Leftist party is over
Yoel Meltzer
Published: 21.11.11, 18:16
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1. Thank you...enf
2. I hope thats true as the left are the real threat to democra
zionist forever   (11.21.11)
The fact they want to stop this bill on limits to donations from foreign governments and NGOS whose deep pockets have made the left as powerful as they are. They try to close down right wing media outlets. If the serving government is right wing then they are branded as anti peace oppressors. This country needs reform at all levels to weed out the leftist majority.
3. Umm, dont you mean left and right?
David ,   Boston, USA   (11.21.11)
I tend to agree alot more with the right than left, but when small blocks of people control so much I think it impacts alot, and that tends to be the case with coalition governments where small parties have alot of power. Personally, I like the 2 party system, but I can see how the Israeli form of government (and many European ones too) can be more democratic, but also more problematic to acheive results...more compromise is needed.
Dovid ,   Los Angeles   (11.21.11)
5. Wall to wall support for this here!
CC   (11.21.11)
Bravo Yoel, keep on exposing them and continue speaking up!
6. From his mouth to G-D's ears.
Wise Saba ,   Ma'agalim   (11.21.11)
May these laws be passed.
7. We need more public protest against left-wing fascism!!!
Prof. Reuven Ben-Tal ,   Jerusalem   (11.21.11)
8. Are you writnig about Sweden ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.21.11)
It fits so well !. It is Written - " Where the Spirit of HASHEM is there is Freedom " !. Arn.Sweden.
9. Yoel hit the nail right on the head
Nachman   (11.21.11)
10. Thank heavens. Leftist leadership is absolute disaster.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.21.11)
Well said, Meltzer. By any rational criteria, leftist leadership of Israel has been, and remains, an absolute disaster. Israel is a centre right country and must have centre right leadership and policies. Thank heavens, Israelis are finally fed up enough to actually do something about it. Israeli policy must start with the self evident truth, obvious to any child capable of reading a map, that Judea and Samaria make Israel viable. They also legaly belong to Israel.
11. I read this article with pleasure and only
Rober Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (11.21.11)
hope that it is, in fact, an accurate portrayal of which direction Israeli politics and governmental priorities are going. This will be indicated through changes in the Courts, the media and in academia. Such changes will come about gradually, however, in spite of the impatience of conservative and rightwing advocates. The next election will truly be telling.
12. Nothing free or democratic about the left
Zev ,   Israel   (11.21.11)
Oslo was passed by bribing a Knesset Member. Throwing thousands of Jews from their homes was passed after govenment ministers that were against were fired . The human rights groups were silent and the supreme court allowed it even though it clearly trampled their rights. About time people realize that the left are not what they claim to be.
13. Good for Israel!
Shoshana Rubin   (11.21.11)
It's about time that Israel wised up. The left in Israel should be exposed as the Traitors they are.....anti-Israel, pro-Islamist and leading the international charge against Israel.
14. eg: legit. consumer revolt hijacked into socialist
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (11.21.11)
agenda for free education, free health care, etc. How did that happen?
15. Left time is over.they should face the bitter truth
Hadad ,   U.K   (11.21.11)
16. Soul Searching TIme for The Media Too
MoreBalancedMedia ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.21.11)
The most influencial force in the country must reform itself if it is to survive it must admit and apologize for monopolizing and abusing public funds that were inteneded for a truley represenative and democratic media and forum for all sides of the public discussion and not as it has been as" a private club for leftist members only"
17. Very well written but remember none the less...
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (11.21.11)
that in order to really have good debate one must keep other ideas alive in order to continue real growth so while thei power of the left is waning the think tank of the left must continue to find pragmatic solutions to its view.
18. SECURE BIG ISRAEL,PRONOUNCEABLE spelling,socio-econ. 3rd WAY
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.21.11)
19. right wing world view exposed
Avramele   (11.21.11)
What the author means (or hopes) is that democracy in Israel can now be openly put to rest and a thousand year authoritarian reign of the rabbis, settlers and putanists can begin. I think I know from this summer 450,000 israelis who are ready to say "not on my life". The Zionism of Herzl, Ben gurion and Jabotinsky will not be defeated by mad clerics, thugs and neo-fascists.
