Activity spotted at alleged Iran nuke site
Dudi Cohen and AP
Published: 21.11.11, 13:07
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1. This reminds me of.....
John ,   NYC   (11.21.11)
the pictures that COLLIN POWEL was showing at UN before iraq and afganhistan 's invation. Lets say, this is the trailer.....very soon the movie on screen and dvd. The world is so easy to understand,,,,everything repeats over and over again, but adapting with time's technologies. SHAVUA TOV
2. STRIKE NOW !!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.21.11)
3. 1.There were WMD but sent to Syria by Saddam B4 war
Alan ,   SA   (11.21.11)
Same as those Fighter Jets he sent to Iran before 90s War.They arestill there . When Assad is overthrown (soon) you will be able to go see them.
4. #2 The cowardly big mouth!
Eric ,   Toronto   (11.21.11)
You are asking for an attack on Iran hiding in Germany far from any potential drastic consequences of a war on the Israeli people . If you are so willing to see a war why don't you go to Israel and share the consequences!
5.  @#2 who should strike? Israel?
gal1 ,   ISRAEL not palestine   (11.21.11)
the rest of the world needs to get of it's spoilt little arse and deal with this problem aswell,not just us!
6. theworld support iran
zd ,   amman   (11.21.11)
what world???? most countries ds not mind a nuclear iran, so speak of your self
7. Nr 4 A Cowardly big Mouth !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.21.11)
You are sitting in Toronto far from Germany, why dont you go to Bayern in Germany ant take Your Big Mouth by the Traoat ?. Arn.Sweden.
8. #5 Even though they all want to see it, nobody has the guts
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.21.11)
to pull the trigger on it, least of all Obama. So it looks like it'll be left to Israel, if the job is to get done. Then they'll crucify Israel over it, the hypocrites.
9. #7, Arn...grand idea, he can feel
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.21.11)
10. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.21.11)
Quit picking on Chris will you. He supports Israel 100% & we need all the support we can get.
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