Suha Arafat: I never took money from Palestine
Roee Nahmias
Published: 17.11.11, 09:23
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1. LOL!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.17.11)
A playground? Isn't a simple swing set enough? And I note that she very carefully avoids mentioning her several million dollar per month "pension." The Widow Arafat may be a bigger thief than her late "husband," and that's saying something.
2. Suha Arafat
Marty E ,   Los Angeles, USA   (11.17.11)
Sad to see such an ignorant, lying and war-mongering woman still carrying the torch for her murderous husband. It says a lot that a woman as prominent as her amongst Palestinians no longer chooses to live in post-Arafat "Palestine". A woman of character, with her background and influence, would have a real opportunity to advocate positive change for the Palestinian people by promoting peace between her people and the Israelis. Ah well, the fabric of her character should be no real surprise to the world.
3. Suha has only been in love with Arafat's wealth
Berk ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (11.17.11)
Malta should expel her to Ramallah, because she also stole EU money.
4. If nothing else
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (11.17.11)
I'm almost convinced now that the daughter might really be Arafat's own, if not the result of natural means. Certainly is unprepossessing enough. She and her mother are large cows glutting themselves on the billions in donations sent to Palestinians, which found their way into his pockets. And yet they continue to lionize that vile Father of Modern Terrorism!
5. Yassa stole MILLIONS!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (11.17.11)
But that didn't stop Her Majesty Suha from booking into rooms in Paris's most expensive and exclusive hotels. It's public knowledge that Yasser Arafat stole millions and millions of dollars, intended for the Palestinians. How does she think he got the money for such an extravagant lifestyle? Disgusting vile people.
6. Why doesn't she go back to live in West Bank/Gaza
Is it below her?
7. Thanks Suha...
Ram ,   London   (11.17.11)
for not desecrating the land of Israel with your presence.
8. to Suha AL-taweel :
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.17.11)
with all due respect but you are the biggest mistake of Arafat's life, please Do not interfere or give opinions or otherwise when it comes to the daughter of palestinain's people Zahwa, let your daughter decide for her self , Keep in mind that your failure was the result of your own choices. dear Suha, , money come and money go..but reputation and soul should never be sold. If You're Innocent. Keep calm, even if the person accusing you of something wrong is not.
9. Ali Baba and the 40 thieves all over again.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.17.11)
10. Thats a joke she earned her money by
Eric..... ,   Israel(isreal)....   (11.17.11)
selling dresses in Gaza.Arafat stole from his people just like the Palestine leaders today.Millions of dollars go into Swiss banks,the money which should be going too the Palestinian people.Suha give the money back too the Palestinian people its not yours...
11. She didn't have to steal anything. Yessir Arabfart stole it
for her.
12. Now I understand...
Giliboy da dudey lad ,   dudin it around town   (11.17.11)
Why Arafat was gay.
13. #8
s B   (11.17.11)
By your logic, Netanyahu should be gay too!
14. "I never stole from Palestine"
Shalom Hartman   (11.17.11)
There IS no Palestine, so stealing from it would be impossible
15. Zawa is going to be put on the marriage mart
Israeli grandma   (11.17.11)
She's not bad looking, so possibly Yasir was not her real father, but who cares, she will have all her mum's ill-gotten wealth so there will be plenty of applicants for her hand. Naturally they reside in the EU, the safest place for Arabs because modern "multiculturism" and PC attitudes protect their affluent life -style - unlike places like Tunisia, and Hamas-run Gaza who would have them behind the veil very quickly.
16. I meant #12
s B   (11.17.11)
17. To Salma
Muhammad ,   Sweden   (11.17.11)
No one can argue that she was Arafat's biggest mistake, but we must not forget what are the reasons she is acting this way!!! the corruption of the PA. how much did they pay her to keep her mouth shut about the missing billions after Arafat's death, she is just as bad as Abed Rabbo, Jameel Tarifi, Erikat, Qrei' , Abbas and the gang and she knows a lot, she just wants a piece of the cake, simply because she does not know any better!!!!
18. To # 15
magda ,   Egypt   (11.17.11)
"Zawa is going to be put on the marriage mart" least we know she will find a husband, not slutting her life away hoping to find/keep a boyfriend!!!!!! which path would you prefer?
19. bracelet
Evi Adams ,   Ashdod, Israel   (11.17.11)
what is the bracelet that the girl is wearing ? hospital type with something that looks like a capsule on top. I wonder what Suha means by playground?
20. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.17.11)
Well, you tell me. She can enter marriage as an innocent virgin (assuming facts not entirely in evidence), and be forced into a burqa and beaten for -- oh my goodness! The coffee isn't hot enough -- and turned into a veritable slave, kicked, beaten, despised and hidden away -- or she can find a life. Which path would you prefer?
21. #5 On second thought, maybe it's good he stole the money
Logic ,   Israel   (11.17.11)
and gave it to Suha. All that money could have ended up in the coffers of his terrorist group and funded their weapons supply.
