Don’t trust Barack Obama
Shoula Romano Horing
Published: 20.11.11, 11:28
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1. why not mention the reports about the kurds?
There have been numerous reports with images of kurds dead and mangled with what seemed to be chemical/biological warfare attacks. Even if this in not true, the fact is is that Turkey is getting a free ticket to murder.
2. Obamahas never been and never will be a friend.He is danger
Alan ,   SA   (11.20.11)
3. Obama should not be trusted I agree
Salahuddin Azam ,   Chicago U.S   (11.20.11)
I agree with Shoula Romano Horing about not trusting Obama. Obama is a hypocrite and in my opinion he has no faith but a communist by heart. He doesn't like the Jewish voters neither the Christian nor the Muslims. I wonder why did the American people voted him to bring him in power. Obama and Zardari President of Pakistan are same in personality and approach. Obama is corrupt, liar and stubborn thinking that people wont take any action against him and Eric Holder and Janet Napalitino but people will. Simply putting the solution is to remove Obama from power along with Eric holder and Janet Napolitino by force other wise United States economy and security are in great danger because of this second reincarnation of Osama Bin Ladin in the White House.
4. Obama will stay Obama& American Jews will stay dumb!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.20.11)
5. We've been saying this for the past three years
Al   (11.20.11)
What I am afraid of is that the republicans are too stupid to take back the WH. In July 2008 I predicted Obama would win only because the republicans were stuck on stupid with Pailin. Today they are stuck on stupid with Cain, and Gingrich.Perry turned out to be a dud. Beware of Gingrich...he is no friend of Israel.
6. Not our friend.
Wise Saba ,   Ma'agalim   (11.20.11)
If Obummer wins a second term he will take bloody revenge on Israel. American Jews wake up & smell the roses or in this case the horse manure he is giving you. Obummer is an enemy of Israel, no matter who is prime minister.
7. Words vs. Deeds
Brandon ,   Tel Aviv   (11.20.11)
Shoula Horing's opinion is just that, an opinion. And you know what they say about opinions? But let's look at the FACTS, which must not be ignored. Obama not liking Netanyahu (and vice versa) does not mean Obama is not a friend to the State of Israel. Leaders of nations have always disagreed. What is important is to look at what Obama has done, in deed, for Israel. 1.Obama increased the amount of defense aid given to Israel. 2.Obama fast-tracked additional American dollars to help finish the Iron Dome system. 3. Obama defended Israel at the UN regarding not only the Palestinian statehood bid (via a veto threat) but also regarding UNESCO. 4. Obama personally called General Tantawi (Egypt) and forced him to protect the Israeli embassy when it was under attack. 5. Obama has maintained the US policy of Israel's qualitative military edge (QME) vis-a-vis Israel's neighbors. I can continue... Obama does not like Netanyahu...neither do I. But that is not the same as not being a friend of the Jewish State.
8. American jews
Uzziel   (11.20.11)
If Obama fools you once the blame is on him. If he fools you twice you´re to blame.
9. Netanyahu is a liar and no leader in the world/ US Congress
duduNYC ,   NYC, US   (11.20.11)
......trusts him. All those who smiles at him is mostly for the Jewish money. Netanyahu is phoney and a liar just like the author of this article. Since when did Netanyahu freeze construction in WB if this is not a lie? How can you proclaim that you will accept Palestinian state but you campaign against it at the same time for UN membership? In short, Israels should be aware that the world is tired of accommodating Israels' deeds. Soon they will all call it as it is, like how Sackozy has done.
10. "Don't trust Barack" give us and yourselves a breck
Randall ,   N.Y. The Bronx   (11.20.11)
My G-d as much as you Jewish people demean this Black man and preoccupy yourselves with him, it has become a sick obsession. There are millions of Black American people who didn't vote for this man, I didn't, he is an African mixed with the blood of a Caucasian colonialist enslaver and his priorities are just as mixed and confused as he is. Give the man a break and just don't vote for him, anyway what are you Jewish people looking for anyway, you are getting everything, I mean everything out of this your America, your #1 Ally,, "Thou shall not covet",,,, to much, how about that.
11. Two-Faced!
Taz Man ,   USA   (11.20.11)
Like I've always said: this dirty, snake can't be trusted. Muslims' believe that lying is warranted as long as it profits them and aids their cause in defeating their enemies. Muslims' are the classic example of what it means to be two-faced. God bless Israel and His Jerusalem (Muslim free)! A Christian Zionist
12. Israel . Watch your back!
Moragh   (11.20.11)
You have a big enemy in the White House who, behind his gracious smiles and love declarations for the Jews and Israel, that same One, namely Obama, is out to destroy you. DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON HIM! For Israel and their people, Obama is an ever dangerous element against Israel. BiBi, keep a friendship open with Obama and you lose everything not only your country. You are now surrounded by the enemy,,, don't give the last one a hair's breadth!
