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No support for Israel in the White House?
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 21.11.11, 19:14
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1. DOSS and the rest...No worry...
ali ,   Villanova -USA   (11.21.11)
Obama is temporarily down in teh Polls..That is why they jumped ship. All the Jews you are talking about are on the Outside for NOW ..But No worry..They are PUSHING .... AIPAC to do what they were doing...and with more effectiveness.. If Obama's popularity is on the rise..They will be back like BARKING HAYYYYENAS..... Chances are they will be back.if they Obama .
2. No support for Israel in Washington
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.21.11)
Hell, don"t feel bad! There's very little support in Washington for the US. It seems that there is only support for those who can deliver the most votes at election time. Hopefully, we're starting to catch on.....
3. Good!!
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.21.11)
Since the self-appointed 'experts' are gone, maybe the US government will mind it's own business for a change and stay the hell out of ours.
4. Obama's representatives foster his hateful policies.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.21.11)
The author makes the point that Obama's point men are dropping like flies. One could compare them to rats deserting a sinking ship. However, it makes little or no difference to Israel. Obama will continue his policy of attacking Israel, while maintaining his phony smile and occasional kind words. His representative, Jewish or not, merely foster his hateful policies.
5. Author is wrong in general
Oleg ,   USA   (11.21.11)
maybe those guys understand Israel issues, but they were not Israel supproters. The thing that they are Jews has nothing to do with support. As a matter of fact Democrats in US are not Israel supporters. They just need to solve an issue with all means, thats all. They do not care about Israel, they only insist to give more to Pals instead of giving them anything and let them feed themselves. Then Pals will be occupied with something useful.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.21.11)
7. No change - they never understood Israel before
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (11.21.11)
Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose (French expression meaning: as much as things change, they stay the same). The Obama admin from day 1 showed an incredible lack of understanding of not just Israel, but especially of the Palestinians. Obama finally appeared to "get it" a bit when the Pals refused to negotiate after Bibi imposed a construction freeze last year, and realized the two-faced stance of the Pals when he had to twist arms to get them to show up at the tail end of the freeze. The Yanks have had it wrong pretty much the entire time since Oslo - Arafat wasn't going to sign a deal, and his successor ain't gonna go down as the Pal who made a state and told the Pals they aren't going back to Jaffa or Haifa except as tourists...let alone telling the 2 million Pals born in Arab countries that it's the west bank, Gaza, or nuthin.
....DACON9   (11.21.11)
and no one in any government, not even ISRAEL understand the biblical history which is factual history just written long ago in a time period called 'BIBLICAL'. The arabs transfer and substitue for reality . The xtians transfer and subsitue for reality. And the JEWS ARE SO POLITICALLY CORRECT SO AS NOT TO OFFEND ANYGROUP THAT ISRAEL DENIES ITS OWN HISTORY THROUGH SILENCE IGNORANCE AND FEAR. Not fear of G-D and therein lies the problem
9. An advise to Obama
Joe from Canada   (11.21.11)
Take care of Economy in the US and don't even try to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict... Until the Palestinians accepts that Jerusalem is Israel Capital no Palestine will exist.
10. "good" #3
arne ,   chicago usa   (11.21.11)
your good and right on the money--ross was big on the oslo sell out--axelrod has no yiddish kite--emanual is self serveing. better that the congress handle things.
11. Ali go back to Egypt
You You ,   usa   (11.21.11)
Ali go back to Egypt
12. Actually, it is a relief that there will be
Rober Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (11.21.11)
less interest in Israel givenl the exodes of so many advisors, especially that anti-Israeli Jew, Rahm Emanuel. In short, it's a relief!
13. Where is the support for Washington In Israel?
Chris H ,   USA   (11.21.11)
The only supporter of the United States in the Israeli government is Tipi Livni.
14. So........??? where are the bad news in this?!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.21.11)
15. does Abbas have his reasons
former expat   (11.21.11)
seems Abbas has a healthy disdain for Ross' time in Israel
16. Thank you, Dacon9.
Kayla ,   Florida   (11.21.11)
17. Tons have abandoned Obama: he stinks
ezra ,   US-Israel   (11.21.11)
Obama is rated as the two worst presents in us history for a reason. He is a rookie, a fool, confused and ever so arrogant. He has absolutely NOTHING to show for his presidency: ZERO. He mad no change, no progress and the entire ME fell apart on his did the US economy due to his FAILED business bailouts. He did nothing for America but make it worse for the middle class and poor and even managed to wipe out the majority of fairly wealthy executives who had nothing to do with the economic collapse but he DID BAIL OUT THE CROOKED BASTARDS who created the problems. He is a total idiot and stands NO chance at re-election EVEN IF HE GOES TO WAR WITH IRAN, the US will put. Republican back in office. Obama DESTROYED the democratic party completely, revealing how dangerous and impotent the leftists have become. That is the one thing which has become crystal clear under Obama: DO NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT for DECADES. They're a LOST CAUSE.
