'Clear and present danger to freedom of the press'
Tomer Velmer
Published: 20.11.11, 20:01
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1. Freedon to lie is what they want
The press who is attending this conference and who is against these new laws what to proect themselves when they are caught lying. How can the press be against libel suits? Their defence is what? They what to have a free ticket to slander and lie? To print up articles without a reliable reference? The public says NO!!! Enough of the press using its platform to push a political agenda. What ever happened with reporting on the news, writing facts substantiated by proofs? the Israeli Press, for the most part, has curruptied this field where no one believes a word they print anymore. I welcome any law that assists in penalizing liers and lazy journalists with political motivations.
2. "Competition within the press is essential"
John ,   Jerusalem   (11.20.11)
then why is it that the Israeli press is all run by radical LEFTISTS? channel 1 is radical LEFT! channel 22 is radical LEFT! channel 10 is radical LEFT! HAARETZ is radical LEFT! YNET is radical LEFT! where is the Competition ?????
3. while you sleep in prison
arrested ,   you are news   (11.20.11)
you are already in the news you havent even gone first time to court nor has your criminal file been opened no matter you are already guilty and punished by destroying your reputation after years of being an honest citizen uesterdays news is there for evr even if at a later date you prove your innocence when finally you can defend yourself and your criminal file is closed you remainfor ever in the eyes of the public a criminal thankyou vampires
4. please leave israel!
leha ,   israel   (11.20.11)
we dont need lefti traitors like anat kam an blau and ofcourse lets not forget HAARETZ.
5. What freedom of the press ??? ,...
split ,   US   (11.20.11)
3/4 of my comments at ynet never see the daylight ,...
6. Media have abused public
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.20.11)
For their self agrandissement the media have usurped far too much power ; instead of serving public they usurped a moral right to tell the people what to do. Politically biased, uncaring for national security, these self serving bastards should be muzzled, so it is about time.
7. wrong, freedom from narcissistic, brain dead lying truth
ralph   (11.20.11)
distorting people is all that is as risk. about time too.
8. So don't slander and libel!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.20.11)
I am sick of the Israeli press and judging by the amount of highly negative feedback to a recent article by Yair Lapid so are most people. I gave up reading HaAretz about 2 years ago and have come close to giving up on Ynet and JP a few times. Now I read Israel Today (hard-copy) most days, along with a selection of US and UK publications and sometimes Al Jazzeera.
9. Not anymore.
Nora Tel Aviv   (11.20.11)
.You are not immune to trespassing. Hit under the belly and you will be hit back by the law. Beware, your cucumber season inventions could cost you dearly. And please, please ....stop acting as megalomaniacs when you adress us through the media.
10. They were all silent when Israel National News radio closed
Marco ,   Spain   (11.20.11)
11. What freedom? Ynet doesn't publish 99% of my posts!
Marco ,   Spain   (11.20.11)
12. 2
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (11.20.11)
YNET seems more radical right to me
13. freedom to slander and libel- maximum penalty
yoni ,   tel aviv   (11.20.11)
Israel and the Jewish nation are examples of morality- or at least we are meant to be. Morality means no slander and no libels. It means accountability for ones actions and the press has none of that. They prance around saying whatever they want whenever and the most they can ever get when caught is to be forced to apologize on some small back page of the paper after the irreversible damage has been done. It is time to take Lashon Hara seriously and limit the freedom to slander and libel of the press !
14. Press needs to be free-without Uri Blau
Dan   (11.20.11)
The so-called journalist Uri Blau, who fled to England when he was afraid he would be arrested, with the full support of his superiors at Haaretz and their paym,ent, \must pay for what he did. Not Anat Kam alone, but also he should serve time. This is not freedom of the press, this is a crime!!~
15. Yair Lapid hopes to be a government minister next election
zionist forever   (11.20.11)
Yair Lapid has confirmed at the next election he will be forming his own party and its no doubt going to be anti religion leftist party like his loser of a fathers one. I he forms a left wing anti religion party then he will be hoping for a Labor victory so he can join the coalition so the more damage he does to Bibi and the right wing now the better his chances of becoming a senior government minister at the next election. I don't see how the closing of Channel 10 and libel laws non are threats to free press, Channel 10 is closing down because they have debts in the hundreds of millions of Shekels. so there is no way the blame for that can be pinned on Bibi. Should tv channels be allowed to not pay their debts to avoid closure in the name of free press? As for the libel laws, an honest journalist reporting on a legitimate story won't need to resort to lies that he can be sued for. If he is a headline seeker who will say anything for the sake of a story ( certain columnists in the likes of Haaretz fall into that category ) so why shouldn't they be sued? Report the facts and you got nothing to worry about. The real problem here is journalists who are like spoilt children want freedom to do and say what the hell they like and think if you tell them not to do something its curbing free press.
