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'Ireland most hostile country in Europe'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 16.11.11, 12:02
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1. Ireland a useless country - UK should reclaim it
Paul ,   London   (11.16.11)
Ireland has always been anti-semetic. Its a useless, uneductated, terrorist country that really belong to England.
2. what do we need ireland for
ronen   (11.16.11)
this embassy is a waste of israeli tax money. close it down. we can talk to the pricks on the phone if we need em
3. The Irish
Bb ,   Tel aviv   (11.16.11)
No surprise here. A staunchly Catholic country where every Sunday they are taught that the Jews killed Jesus. A country where the IRA trained with the PLO. When my aunt had a Convenience store on York avenue in NYC in the 30"s and 40"s every Sunday after mass the Irish would come out of the nearbye church and shout anti-semetic epithets. Oh, and for those interested, check out the Irish track record during world war two.
Adam ,   London   (11.16.11)
Whats new. Some of these activists Parents were directly involved in negotiating with the Nazi's in WW2. Thats a fact. The Southern Irish are full on Jew haters.
5. What would you excpect from a country
Mike ,   Raanana Israel   (11.16.11)
who supported the PLO and has in the past bombed and murdered inocent civilians in London
6. What's new
Helga ,   Rishon Lezion   (11.16.11)
I'm commenting on Breaking News Ireland every time an Israeli article appears. Would be nice to have some support from Israel.
7. just back from Ireland...
The Irish people I met were friendly and kind (and yes they up front I am Israeli). I am left wondering is the FM of Israel looking to pick a fight?
8. Can't wait until their next flotilla
Devorah   (11.16.11)
Maybe they will not receive such a warm reception from Tzahal.
9. Maybe Irish want to impress Arabs for money as they bankrupt
Alan ,   SA   (11.16.11)
10. ireland and nazi
robert ,   ITALY   (11.16.11)
this is a country that sent to germans his condolence for hitler suicide......
11. Catholic Ireland
alvaro ,   argentina   (11.16.11)
Not much to expect from an ultra catholic country really!!!
12. Where hide all these anti Semites
Igor ,   Israel, T"A   (11.16.11)
Sometimes I curious. I travel to different European country once-twice in year and meet nice, friendly people. Where all these big scary anti-Semites? I really want to meet one finally.
13. Crazy
james   (11.16.11)
Crazy comments, every country has anti israeli protests, not just in ireland, crazy article...
14. Irish antisemitism
M.Vazana ,   Israel   (11.16.11)
The republic of Ireland has nothing to be proud of, especially as terror as concerned, neither about their financial and technological achievements; your antisemitisim smells of bigot jealousy
15. No. 7
NYC Girl   (11.16.11)
What could Israel possibly stand to gain by "picking a fight with Ireland?" It makes no sense whatsoever. And while you may have met some very friendly Irish people who knew you were an Israeli, that doesn't necessarily negate the anti-Israel occurrences that were outlined in the article.
16. One would...
Ian ,   London   (11.16.11)
..imagine the Irish have more pressing problems than the Israeli/Palestinian Issue such as the level of debt and unemployment there. But having been there and witnessed anti-semitic comments myself, this is no surprise.
17. Nazis?
Schmuel ,   Tel Aviv   (11.16.11)
Why do you say they portrayed the IDF as Nazi troops? They didn't dress as Nazis, and they didn't do anything that IDF troops do not do at checkpoints.
18. Response to #1
Rain   (11.16.11)
Regardless of Irish behavior, your comment shows how little you know of Irish history. British colonialism served both Ireland and Israel/Palestine badly. You should think again before demanding its return.
