Left’s revenge will come
Yair Lapid
Published: 18.11.11, 14:00
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1. It was the left that fired a teacher
Ilan   (11.18.11)
Because he didn't toe their ideological line about Rabin. It isn't that Lapid has a shirt memory it is because he is a manipulative self-serving sob.
2.  Israeli Lunatic Left is learning in the grave?
tom ,   tela aviv   (11.18.11)
Wishful thinking & day-dreaming and wet dreams of a pseudo-leftie... :-))
3. Shame for this kind of philosophy....
Avaram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.18.11)
And for creating separation whithin AM ISREAL Very irresponsable media call with projection of such selfdenial and hate. Mr. Lapid abusing free speach in order to promote his personal venedetta and agenda which shows a total lack of depth jewish education and his comments backet by his instincts therfore irrelevant for the current circumstances(except a small miniority) and dosn' t serve the cause of Am Israel which is so much traumatize by ouside pressure.
4. Nope. The laws are good and the left is collapsing.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.18.11)
Lapid is wrong on many different levels. First of all, there is noting fascist about the laws he is complaining about. They are designed to protect Israel and they are very similar to laws enacted in many other democratic nations, including the U.S. Secondly, it is the left that has always been behind fascist initiatives in Israel. During the Oslo Disaster, Israelis were arrested for expressing opposition to the disastrous "peace process". Moreover, Israel is a centre right country and the left is collapsing. This is a long term process which will not end.
5. Leftists targeted in laws are not represented
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (11.18.11)
Betzelem and and other pro pal leftist groupshave very low support now amongst the Israelis. Most of their constituency are in Europe, and maybe even the arab countries. So weve been waiting for their revenge for a long time, bring it on.
6. "Imagine that we are in the year 2013 ..."
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.18.11)
"Imagine that we are in the year 2013, and the Left is in power". I only got that far in the article. What Left? Like Israel is going to vote in Shelly-Yachimovich & Co ?! It was a bad line to start the article with.
7. what the Right learned from the Left
Golan ,   modiin   (11.18.11)
The Right has learned from the Left that violence is legitimate form of protest. That the stoning of soldiers is "nonviolent" demonstration. And that ethnic cleansing of people from their homes is a "step towards peace." The Right has learned that it too can push its opponents into over reacting against an unpopular and anti-democratic prime minister and use the "unfortunate incident" to push a dangerous and treasonous agenda. The Right has learned and the Right has got elected. This is the Revenge of the Right. And the first step was getting its own biased media to counter the Left's tax payers funded and anti-Israel mentality controlled TV, print, and internet "news." The Right has learned.
8. OK.
Concerned & smart   (11.18.11)
Now after your vapid rubbish using for the gazillionth time your disgusting empty "fascist" vituperative language in an article with full of, what else, outright lies and shallow propaganda, go back into your hole you creep. (Post script: you are also a wretched miserable traitor - no joke, anyone favoring a foreign entity like the "European Union" which pours trillions of euros, pounds and dollars into the traitors' club, as opposed to his own according to which on the basis of nationality they belong is a traitor like you.) Now start you hysterical howling all you want. no one believes you, and besides your kind is living on borrowed time thank God as you clearly know it, so there simply won't be a "next time" contrary to what you prophesize, sorry!
9. In this case, however...
Josh Spiegel   (11.18.11)
the far-leftist Attorney General (also appointed by the Surpreme court without the slightest bother of consulting with the wider public/reps) will predictably use all his inordinate power and might to dissuade the leftist majority to immediately desist from those "Stalinist" or in modern parlance loved by the left Red-fascist (truely fascist, as opposed to our so-called fascist, in reality leveling the playing field) laws on the grounds that it collides with the non-existant "Constitution" like in this current cases, right? Right Lapid? (I'd call your attention to Lawyer Sheftel's interview in A7 where he branded - correctly one must say - the Supreme Court as a Dictatorship.)
10. The left is gone for good, and "neo-fascist" right?
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (11.18.11)
First of all, the left is gone. Reality and their lack of adaptability to it killed them. Add the demographic mix in, and their day is done. The laws that the right is passing now are a reaction to the left's fascism and self-destructiveness.
11. "Sane democracy"
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (11.18.11)
You said it yourself Yair -"sane democracy". That doesn't describe anything around here. Here is an insane quasi-democracy at the best.
12. LEFTIST dont understand that in a civil war they are
destroyed!!!!!!   (11.18.11)
13. Yair
jason ,   New York, USA   (11.18.11)
Yair, Yair: You have it backwards. It is the Right that is finally doing what the Left has done to it all these years. So tell me do you hate the Right as much as your late father did?
