economic situation in many countries. As in past occasions (see the Great depression times) such periods gives extreme rightists an easier time to convince desperately impoverished people with their demagogic propaganda which targets scapegoats such as Jews, Gypsies,... In all elections which took place in the last 2 years in several countries, right wing parties gained votes & seats in parliaments. The other new source of antisemitism comes from the Muslim communities established in euro states & it originates as a result, of course, of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict & also because of the influence of the politically motivated Iranian propaganda. These recent developments are not hopeful for a rapid decline in antisemitism.
26. who's behind LAOS?
pan ,   greece   (11.16.11)
certain greek businessmen and media tycoons support LAOS and play karatzaferis like a puppet manipulating his lust for power.We are a small country where nothing can stay secret.Just need a little digging.
27. Dear European Jews...
Vlad   (11.16.11)
Come to Israel. You will be free to practice Judaism and will find Jewish life easier there. Kosher everywhere, no work days on Sabbath, no anti-circumcision laws, and no anti-semitism (Just stay away from Arab villages and neighborhoods in Jerusalem). Better yet, come to the settlements in Judea and Samaria and get subsidized housing!
28. Anti-Goyism in Israel
PaulInJaffa ,   Jaffa   (11.16.11)
I should write an article about anti-goy attitude in Israel. It is a dangerous attitude on the rise in Israel.
29. Answer to 7 Joker
Shai ,   Haifa   (11.16.11)
Joker I lived in Norway 26 years and there theres no need to read the Haaretz, Ynet or other israeli news papers,it is enough with the local news papers to start with the bigest in the country,Aftenposten and many, many more.Politicians do their best to to spred more anti Israel/Jewish sentiments,specially the socialist left wing party SV,and RV. In Norway their is no need to read foreign news papers to decide that they do not like Israel and that Jews are not to be trusted. Shai
30. Jews still the canary in the mine
nadav   (11.16.11)
For europe, persecution always starts with the Jews first, then it spreads to everyone else. Unfortunately, the Europeans are too busy appeasing the Arabs and Muslims in their midst against what they purport to be Islamophobia. In fact, its the Muslims that helped re-hatch European xenophobia with their animosity toward their host countries's culture and religion, not to mention the fact that Muslim (Arabs) were at the vanguard on attacks against first the Jews and then gays and even against indigenous Europeans!
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