Sweden funds anti-Israel brochure
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.11.11, 09:49
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31. Shame on Sweden
Dallas ,   Canada   (11.20.11)
I used to think I would like to visit the country.
32. Sweden also funds BDS groups
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALUA   (11.20.11)
33. #7 Hey Robbie! You lost your glasses mate!!
Scott ,   Australia   (11.20.11)
Spare us the adages mate... you're a hypocrite that's swallowed the Pal propaganda hook, line and sinker. Here's one for you sport: "you dont know your arse from your elbow". Howzat?!! LOL!!
34. #25 are palestinian REALLY a people at all?
Yoss ,   Ashkelon   (11.20.11)
For sure it is totally arab to claim that all your problem is because of the jews and israel. It is absolutely not because of your own dictators, your lack of freedom, your hateful preachs, your high level of corruption and your lack of children and woman education.
35. hmm
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (11.20.11)
thre must be something wrong with european values dont you think? ;) it appears sometimes we dont like west :)
36. #1 George, a little history lesson 4U
David Natanel ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (11.20.11)
George, it is true that the original Arabs of Arabi are Semites. Many "Arabs" today are not, however, but are Arabized through Arab colonialism, a forced religious conversion, and and imposed Arabic language. The phrase "anti-Semite" you must surely know, specifically was coined to address a Western tradition and culture that was anti-Jewish or against the Children of Israel, in an irrational and hateful manner. So no, it does NOT include the Arabs, or the Arabized but not Arab non-Semites like most Egyptians and Syrians, for example. But I am glad you like Arabs, as many of us in Israel do as well. Their leaders stink, as most Arabs are the afirst to admit, but they are in essence a hospitable and enjoyable people. And George, anti-Semitism is wide spread. We do not label everything anti-Semitic as you imply. You might be shocked how much the governments and agencies of western powers have worked, and are still working against Israel behind the scene. You don't know, so don't imply that you do. We Israelis enjoy many peoples and nations, travel a lot, and are very open and friendly to all kinds of constructive criticism. Yes.
37. #25 Salma, respectfully...
David Natanel ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (11.20.11)
Salma I am a blue-eyed blonde Jew who suffers from birth from a genetic disease of Levantine origin. My genetics showed my very close to the Arabs of the region, and versy distant from the Balto-Slavic Lithuanians among whom my family once lived. Salma genetics can be a double-edge sword because it has also revealed that many Arabs are not Semites, but only Arabized through Arabian colonialism and forced religious and linguistic conversion. I am curious, if the ancient, Biblical Philistines were from what is now Greece, and definately Indo-European, how does that make the modern heirs (so-called) more legitimate? I can prove my genetic Semitic heritage Salma. Can you? And, does it matter? What do I get for sharing a genetic disease with my Arab cousins?
38. A few questions for Salma
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.20.11)
When and where exactly did your "ancient" "Palestinian" civilization exist? What kings, dynasties did they have? What religion did they have? What language did they speak? What alphabet did they use? What currency did they have? What neighbors did the "Palestinians" have? What kind of state did the "Palestinians" have? Was it a city state, kingdom, nation state, republic, duchy, principality or empire? If you are Arabs, why are you using the name "Palestine"? That's a ROMAN/LATIN name. There is no letter "p" in Arabic. Why is no "Palestine" and why are no "Palestinians" mentioned in the Bible and the Koran? Why don't ancient Israelites/Jews/Hebrews, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Philisteenes, Edomites, Amorites, Egyptians, Kushites, Hittites, Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantinians, Arabs ( the multicultural "Arab" empire - the caliphate - consisting mainly of non-Arabs such as Persians, Kurds and Turks), the Ottomans, the Mongols, the Crusaders, the British and the French ever mention any "Palestinian" nation, people or state? Salma, answer this question: what's the difference between "Palestinian" Arabs and Iraqi, Syrian, Egyptian, Lebanese and Jordanian Arabs? Salma answer this question: If Jordan already conquered Judea and Samaria and Egypt conquered Gaza as a result of a war of aggression (which is against international law) in 1948-1949 and held these territories until 1967, why didn't you "Palestinians" fight for your freedom? If you claim there is an "occupation" it means you also claim there was a "Palestinian" state in 1967 - but no newspapers or historical records mention any "Palestinian" state 1967, 1948, 1947 or 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 or 5000 years ago. Why is that? If you claim there was a "Palestinian" state in 1967 - what was the name of its Prime Minister, President or king?
39. Sweden funds anti-Israel brochure
owainglyndwr1416 ,   "Ireland"   (11.20.11)
Have you got a problem with this ? They print the truth ! The truth is an Alien Concept to you ! That's your problem "Get over it already and STOP LYING .. Is that Genetic ? I think it is..
40. #27 don't forget
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.20.11)
Salma, you are forgetting your own words! A few weeks ago, and according to Fatah, the "Palestinians" are not natives of Israel who "left their homes". You admitted that at least some of the "Palestinians" are immigrants from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt who moved to Israel as recently as 1948.
41. For Salma
Lippy ,   Proud Israeli   (11.20.11)
You were certainly not here before my forefathers. By time you got this into your skull. It certainly would assist you in coming to terms with Jews being here.
