Anat Kam appeals 4.5-year sentence
Naama Cohen Friedman
Published: 16.11.11, 15:01
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1. Anat kam
jeremy ,   hula Valley Kibbutz   (11.16.11)
She plea bargained the sentence and charges, how can she now appeal the conviction and sentence. She should have received more time for what she did. Collecting the information and then waiting until her discharge, she knew what she was doing. Let the sentence fit the crime.
2. Huh?
Professor Miao   (11.16.11)
So she now rejects the plea bargain she earlier agreed to? Good. Increase the sentence to 20 years.
3. what should happen and what will happen
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.16.11)
Her crimes were worse than Bradley Manning's, but to be merciful she should receive Manning's punishment. What will happen is that the court will release her.
4. Anat Kam Appeals
Bruria   (11.16.11)
I hope they give her 25 years!!
5. In agreement
Jordan Ariel ,   Philadelphia USA   (11.16.11)
I'm glad she is appealing her sentence. Like other posts i have read, i think the jail time was far too little. Traitor.
6. I want to appeal her sentence, too
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.16.11)
It was far too lenient. She should go to prison for the rest of her miserable, traitorous existence. In a great many countries, Ms. Kam would have a date with the hangman. She needs to be grateful that all she will lose is 4.5 years of her life. Her acts endangered millions of Israelis. 4.5 years is nothing, and she needs to shut up.
7. Can she get a longer sentence if she appeals?
Rachel ,   US   (11.16.11)
8. There will always be those -
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.16.11)
who know better than everyone else .
9. she expressed her full and sincere regret
zionist forever   (11.16.11)
The idea that the court didn't take into account the fact she had expressed her full and sincere regret is both laughable and an insult to the judges. If it wasn't for the fact she got a good lawyer and a bunch of easy going judges she would be facing 15-20 years behind bars. She gets sentenced to 4.5 years and the 2 years she spent under house arrest and she is moaning saying its not fair. Even with this sentence she will probably be out on parol within two years anyway so we are pretty much talking two years jail time so if any kind of appeal is accepted it will be proof that this country has a circus rather than a justice system. This traitor who thought she was being a hero should be locked up for life. Katsav, Olmert, Kam and Blau, they can all share a cellblock.
10. book her dano! and let her rot in jail!
11. "The court failed to consider Kam's regret"
William ,   Israel   (11.16.11)
The Court DID indeed consider Kam's regret and even her selfish ignorance. That's why her sentence is 4.5 years and not 45 years which is common for treason!
12. Very nice photo of Anat...
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NJ   (11.17.11)
expressive eyes, sensuous lips and, no need to fantasize, a rack to die for. Farewell and adieu my fair Spanish ladies Farewell and adieu you ladies of Spain For we've received orders To sail back to Boston And so nevermore shall we see you again...
14. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.17.11)
Yes, under the Israeli judicial system, she does have a right to move on (unfortunately; she should hang). Of course, "moving on" will have to wait 4.5 years. She will not be able to remain in Israel once she serves her sentence. Do you have a cot and some space in your basement?
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