Left’s revenge will come
Yair Lapid
Published: 18.11.11, 14:00
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31. I share opinions and beliefs of the rightists in this forum
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (11.18.11)
And this is normal, I live in Eastern Europe, for us leftists are not positive heroes. But I don’t understand why you are mad. You should argue with arguments, not by aggression and abusive words. I’m puzzled and worried, because many followers idolize such behavior. Why insult Lapid - everybody has right of opinion and political affiliation. To Mr. Lapid - you're good journalist, but you have some strange obsession to be on the side of losers. And always with the most absurd arguments possible (for the 21st Century).
32. Leftists destoyed Israel with Oslo Rightists rebuild Israel
33. its is the Right revenge for Oslo Lapid ! Fair !
34. Yair Lapid's article is...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.18.11)
...broken, discontinuous, incoherent, confused, illogical, without any stated purpose or final message, without any explanations for his tough and foul language and his obsession with dealing with artificial concepts such as "Left" and "Right", no explanations given for his extravagantly shocking and radically reality detached statements such as "neo-fascist" nor does he give any explanation for what is Fascist, Neo-Fascist, what exactly makes this democratically elected conservative government "fascist" nor does he seem to explain what country he identifies himself with. Our country is not called "Left" or "Right". Our country is called Israel. I have to say - honestly: if Yair Lapid's articles are normative for the radical elements in our society - Jewish/Israeli traitors that define themselves as "Left" - then I'm not surprised that the "Left" gains no support among the electorate and that due to this lack of support, the Israeli "Left" grows more desperate - which is painfully and excruciatingly obvious in Yair Lapid's latest Ynet article. It's sad that you are so full of hate Yair. It's sad that party politics should set us apart. We are not "Left" or "Right". We are not Ashkenazim or Sephardim. We are not secular or religious. We are Jews - we are Israelis - we are Israelites - we are Judeans - we are Hebrews. We are Jews/Israelis in our Jewish/Israeli homeland - we live, study, conduct research, work, trade and fight on the same side. Instead of defining yourself as "Left" and me as "Right" you could simply see us as countrymen, because that's how I see you. I don't know why you are so full of hate but I can promise you that your fellow Jews that love Israel are not the problem - the Arab world, Turkey, Iran, Russia and Europe are our real enemies, and they will not differentiate between Jews and Jews. You will not find a safe haven outside of Israel where nationality and ethnicity are not important - other nations are nationalistic too and they will see you as a foreigner Yair. Be thankful that you were born a Jew and that you live in Israel. Your ancestors didn't have the luxury of democracy, speaking Hebrew every day, being independent and sovereign and being free people with democratic rights.
35. The left is finished.
Reuven   (11.19.11)
Since the Oslo disaster, it has tried to destroy the one Jewish nation. But the overwhelming majority of Israelis won't let the left do that. Let's start with throwing Haretz (Amira Hass & Gideon Levy) in the trash basket. Follow with throwing out foreign infiltrators (whose numbers are growing fast), and limiting the powers of the High Court (which should have no say on security matters), And we must rid our universities of self-hating drech, like Jeff Halper.
36. Why all the fuss?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.19.11)
The article is premised on the ridiculous notion that the left will be coming back to power in 2013. That isn't going to happen.
37. Either extreme will hurt us.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.19.11)
38. #34...Alexander,Tel Aviv
Malone ,   Hfx   (11.19.11)
Nice...all I have to say..nice..
39. What about Arab's revenge ?
Yousef Edris ,   Acre   (11.19.11)
40. What he writes with the "neo-fascist" epithet
Honestly concerned! ,   Shoa-ravaged land   (11.19.11)
he is intrinsically relativisin/trivialising the Holocaust. This disgusting primitive radical should think twice (at least pretending to be a normal human being) before using such contemptible, vile, Shoa-bagatellizing language! He clearly and evidently does not know what he is talking about, but he is not alone - with his comrades.