13. How refreshing to hear some truth
Scott ,   Haifa   (11.20.11)
I'm glad the writer is not a deceived left winger. Sounds like she has a smart head on her shoulders. I would gladly vote in a woman for America's next president, but not Hillary.
14. #7
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.20.11)
1,2. If Obama increased "defense aid" (he didn't) he was doing it to prevent Israel self-defense action, to buy influence in Israel and to counter massive amount of weapons that he gives to Israel archenemy Saudi Arabia. 3a. In the statehood bid he chose to veto in exchange for further Israeli concessions and because of the elections that are coming. No one thinks he'd cast the veto if there were no elections 3b. Stopping UNESCO funds was initiated by the Congress and against the White House opinion 4. Obama saved the Israel embassy personnel because if he did not there would have been a war between Israel and Egypt, and it would have been his fault 5. No he did not.
15. Don’t trust the world!
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.20.11)
because not just Obama but the world is fed up with "Israel".
16. Jewish Vote, Jewish Money, AIPAC
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.20.11)
Jews constitute 2% of the USA electorate. But Jewish money funds election campaigns and AIPAC (the USA equivalent of left wing NGO's in Israel, albeit not funded by Israel) meddles in American foreign policy by wielding a disproportionate financial clout in the funding of American election campaigns.
17. Au contraire!
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (11.20.11)
President Obama CAN be trusted because he sees the situation for what it is and he, albeit timidly, calls it as he sees it. He recognizes that Netanyahu is a liar and a cryptofascist. More importantly, he recognizes that Israel's welfare is directly linked to our reaching a just settlement with the Palestinians. Of course, that grates on those who think that Israel's prosperity rests in perpetual warfare, scaremongering, territorial expansion, attrition, hatred... Luckily, U.S. Jews overwhelmingly support Pres. Obama and are on the same page as he is. Incidentally, it is quite easy to agitate for hawkishness and conflict in Israel from Kansas. That though is "mash'hu a7er."
18. Well Congratulations and welcome
GideonReader   (11.20.11)
Don't trust Zerobama? Felicitations and congratulations. You broke da' code, Bunky. Too bad it took you so long. Willing stupidity means that one is a frequent and early enabler. Oh well. Better late than never.
19. Natanyahu
Alberto Nahum ,   Caesarea-Israel   (11.20.11)
Netanyahu will win the Western leaders not tengn no sympathy, because there is no fragrant flower
H ROSEN ,   PA USA   (11.20.11)
Obama doesn't like Netanyahu get over it....If you have seen or heard the airheads running for the Republicans Jews may not have a choice but Obama. The peace process is now a cadaver with the joining of Hamas and Fatah. Israel or the US will never talk to such an entity which will eventually be all Hamas. Netanyahu is in a good position to ignore the process and extend housing ...what is Obama going to do ...hold his breath?
21. The whole world will be better when OB is voted out.
Lois ,   Cape Coral   (11.20.11)
22. Obama
Lois ,   Fl, USA   (11.20.11)
Someone wrote that the Republicans running are airheads. Not true. Some of the best candidates I've seen in a long time. The question is: Which one can beat Obama?
23. Obama is doing more damage to US than he is to Israel.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.20.11)
The big question is if he's just plain naive or downright dangerous with a hidden agenda. Stick your head under the bus and ask Hosni Mubarak about it.
24. obama
sas ,   israel   (11.20.11)
he NEVER liked Israel..........I hope the Jews do NOT vote for him.
25. Obama - agree to article's message and more
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.20.11)
The problem, though, lies in the fact that NOT ONE of the presidential candidates of all parties have the integrity to be U.S. President.
26. Obama is an ego maniac and he only
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.20.11)
serves his own agenda !
RICK ,   BOISE,IDAHO USA   (11.20.11)
The 2012 US election may be the most important one in history for the US and Israel. If Obama is re elected and unrestrained in his policies since he does not have to worry about reelection, the US is likely to enter into a full fledged economic depression and the survival of Israel will be in serious jeopardy
28. #9 dudu, #17 michael
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.20.11)
The world should be tired of the arabs starting wars and not of Israel's 'deeds' which are meant to prolong Israel's existence. The "perpetual warfare, scaremongering, territorial expansion, attrition, hatred... " of which you speak, describe the "Palestinians" perfectly.
29. Netanyahu
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.20.11)
I can't help but be reminded that many in the Israeli government say the same things. Yes, it is different if a US President says it. But how much different...?
30. Eat your matza balls.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.20.11)
Smart says: there is no Jewish vote. Stupid says: there is Jewish vote in America. But the timid doesn't know who to ask, so he continues eating the propaganda matza balls.
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