42. #24 Noel
Lynne ,   Dublin Ireland   (11.20.11)
You may be Irish but I doubt it; Irish people are increasingly aware of the reality of the situation in Palestine in spite of some extreme bias by our own journalists and tv. Due to our own history we have always fought for human rights and are known to be among the most compassionate and charitable people worldwide. There is no anti-Jewish feeling simply natural outrage at Israel's atrocities which is also felt by Jewish friends of mine here.
43. Robert nobody blinder than leftist sloganeers
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (11.20.11)
44. George you like Arabs,explains your views & prejudices
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (11.20.11)
45. Sweden wiil maybe go down
Rune F ,   Rune f   (11.20.11)
Sweden wiil maybe go down because the bible says they who bless Israel will be blessed ,and they who curse Israel will be cursed..Numbers 24;5 in the Bible
46. #1
Anshel ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.20.11)
Unfortunately for you, you are anti-Semitic. No! We are not the assholes, those are who distort the truth and show their desire to destroy Israel.
47. Lynne On the contrary Irish are fed continuous pro Arab view
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (11.20.11)
48. To Salma
John ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.20.11)
The issues here Salma is that Swedish goverment funds have been sent to produce a brochure (on the pretext that the funds were for something else) which goes against the state of Israel. To undermine the integrity of a country through this type of behaviour could be considered an act of sabotage and an act of war. The reason nation states have ambasadors and embassys is to allow either side to bring up issues of contention - that's how civilisied states behave.
49. Lynn Dublin no 42
LION OF JUDAH   (11.20.11)
As Dublin always will be the capital city of ireland, and Ireland will always be Irish and Christian Country,then Jerusalem will always be the Capital city of Israel, and Israel will always be JEWISH Country.Read your bible and ask your priest
50. To: No. 42
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.20.11)
"Compassionate and charitable people?" Do you think that some of us haven't forgotten the provos taking out all those civilian targets? Sell your bilge somewhere else; we know gun-runners, terrorists and terrorist camp instructors when we see them, and we know ALL about the IRA -- we found them all over the place in Lebanon.
51. A Reminder About Sweden
Michael in Ohio ,   Vermilion, OH USA   (11.20.11)
Don't forget that Sweden was one of the few countries to vote AGAINST UNESCO acceptance of Palestine. Diplomacy is variable and Sweden is still Israel's friend, despite the anti-Zionist feelings of many of its citizens. No one should rush to judgment...
52. Europe will always be enemies of the Jews
k ,   US   (11.20.11)
it is not surprising, these countries will appease the Muslims if they can save themselves
53. To Lion of Judah
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (11.20.11)
We, true Christians, friends of yours, do agree that Jerusalem is the eternal Israelian Capital. We also think Israel will ever be a Jewish State; but not an only Jewish State. We accept two States into West Bank, since Arab Palestine recognizes and respects her neighbor. We endorse new redrawed frontiers, that must be defensible, because Israel was attacked and she has won the wars. As you see, your people is not isolated. But radicalism is wrong. Salutes.
54. A View From Sweden - Don't Be Fooled
Swedish ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (11.20.11)
Our national governmental organs have been overrun by radicals. It's beyond left and right by now, the rampant multiculturalism has been infecting the media, the academics and civic society for generations. Most Swedes like Israel. Don't forget that Sweden voted *against* UNESCO membership for Palestine. You should realise that many of these same organisations are publicly asking to 'exterminate'("switch" out is their word of preference) the entire Swedish population. These left-wing radicals have no legitimaticy among the Swedish population, just like far-left Israeli NGOs have no representation among the mainstream of Israeli society. Don't be fooled. And shame on Ynet for this sensationalism and incitement to racial hatred by portraying all Swedes this way, when it's the lunatic fringe.
55. Advice for Sweden
Brod ,   USA   (11.20.11)
Watch Pat Condell's brilliant YOUTUBE commentaries pertaining to the Middle East problem entitled, "The great Palestinian lie" and "Useful Idiots for Palestine."
56. from willing collaborators to more than willing executioners
chantalle.ezer ,   Frankfurt Germany   (11.20.11)
Within EU Sweden stands for an excessive social welfare system, state bankrupcy and a strong anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli bias. The representatives of the left wing parties and trade unions, supporting terrorists, are the descendants of the collaborators. A second legacy supporting anti-Jewish sentiments is that so-called asylum seekers, having committed crimes in Germany, France and so on, had the choice: to be sent back in their native country or move on to Sweden? Given those legacies, it is no wonder that anti-Jewish and anti-Israel publication are published and disseminated. C.Ezer
57. 54 Swedish thanks for your info.
Batman ,   Rehovot   (11.20.11)
It gives us releaf that you see those guys in the same class as NGOs TRYING TO TARNISH Israel. We love the Swedish people.
58. Palestinian Arabs don't respect there neighbors or recognize
Josh ,   Canada   (11.20.11)
The PLO has said they recognize Israel, but even to this day believe Israel belongs to them, look at there demand for the so called right of return, Israel is a Jewish state something that the Palestinians refuse to ever accept while also demanding that a future Palestinian State will be cleansed of all Jews, how disrespectful can one be in to ones neighbor?
59. Amen # 1 ,...
split ,   US   (11.20.11)
60. Anti-Israel
Nadya ,   Garden Grove, Ca.   (11.20.11)
Excellent comment and absolutely the truth. The Palestinian situation is WRONG and it's not a situation Israel can be proud of, it will prove to be a stain on their history.
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