Iran strike the only way
Shaul Rosenfeld
Published: 19.11.11, 12:06
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1. Don't even pretend Americans are against bombing Iran
Anthony ,   New York USA   (11.19.11)
American Democrats want you to bomb Iran “against our will”. This way we realize the benefits without having to accept the political fallout. If you want Americans who are going to call for bombing Iran openly please explain the importance of voting for Republicans to the American Jewish community. Don't pretend Americans are against bombing Iran just because we don't want to openly admit it. You know better.
2. recall osiraq and syria
mohson   (11.19.11)
mossad was against osiraq. Halevy has nothing to teach israel with his dumb amman failed hit.Barak would not bomb iran in a 1000 years short ofhis family being killed by the iranians. he talks a lot because he won't act which is the way he operates since 1999-all talk and no action.. The author has it right though obama would more likely target iran than bush who was dumb as a doorknob. But obama is distracted because he has a bad economic situation as well as having pro palestinian feelings . So he could really care less if israel would disappear. Bibi would need yaalon, galant to plan and organise the deed if it reaches that point because on his own, he is too uncertain. Whatever, quit crying and get an additional 8 iron dome batteries ready to go within 60 days, around the clock. Israel is alone but it is not so bad. This time, the jews have the arms and the reasons to fight.
AMOS ,   West Afriica   (11.19.11)
sanction did not stop north koran so it connot stop iran so bibi should act now against iran nuke and military bases to cripple RG ABILITY TO REACT.I KNOW YOU ARE MORE THAN ABLE . NOTE ISRAEL IS STANDING ALONE NOW ON THIS MATTER IF COMMENTS FROM USA OFFICIAL are to be consided.
4. In 1938...
HaifaGuy   (11.19.11)
...it was still possible to neuter Nazi Germany by two-prong strikes by France and England. After he had taken Czechoslovakia with all its industrial might and superb military production facilities, Hitler became virtually invincible. 6 years and 50 million people later, the West finally understood the meaning of 3rd Conditional sentences. Are we forgetting again?
5. Hit em hard and let the chips fall where they may.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.19.11)
One thing is for sure, Israel will be standing where it has ever stood, and maybe even tall at that.
6. OF COURSE...it IS the only way !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.19.11)
And it CAN be done...Iran is a paper tiger...!!!!!
7. The US has failed against Iran...but Iran
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.19.11)
cannot dare to go to war with the US either and therefore it has NO possibilty of retaliating against Israel...it has only EMPTY words...the roar of a paper tiger...!
8. The only solution is to accept Israeli....
Chris.B ,   Australia   (11.19.11)
hegemony in the M.E is lost for ever. And Israel has no one to blame but itself. All previous actions to secure Israeli hegemony and expansionist dreams have backfired. Talk of bombing Iran is sheer stupidty designed to regain some sense of value in Israelis military expenditure and American taxpayers wasted dollars.Iran is no more of a threat to the world than the crazy Mullahs in the knesset.
9. Will Israel pay the US?
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (11.19.11)
It is disgusting that Israel is egging on the US to fight a war that it won't fight itself. The US can't afford a never ending war with Iran that would cost us billions and hundreds of service men and possible a Navy ship or two because the only Navy that can keep the Persian Gulf open is the US Navy and not the IDF Navy. You can't ask Israel to fund the war because if you look at Israel it won't even pay it's soldiers a ($100.00) month.
10. Iran Strike Only Way
DEB ,   Wash, USA   (11.19.11)
Couldn't agree more. Those who are pro-Iranian or fail to understand the Iranian theat are trying their hardest to dissuade the US, Israel, EU, etc, from military action, claiming wholly unacceptable consequences to world order, economies,etc. Whatever the impact, it will be small compared to having nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran or other Islamist Middle-Eastern countries or subnational groups. Time for .powerful response to Iran's lying and provocations is now. When the weapons-related facilities are bombed we need to takeout the Bushehr Rx also with a kinetic device (to minimize any spread of radiation) and/or simply screw up its secondary/heat removal system. We need to be concerned with reprocessing as well as enrichment. If there is escalation it may be necessary to use weapons beyond the bunker busters and conventional bombs/missiles. It won't get any better by waiting! The US under Obama will procrastinate as will the EU. So its probably up to Israel to take the lead.
11. Whining incessantly about your only ally...
esnuffnstl ,   USA   (11.19.11)
...is no way to change American attitudes. The US has gone out on a limb for Israel in confronting Iran's nuclear program. It has repeatedly brought up the issue with its allies as well as at the UN Security Council. It has imposed unilateral economic sanctions on Iran and pushed other nations to do likewise. It is also the only possible nation that will, if push comes to shove, assist Israel in taking military action against Iran. The problem is the entire rest of the world doesn't think military action is the way to go. Nor does a large chunk of the world (Russia, China, most European nations, etc.) think harsh economic sanctions are a good idea. So instead of whining that the US isn't doing enough, perhaps a little thanks are in order.
12. to number 11
Barney ,   USA   (11.19.11)
Israel is not whining. Nuclear Iran is as much danger to US and western world as Israel. This is not Israel's problem and they acted to take out Iraq and Syria nuke program. Although US is great friend of Israel and Israel is only friend of US in the Middle East, the arabs are winning the propoganda war and it will very tough on Israel to go it alone on this one. Israel is thankful for US and US is thankful for Israel.