14. telling us the agenda for his party at the next election
zionist forever   (11.18.11)
Yair Lapid has confirmed that he will be forming his own party at the next coming election and this little article sounds to me like he is telling us all his plans for it he is invited to join a left wing coalition. Sadly thanks to the social justice campaigns it probably will be a Labor led coalition and the leftists like Yair Lapid have big dreams of being a senior minister.
15. Imagine that we are in the year 2013. The election results:
Brian Cohen ,   PeoplesFrontofJudea   (11.18.11)
There is obviously zero chance of the "left" coming to power in 2013. or 2014 or anytime in the short term. So imagine it's 2013 and elections for the Knesset just finished. Meretz is gone. Voted out by the people. Barak and his splitter party are gone. Labor under Yichimovitch managed a nice recovery by removing the term "peace camp" from their platform, and Labor now has 25 seats. That's it. Sorry Yair - anything else is fantasy. Left wing NGOs are indeed not acting for human rights. Look at MK GalOn's quote on army radio this week where she termed these organizations "opposition groups". The laws are not off base - these groups are not rights groups, but foreign funded attempts at bringing about regime change in Israel. That's foreign intervention in Israeli affairs. The is screaming for a very sad reason: it's committing suicide. They are learning nothing.
16. The Left Revenge
joe tango ,   usa   (11.18.11)
If a real investigation was done on the left some of these leftist would be in Prison be careful what you wish for.
17. lapid is an olmert carbon copy
alexi   (11.18.11)
Lapid uses fancy words and phrases as olmert did. Yet inbottom line policy and actions, he would be a disaster. Left/ right who the hell bloody cares about labels! The fact is that some of the so called ngos gave false information to goldstone's committees which harmed israel. And that some of the foreign money actually fosters violence between jews and arabs.This cannot be allowed to stand. Lapid's father was an olmert asskisser and a lousy weak MK. Lapid is just like olmert, a useless ineffective politician would-be. 10,000 rockets came in from gaza from lousy peres/beilin/olmert policies. Thousands of israelis have been harmed. You can take labels and shove them up. My eyes are open. israel needs security borders and real peace and should not withdraw 1 cm; rather its the arabs who should withdraw to Jordan minus the 25% that belong to the tribe of Reuben. A guy like lapid sold me the philadelphi withdrawal against my better instincts but like rabin, I said ok, lets try it. Every article that lapid writes shows his absolute incompetence in practical matters of running a state. he should stick to journalism.
18. leftists
michaelpielet ,   israel   (11.18.11)
I f the leftists ever come to power in the future, IT WILL BE THE END OF THE STATE.
19. left's revenge will come
henry ,   haifa, israel   (11.18.11)
hope this will happen before 2013 and not be a permanent illusion like the arrival of the messias
20. Today it is the revenge of the right
Eyal ,   tlv   (11.18.11)
Israeli's are so mean to one another.
21. Yair...do you deny there are Leftist courts?
BJL ,   usa   (11.18.11)
And what they have done to monopolize the rulings against the Right? Israel should dump its government in favor of a Representative model and let the Israeli people have a voice in who sits on the highest court.
22. Lapid threats are incitations. it is serious
Mano Negra   (11.18.11)
23. & This Idiot Hosts a Tax Payed NewsCast
LeftWingMediaFacist ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.18.11)
If there was ever any need to proove the Tax supported State Media was in the hands of Left Wing Facists Yair Lapid is living prooof he should be immediatiely fired . To call at least 60% of the Population that voted RIght Facists should be enough evidence to do so.
24. Your first statement is a 'POSEL' because
Israeli 2   (11.18.11)
it will never happen. Just make certain that Judea and Samaria will be build and build and build to the point that finally Hashem will look favorably upon us again. Do not be angry and do not hate Yair. Everything changes for the better. Remember, not only you..... I am
25. Needs a pretty vivid imagination to see the Left in power
Danny   (11.18.11)
let alone in 2013
26. Words without meaning
Beauchard   (11.18.11)
Lapid's articles are always very shallow and completely lacking in any intellectual contemplation. Neo-fascist may be a great insult but just what does it mean? Look, in France you can get jail time for calling for a boycott of another country, for promoting antisemitism and for Holocaust-denial. Really "draconian" laws when compared to Israel. Are these laws neo-fascist?
27. "Left/Right", 1 option left, right:BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.18.11)
28. Imagine that we are in the year 2013, & the Left is in power
Jake ,   USA   (11.18.11)
That's quite an imagination you have...
29. Revenge of the Left
Zvi ,   Pittsburgh, PA   (11.18.11)
The Right is simply acting as the Left always behaved. The Left is incapable of reform. The Right should simply do as it believes best. This is decades overdue.
30. Who cares if Bar Rafaeli wears a bikini in an ad?
Scott ,   USA   (11.18.11)
Don't you have something more substantial with which to threaten the right? Foreign money has no business influencing Israeli domestic politics, certainly not without transparency.
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