41. you frightened me so much Mr Lapid
maurice clebert ,   ISrael   (11.19.11)
does it look like you are threatening some 70% of the israeli population?...well, when you wrote about 2013, you perhaps intended 2113.. better be realistic Mr Lapid, the fact that you appear 20% of the TV time on arutz 2 does not make you anything more than a journalist on TV...nothing more.
42. Why?
Reuven ,   Herzlia, Israel   (11.19.11)
Why does Lapid posit such a dichotomy in Israeli society? This is wicked. There is a middle way which most Israelis follow.
43. Yair, I always agree with your objectivity...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.19.11)
... but implying that the government get involved in the private sector's right to modify advertisements in certain geographical areas to the customized target-market is absurd and anything but democracy! As for the rest, although I do not connect with the ideology of the "neo-fascists" (as you call them, why not just "fascists"?) I do support equality: Laws that are indescriminate and are enforced indescriminately, and that's what the right's been doing and I'm fine with it, and if the tables turn and the left does the same: Bring It On!
44. #34 I am very impressed, well done!
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (11.19.11)
45. I'm sorry to conclude that Mr. Lapid's popularity...
David ,   Modiin, Israel   (11.19.11)
is solely based on his good looks and his late father's fame. The article is very weak.
46. Mr. Lapid
Dan ,   JERUSALEM   (11.19.11)
I can easily see left passing all those vile revenge laws, but the part where left gets elected in 2013 is far too much of a stretch of imagination.
47. Lapid, you sound ridiculous...
Eran ,   Singapore   (11.19.11)
when you assume that the left will have power in Israel in 2013. Not before men will live on Mars.
48. Yes, just imagine
Ayeush ,   Gibraltar   (11.19.11)
Imagine that in 1896-just repeating the known fact to all of us Zionist-there was a Left Government in France; it was Felix Faure 1895-1899. Yes, the Left majority was supposed to' safeguard the rights of the minority exactly (exactly)like it would want its own rights to be safeguarded had it been in the minority'. No, President Faure couldn't care less about the rights of the minorities like Louis Phillipe the greatest Liberal Government of the xixth century, created the unstable government that brought Napoleon the third. I doubt whether Mr. Lapid has studied any of the writing of Nietcheh about Liberalism (that got Wagner, that got Nazism), or even the writing of Karl Marks.?!! I doubt it, at any rate from his exposition about the Left and Right when in position of Power. Its the temperament and the mentality of the people that create a civil society which will sensibly create an environment that answers for the will and the desire of the citizens.
49. a civil war will deal with the fascist right wing
Haim ,   TA   (11.19.11)
The time is coming when the left ( secular) will rise up against the fascist right-wing . We will not live in a jewish version of Iran run by religious fanatics whose main conern is stealing land and impoisng religious rules on non belivers, let them pass their laws they are diging their own grave.
50. Foreign Money
art ,   jc USA   (11.19.11)
The bill limits Foreign money from foreign gov. sources sent to destabilize the democratically elected gov. of Israel. This is foreign interference in Israel. Most countries prohibit such interference. The US requires registration and disclosure, of foreign lobbyists. Also in case one hasn't noticed Israel is in the midst of a war. Any doubt should have been ended by abbas' UN speech.
51. #49 Haim.. Most seculars are rightists.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.19.11)
#49 Haim. You've managed to convince yourself seculars are leftists. The opposite is obviously true. Or don't you know about Israeli elections over the last 15 years of so? Most seculars are rightists. The left is a small and every shrinking minority.
52. "Left’s revenge will come"
Harry ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.19.11)
Oh Yair, what's going to become of your continuios rubbage. When will this revenge come? The Left is dead. It is you that doesn't grasp, what is happening in the World and Israel's future. You are right about your comment-"In fact, it even proved useful to them among their voters." Like I heard from Rabin saying, that the Left are so evil, that if you would put a poisonous Cobra snake in a room with of Lefty, it would be the Lefty walking out of the room alive, leaving the Cobra dead
53. #49 NICE! Incitment to violence is what your post is.