20. The American Precedent
rivkah f. ,   jerusalem   (11.21.11)
I always wondered why Israel did not follow the American precedent. Since the leftist NGOs are funded by European countries -- either directly or via the New Israel Fund or other bodies-- the NGOs are doing what the donors want. The NGOS could not really exist without this money. Therefore, they should register as foreign agents and not play the game of being grass roots native organizations. Being registered as foreign agents would clear the air as to their identity, yet allow them to exist. It is legal. They will have to pay a tax and actually be known publicly for what they are: foreign agents trying to spread their influence.
21. It ain't over 'till the Fat Lady sings, Lady in Red...
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.21.11)
22. Avramele #19 take your medications
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.21.11)
Most of us on the right are secular not a bunch of leftist Haridim. I take no orders from anybody since I retired.
23. Not Just in Israel: everyone is turning right
Ezra ,   US-Israel   (11.21.11)
Of center, just about everywhere. The so called "Arab spring" is a Neo-conservative group of islamists. The US will most CERTAINLY turn HARD right within a year. Look at Russia: it's so far right it's a dictatorship under Vladi-boy. The truth is: welfare states at this stage of the game have drained the entire world along with all of the leftist "multicultural" ideologies which makes one ashamed to be a part of ANY culture but the most DISASTEROUS TERRORISTS who openly call for the destruction of ANY kind of democracy. You can only supress humans for so long before they explode. The world will turn within, come out more conservative and attempt to reevaluate all of the failed policies of the last few decades. Such an endeavor can only be done from a constrained, conservative place, not a liberal and emotionally charged brood of complainers and idealists. So be it: bye bye to the left, hello to the right: let's lay down the law and open an INTELLIGENT path towards progress.
24. before it is too late
Ben ,   Ashdod   (11.21.11)
The left build Israel, and the right is taking it down, with the right Israel gets more and more isolated, even fellow jews in all the world are taking their distance , from the right wing governement, isolation means weakness, like it happend in South Africa and youguslavia, and what happend to them? think about it before it is too late
25. well done
oferdesade ,   israel   (11.21.11)
william f buckley jr would have been proud
26. No time left for the Left
Nora Tel Aviv   (11.22.11)
The catastrophic results of the Oslo accord pushed forward by Peres and Beilin was the beginning of their end. Then came the loss of their" agenda" at the High Court followed by the restrictions over those "Do as we say" people at the Media.The Left should get rid of its baseless megalomania and form a socio-economic movement .
27. foreign funding
joe tango ,   usa   (11.22.11)
Why is the press so concerned about foreign goverment funding of non profits and fighting it so vicously. What does that have to do with freedom of the press. Maybe some of these media companies are possibly funded by foreign goverment money. What do you ecpect from people that call anyone who disagrees with them facist racist and anti democratic.
28. #19 Strange Comment
joe sombrero ,   usa   (11.22.11)
But I am secular not religous and i believe in social issues. I just dont believe the Left is a democratic group believing in democrstic ideals.
29. the Left in Israel
Yisraeli   (11.22.11)
Whereas what you say makes perfect sense and we all are just hoping that this truly releases the stranglehold of the left. I for one am not so sure. You see the people of Israel can be very fickle. Years ago i forsaw the end of the Labor party when brought down to 8 seats or so as per current. However a poll of a few months ago showed Labor with aprox 22 seats or there-about. This franklt frightens me and makes me truly wonder about my fellow Israelis. Will they never learn? Just how dumbed down can you get? Stupid and fickle are common traits alas. I wish I could believe this article but Im not so sure its the end of the Left.
30. Avramele @ 19, I cannot understand
leo ,   usa   (11.22.11)
whether you are serious in which case you fit the description perfectly or you were just trying to get few laughs while trying to underscore the article's substance. No matter, in any event you succeeded.
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