19. No green..just the color of darkness
Taz Man ,   USA   (11.16.11)
Having some Irish, myself in me, I'm ashamed of Ireland and the road they have chosen. I see great judgment, from God, coming. As one other said: all the potatoes in the world won't help them, now! Israel: I'm so sorry for these liberal, freakin' idiots; godless heathens. God bless Israel and His Jerusalem (Muslim and Leftist free)! A Christian Zionist
20. Yesterdays "Bus hijack" had Irish sponsor
IrishRAlwaysFanatics ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.16.11)
The boarding of an Egged bus yesterday that was in the news where Palestinians tried to break through the Security Road Block in Northern Jerusalem most likely were Irish sponsored as in the background the only English speaking voice that could be heard screaming insanely "Apartied" clearly had an Irish accent Irish history is filled with fanatacism in ancient times they were fanatic pagans then fanatic Catholics fanatic haters of the British they seem to have a need for fanaticism it's now our turn. Even the secular leftist extreme has been tinged in its formative years by anti Jewish Irish clericalism where are these fanatics protesting against Syria's slaughter of 3,500 ??? The average Irish citizen has turned over the reigns of government to fantatics Irish culture needs to purge itself from fanaticism and not use us as their punching bag.
21. Anti-government, not anti-semitic
Beemer ,   Dublin, Ireland   (11.16.11)
I can guarantee you that most people in Ireland have no understanding of the situation in Israel. We tend to feel sympathetic to the underdog, having been the underdog for so long ourselves. We have huge sympathy for the Jewish people and are happy that they have prospered since WWII. However, with regard to Israel, we see Israeli government policies as oppressive towards the Palestinian peoples. We also acknowledge that there are terrorists among the Palestinian population that have brought this on their own people. As onlookers, we of course do not understand the full situation but naturally align ourselves with the apparent 'underdog'. It's a cheap trick here to condemn us as terrorists! A tiny minority of the Republic of Ireland population took part in terrorist acts and unfortunately still hold those views. You cannot tar a whole country for these acts. Therefore, I can categorically say that the vast majority of Irish are not anti-Israeli or anti-Semitic, but we are angered by Israeli government policy.
22. Response to #5
Rain   (11.16.11)
Actually Ireland neither bombed or murdered any innocent civilians. The IRA might have done, but most of them are in fact British citizens belonging to Northern Ireland and not to the Irish republic. It's the same as stating that Israel is responsible for Hamas bombings. Not so smart...
23. Anti semitism?
Brian ,   Glasgow   (11.16.11)
Even though I'm one of the (admittedly few) Irish Israeli sympathisers, I had to laugh at this article. While their opposition to Israel is completely misguided, downright idiot and 100% influenced by the very different situation in Ulster, it has nothing to do with religion. I could address all the horrible anti Irish bigotry on here but that would be a waste of time. Funnily enough, I was planning a trip to Israel after Euro 2012 this summer but I'm not sure I want to go to a place where I'm seen as some sort of enemy. :/
24. Ireland and the Jews
Noel ,   Cork Ireland   (11.16.11)
It might interest your readers to know that the current Irish Justice and Defence minister Mr Alan Shatter is in fact a jew. There are many Irish including myself who have a great affection for the state of Israel.
25. ireland
Bob ,   ireland   (11.16.11)
RE: Paul You are obviously an uneducated fool who has absolutely no idea about Ireland or its history. You just make a stupid statement without any evidence of this. And a claim that shows you are a clear xenophobe If you are going to make such outrageous comments at least brush up on your knowledge of a country before falling for the propaganda. Now go back to reading the daily mail .
26. No#21
helga ,   rishon lezion   (11.16.11)
It would be nice if you commented your views on Breaking News Eire. There is nothing but hatred and anti Israel. I come from Ireland and know who my friends are!
27. No#7
helga ,   rishon lezion   (11.16.11)
The FM is right and it's about time we aired our views.
28. Nonsense journalism and hateful comment - is irony dead?
Simon ,   Ireland   (11.16.11)
I don't know where to start with this article or the hateful comments. How were the lefty 'Occupy whatever' types presenting IDF soldiers as Nazis? Such anti Israel protesters are everywhere in Europe. Come to Ireland and you'll struggle to find any 'Jew haters'. You'll probably find interesting and informed debate on the Palestine question but nothing that portrays us like this awful article. It is about as truthful as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion rubbish
29. Igor, I've never any anti-semites in Ireland either
Simon ,   Ireland   (11.16.11)
This article doesn't seem to be based on any reason
30. Sorry? when did the Republic of Ireland do this?
Simon ,   Dublin   (11.16.11)
This did not happen ever. If Ireland were a country you would have just slandered her
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