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (11.19.11)
but I must tell you, "non belivers" is spelled with an e after the i and "diging" is with a double g. So before you incite to violence you really should learn to spell beyond the 7th grade level.
54. Idiot's logic ; you deserve a Rasberry
Tambour ,   Eilat   (11.19.11)
55. Oh dear Lapid - what a selective memory you have!
Ari   (11.19.11)
In fact, it is the right wing that has learned from the left in this regard. The same left which fires teachers for not joining in the religion of Yitzchak Rabin-worship, and which makes up laws to ban parties they don't like, for example the Kach party. And it is the left-wing which has dominated the Supreme Court, which acts as if it is the ultimate sovereign authority above and beyond the duly-elected Israeli Knesset. The right wing has finally caught on that the only way the left managed to hold on to the reigns of power in spite of overwhelming public sentiment against them, was by manipulation of the democratic norms.
56. Bit late for the Left to be leaning.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (11.19.11)
They had their chance
57. Imagine it is 2013 and the leftist push
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.19.11)
the neo communist laws in the knesset. No it is 2013 and the country moves further to the right. All non Zionist political parties are banned. All anti Zionist and terror supporting m.k. are imprisoned. Leftists from the media have to go out and look for honest work. Leftist professors are sitting on the benches of the labor exchange. And the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are banned from having anything to do with politics, even writing about it.
58. #49 just some facts
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.20.11)
Most of the religious are far to left of us secular types. I know that I consider most of the Haridim to be a bunch a leftists, like most of the Likud leadership.
59. Yair Lapid what is left
ranjan ,   LA, USA   (11.20.11)
Yair There are 56 comments before me on your article. There all think you are incorrect in your thinking. So there is no left "left" for you
60. Lapid's article
Sad Rueful Observer ,   Ch'utz LaAretz   (11.19.11)
The good ol' days of yore (which in fact were never good) when the majority of Israelis were patriotic supporters of Medinat Israel seem to be gone. The polarization and fragmentation of Israeli society along a multitude of mutually exclusive, sometimes violent, ideologies is frightening to non-residents like myself. Lawlessness and empty-headed sloganeering seem to prevail everywhere... The very visible and very public never-ending disputes and battles between leftists and rightists, between the secular and religious camps, between the live-and-let-live groups and their absolutists know-nothing enemies are bringing Israel to the brink of civil war...civil disobedience and flouting of state law are just some of the current manifestations of the mortal sickness afflicting the Medinah. For the religious/Ch'aredim, remember "dineh demalch'utei dineh" and "ech'ad hamarbeh veech'ad hamameit, hakol shaveh" whether you like it or not; if you don't then get out of Israel, go back to your wonderful shtetls, ghettos and mellahs but STOP destroying Israel from within! For the leftists, remember that Israel is NOT beholden to the interests of unprincipled antisemitic/anti-Israeli foreign governments and NGOs...if you don't like it, get out of Israel, go to Gaza, Europe, or Auschwitz or go to Hell but don't destroy Israel from within! For the settlers, change the existing laws if you can; if you can't, don't try to subvert the laws by acts of terrorism and expect acceptance of such acts as "faits accomplis" thus trumping the laws. If you can't refrain from such misbehaviour, then leave Israel...you are not welcome because you are DESTRUCTORS not builders! Patriotism is not just a mere slogan...it is the concerted actions of all those who toil for the commonweal and welfare of the entire Medinah, not just for some select groups with private agenda that only benefits their ilk. The current political situation in Medinat Israel is a "shamda vech'arpa" and cannot continue without Israel collapsing from within due to internecine warfare! The Lapids and his ilk of pro-leftists/pro-Arabs will have to wait until Moschiach comes to establish their misbegotten vision of a socialist state...if then. But until then become patriots not 5th Columnists!
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