16. Restraining slander
Neal ,   Minneapolis, USA   (11.20.11)
Nearly 44 years in the U.S. news business reinforced my journalism-school instruction about the importance of avoiding libel and slander. I had to be able to prove everything I wrote. If any country should want civil laws against libel and slander, it should be Israel; the Torah and Talmud forbid them. Even more important than avoiding a lawsuit is avoiding false allegations that damage someone's reputation. As a reporter and editor, I had huge power over the reputation of everyone in anything I wrote or handled. The enormity of the harm my words could do someone meant I had enormous responsibility -- something all journalists should feel. I am astonished at those who do not.
17. Mr. Kirshbaum and Mr. London
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (11.20.11)
You must admit that the Israeli press is very bad and that people don't believe in what they say! If I am wrong, please explain me why however much you try to demonize whoever is not left, elections and polls condemn you to failure?
18. #5
I have the same problem about Ynet)))). They are not free press! They are biased...and the second you speak NOT LIKE THEM they don't let you. Not even against them, just not like them. They are not too big and I'm not too big to be in totally disagreement))). I know they will let this my comment since I say in general. When I explain myself they don't let it out. I saw it and will repeat it to anybody who wishes to hear)))) I was surprised by this, since I thought they are FREE PRESS))))))) Good to be mistaken))))))))))
19. Freedom of what?
G. Frankl   (11.20.11)
2 points. 1. you can link to the actual pieces of this (of course) low-quality tabloid on your private facebook page trashing it all you want without the slightest hindrence, naturally, availing yourself the opportunity to denigrate their agit-prop "journalists" and "reporters" and so on and so forth. 2. I am proud to hereby announce that I sent several serious, grave and acute threats to Ynet (many times) and to arch-traitors of Haaretz, too out of sheer disgust, desperation, true worry for Israel's viability etc.! I am immensely proud of each of these cases. If I could I would [genuinely] do something tangible and act out on my threats. Arch-traitors, paid whores, ideological would-be murderers inside the press like the Rosenbergs deserve nothing else.
20. Competition within the press
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.20.11)
What are Israeli journalists competing about? Who can write the most absurd, reality detached, sensational and extravagant, dramatic, radical, empty, senseless, stupid articles with zero analysis, bloated with self pride and hatred for their country and countrymen and complete, total, systematic glorification of Arabs - who are almost exclusively and with very few exceptions - anti-Semites, Jew haters and traitors. Competition within the press sounds a lot more like competition between moderate left, left and radical left, and Jewish moderate self haters, Jewish self haters and Jewish radical self haters. Ynet hasn't published many of my talkbacks - DESPITE that my talkbacks do not violate their terms of use. At the same time, anti-Semites from abroad - anti-Semites from Sweden, Ireland, USA, Arab countries and so on, are allowed on a daily basis to write anti-Semitic garbage and spreading anti-Semitic libels attacking everything from our appearance to our genetics to our culture to our right to live - and this garbage is published every day!
21. Yes, we need more journalists like
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (11.21.11)
Uri Blau (Haaretz, the Anat Kam affair) to be protected so that they are better able to involve themselves in treasonous activities against the state of Israel.
22. No freedom in Israel. Face it.
Josh   (11.21.11)
As a 10 year shun convert, I witness.
23. without free and
Ze'ev ,   Ngb, germany   (11.21.11)
independent press, mass media, a state will get lost! The press is only protector of the people! Look around at the states without, syria, egypt, lebanon! Wanna live like the people thier? Really?
24. at #2, John
Ze'ev ,   Nbg, germany   (11.21.11)
If you see these mass medias as radicals, than, I fear, the real radical is you, my friend...
25. 'Clear and present danger to freedom of the press'
Hosha'a na el ,   Israel   (11.21.11)
I do pray that we shall not find ourselves one day under military regime if all things continue to develop in the same direction as it is under this regime
26. Freedom of press
jacob weissman ,   miami florida   (11.21.11)
That is the reason we left the wonderul country of Israel. Due to the censorship and a limited Freedom of Speech> And they call Israel a TRUE DEMOCRACY>
27. freedom to have solid sources
Margie in Tel Aviv ,   Israel   (11.21.11)
Freedom of the press is an essential element of a true democracy. However I find it very odd that these journalists are more interested in their own freedom to say what they wish rather than the freedom of the public to read the truth. Too often it is obvious that stories have factual errors and there's the clear impression that no effort is made by journalists to verify sources.There are Israeli journalists who present what are obviously op-eds as if they were sound reporting: giving one side only, and that in sensational style. Since the journalists neglect our right to know in favour of their right to present a story I am indifferent to their plight
28. I rest my case
Judith PPFJ   (11.21.11)
That's why you are losing public support, and it's very dangerous. Have a good day...
29. Press
michael Pielet ,   israel   (11.21.11)
There is no free press in Israel. The press is controlled by a bunch of leftist loonies.
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.21.11)
How come the means of communications never contain anything positive in all the newspaper articles or news programs which all the citizens watch and read. Nothing good ever happens here? The minds of the citizens are manipulated in the same way as commercials and advertisements.. Is this the way to treat the citizens by using negative thinking, negative influences. Does reading or watching about murders or car accidents on the streets help the citizens to improve their lives? Have people learned anything from this negativity?
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