22. "never stole from Palestine"
Ben ,   USA   (11.17.11)
There never was a Palestine. How could she have stolen from it?
23. Now she's an out right liar too.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.17.11)
24. Thats not Arafat's daughter
Dan Kelso   (11.17.11)
Let Suha go on Maury Povich to prove thats Arafat's daughter. That woman had tons of affairs cause Arafat was gay.
25. 21 Logic, Israel: The Swiss bank accounts of Yassir Arafat
Rivkah   (11.17.11)
were confiscated by the Palestinian Authority. Suha was so poor after that, Colonel Gadaffi of Libya provided a house and guards for her and her daughter in Malta. The P.A. is so despicable, they will not provide for Yassir Arafat's widow and child. I was reading in AFP that Gadaffi of Libya was very generous to the Libyan people with the oil money. It went to them, not just to Gadaffi. If a Libyan graduated from college and could not find a job, the Libyan government paid an equivalent salary to the profession for up to five years to the graduate until he/she found a job. Healthcare and education was free for Libyans, including university education. For the Libyans to hate Gadaffi is not believable. So there were outsiders who came in and fomented the problems and overthrow of the government. No government on Earth except for Norway is more generous to its people than Colonel Gadaffi's Libya was. And look how they thanked him, by letting him be shot in the legs so he couldn't run away after being dragged out of a tunnel, and then shot in the head. The ELS Scripture codes at show that 25% of Muslims are eternally saved by HaShem, 50% of Jews are, and 7% of Christians are. After his death, Colonel Gadaffi was revealed to be a nonMuslim. Surely, a father to the fatherless and a husband to the widows of the whole country, his soul is in HaShem's Kingdom now. He erred in allowing the plane to be shot down in Lockerbe, Scotland, but generously paid settlements to the families of the slain. Does any government on Earth do the same for victims of war? Like Moses, Gadaffi was buried in an unmarked grave so that people would not worship him when they find out how good he was to Libyans compared to what they will have now.
26. there is nothing wrong with having a family business
zionist forever   (11.17.11)
In some families they are all doctors. In some families they are all lawyers. In some families they are all politicians. In the Arafat family they are all swindlers who steal donated money and then use it to line their own pockets. The arch terrorist who died of AIDS was a crook, his loser wife is a crook and no doubt his daughter will grow up to be a crook.
27. 15, 18, 20: It is better to remain single, Scriptures says,
Rivkah   (11.17.11)
if one can do so and be chaste sexually. That is very difficult for most women in a depraved world, so marriage is a better option. There are some marriages that are awful, but HaShem established marriage for the protection of women and children. I was beaten by my mother and father for the slightest of offenses to them, like not washing the dishes fast enough and they would whip me as I stood washing dishes. They called themselves Christians. There was nothing I could do to please them. To me, I was dirt because my brothers raped me in the anus when I was very young and somehow to Christian parents that made the daughter have no value except to be beaten and ridiculed and tormented to tears with vicious words. I concluded that Chrisitanity is a false religion as corrupted by Emperor Constantine with a Sunday sabbath of man instead of a Saturday Sabbath of the Lord, worshipping a Greek god called JeZeus instead of the Jewish Messiah Yehoshua. Messianic Judaism is not a false religion, so that is where I seek eternal salvation, in HaShem and Yehoshua. The blood vessels of my eyes are like streams of light, an optometrist told me. John 7:38 says true believers have rivers of living waters flowing from their bellies, so I must be right. A diligent effort must be made to find a husband or wife who believes in Messianic Judaism. Remaining single is preferable if one cannot find a match in religious beliefs.
28. Rivka, Messianic "Judaism" is another form of Christianity.
Israelit ,   Israel   (11.17.11)
No matter how you twist and turn it. A Jew could never put faith into your Messiah. Stop lying to yourself, stop trying to lead Jews away from their faith.
29. To: No. 27
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.17.11)
An optometrist told you that the blood vessels of your eyes are like "streams of light?" I'd see an ophthalmologist, if I were you. Additionally, you might want to cut back the alcohol consumption, or whatever it is you are imbibing. It has REALLY addled you brain.
30. To: No. 25
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.17.11)
1. The bank accounts were in Liechtenstein and Monaco, not Switzerland. Get your facts straight. 2. Poor people do not live in a deluxe apartment on the avenue d'Iena in Paris. Get your facts straight. 3. It is thought that the Widow Arafat collects over $10 million PER MONTH from the ersatz "Palestine" Authority. Get your facts straight. 4. "Scripture code?" You're reading it in English, sweetie. The original is in Hebrew and is quite different. Get your facts straight. 5. The only entity that paid ANYTHING to the families of the people who died on Pan Am Flight 103 was Pan Am. Get your facts straight. 6. Qaddafi was a Moslem. If you persist in implying that he was a Jew, I will find you and settle your hash. Get THAT fact straight. 7. You are a complete moron. And that is a straight fact.
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