13. Agreed, but anyone with half a brain which
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.19.11)
Western leaders don't have , have known that for at least 5 years.
14. Rosenfeld, you are delusional indeed..
david   (11.19.11)
Same as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and the entire middle east learned to live with nuclear Israel, if my memory serves me right Israel never asked their acceptence or agreement... Israel will learn to live with nuclear Iran.. thats life..deal with it.
Joyce Fraser ,   Adelaide Australia   (11.19.11)
Chris B, As fellow Aussie, I must bring to your attention, that the current fanatical Islamofascist regime in Iran, is both a short term and long term mortal threat to the entire world! If you have a look at our own country's being Islamised and the problems that it creates for us here, that is a wake-up call to you and to all Aussies. [We must ALL research and learn about The Mahdi or Moslem Saviour, and Iran's leaders PRAYING for Mahdi's arrival as their holy religious DUTY, only AFTER Nuclear World War 3 !!!]. Be very certain of one thing, Chris B: The world will become a FAR MORE DANGEROUS PLACE, and face The Apocalypse very soon, if Nuclear Weapons get into the hands of Iran's hate-filled, primitive-minded Ayatollas and Achmadinejad!
16. What to do about Iran
Hitemhard ,   Buffalo USA   (11.19.11)
HIT IT HARD, NOW. The latest Stuxnet attack has infected its Shehab and Sejil missile reliability. If Bibi listens to Obama, Israel will be destroyed. Now is the time for Israel to take the bull by the horns and bomb that mutha into tomorrow.
17. #11 esnuffnstl - gostufit
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (11.19.11)
We'll be sure to thank the USA after Iran has completed their pursuit of a nuclear weapon and has dropped same on Israel, as Iran has repeatedly promised that she intends to destroy Israel, it’s been in the news, try reading some Look at history, Fortress America, didn't work out all that well, did it? Chamberlain "Peace in our Time', that did work out either Iran has been laughing at economic sanctions; she has enough oil money to buy anything she damn well wants to, with suppliers standing in line to sell it to her Remember Pearl Harbor? we don’t intend for a repeat performance of The Wars the Arabs started in 1948, 1956, 1967 & 1973
18. Iran's nukes MUST be destroyed. It's a no brainer.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.19.11)
When a genocidal murderous dictatorship, which has threatened many times to destroy Israel, builds nuclear bombs...The situation is a no brainer. Israel MUST destroy Iran's nukes. Nobody else will do so. Even the Arab countries know this must be done.
19. No, not weakness...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (11.19.11)
...it's rather a sign of how the Western world has drawn the right conclusions from the disastrous campaign in Iraq. Excuse us for not wanting to risk our lives for the sake of others' lies.
20. ok we'll strike iran
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (11.19.11)
21. good article ! The future of Israel is jeopardized by Iran
22. Only air strike can stop or delay Iran's nuke
JJ ,   Wash, USA   (11.19.11)
Talk will never stop Iran's nuke what so ever. Only Israel's air strike on Iran's nuke site can stop them to have nuke bombs. The timing of air strike is now otherwise it will get worse consequence beyond control if any hesitation of Israel's air strike.
23. Who said so, Shaul Rosenfeld
split ,   US   (11.19.11)
If you really think that Russia and China will let you destroy their investments and an exports market or in China's case their oil an gas supply source with an impunity, get yourself a shrink. World's already hurting economy aftermath such an attack that's a separate subject ,...
24. Those who agitate for an attack on Iran must...
Persian CAT   (11.19.11)
be required to volunteer themselves and/or some of their loved ones to be on the front line, PERIOD. Warmongering has become a habit for some armchair Zionista. Israel has neither the capability nor the will to attack Iran, so stop your whining you cowards, or bring it on.
25. #7. Rottenmoser. Are you volunteering to be...
Persian CAT   (11.19.11)
part of the attacking party on Iran, or you rather keep barking from Germany like the coward that you are? Never seen any post by you that you are willing your own as on the line! But then that's a sure sign for cowardice.
26. AMOS, why are you yelling like a ...
Persian CAT   (11.19.11)
village idiot?! Oh, I see. YOU ARE in "West Africa" and you want to be heard in the Middle East! Cowards like you make sure to advocate for war loudly while making sure they're not in danger themselves.
27. #10. When was the last time you expressed...
Persian CAT   (11.19.11)
any willingness to go to Israel and fight its wars?!!! Rather stay in the US and bark?! That's called cowardice in the US.
28. BEN JABO, why do you think Israel has not...
Persian CAT   (11.19.11)
attacked Iran in spite of constant whinging, yelling and screaming egging everyone on to attack Iran since Sharon?!
29. House Divided
Dennis Hibbard ,   Whittier USA   (11.19.11)
Obama and Iran won't stand
30. Persian Cat? What are you yapping about?
Israeli 2   (11.20.11)
You should be forever ashamed. We are already in Iran and we did what we had to for a test run. Booom! Missles gone! And you? You do nothing. You are indeed a paper cat. You want the real stuff? Better be quiet.
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