18. Washington and Jerusalem
Miche Norman ,   Hod Hasharon Israel   (11.21.11)
So now the US is in the same position as Israel - we no both have governments that do not understand Israel's needs and its best interests
19. Expertise provided by a catagory of
GideonReader   (11.21.11)
Jews who have a connection towards Israel and being Jewish that is bordered by what toppings they place on their breakfast bagels. Their connection to the land is of a gastronomic nature, and reinforced by how many other ignorant Jews they can gull and con into voting against their best interests.
20. NO to ObamaantiSemitism
Brod ,   USA   (11.21.11)
Israel should say NO to the Obama AntiSemite administration. The forces of Leftism are trying hard in undermining Israel's government and the Land of Israel. Israel can tell the dark forces to go to Hell. Judeo-Christian America and Congress will always support Israel. Israel must be united, strong and resolute in defending itself from the unrelenting assaults of the dark forces.
21. they had it coming to them
Lance ,   Cape Town ,RSA   (11.21.11)
whoever blesses the seed of Abraham will be blessed,whoever curses the seed of Abraham will be cursed!enough said - You know who's next - arch foe of israel - obama!
22. You can all sit right next to Reverend Wright and cry too.
Josh   (11.21.11)
Seriously?! Did you think he would give you any more genuine loyalty than he gave his own radical preacher? If you say you did, then this is one of those smoke in mirror situations.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (11.22.11)
That's why it doesn't get support As a matter of fact, only 12% of American support Congress
24. Obama's reelection
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (11.22.11)
President Obama's reelection is all but assured; don't be led astray by current Ziocon bleating and propaganda. Beginning November 2012, the United States will scrape the Israel monkey off its back once and for all. This move will be long overdue, but better late than never!
25. Rahm???
DrDave ,   New York   (11.22.11)
THis guy stated on camera in 2005 that his "greatest" moment as a Jew was coordinating the "handshake" on the White House Lawn. I doubt that there are even Israeli Far-Lefties who still believe in Arafat. But Rahm thinks all the Jewish blood that leads to his and the Clinton's doors is a great accomplishment.
26. To #8 Dacon9
John ,   Alaska   (11.22.11)
Many Christians today have no problem with what the Tanach says about the Jews and about their history and geography. They respect Scripture, and they respect Jews, because they respect the One who gave the world both. You are correct with the root of the problem: people who do not fear Ha'Shem have not even the beginning of wisdom. This guarantees that their policies will be unwise. In Israel this is seen in a policy of appeasement that has only egged on your enemies who surround you. In the US this is seen as a similar policy of appeasement, submitting our will to that of the Islamists seeking to turn the world into a global Caliphate, and to that the UN seeking to create a world system apart from Ha'Shem. With righteous leaders, however, both Israel and the US can fulfil the missions which Ha'Shem has given them. So the thing to pray now is for both of our nations to replace their current leaders for leaders after the G-d's own heart. And that it isn't too late for the US. Happily, Israel is guaranteed to survive, but we want you to do better - we want you to thrive and grow. :)
27. It is not entirely clear how those "Jews" contributed
Deb J. Gold ,   Boston, MA USA   (11.22.11)
to Obama's better understanding of Israel's position. I suspect they are they ones who taught him, as he expressed himself in Cairo in 2009, that Israel's right to exit is due to the Holocaust, which is what they teach us in America, instead of the the more than 3,000 years of Jewish heritage and connection to the our homeland, and instead of the legal basis for Israel's existence which is the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Conference, the League of Nations resolutions, and the U.N. Charter of 1945. All that we need is manage matters for one more year with this administration before a new one is elected.
28. Obama's Jews
Dan ,   NYC USA   (11.22.11)
Fortunately, USA support for Israel rests on tens of millions of righteous gentiles, not on the few Jewish quislings in Obama's White House. What's more, next November we'll exchange Obama for a new president from those ranks.
29. More US support than you think
Champ ,   Charleston, USA   (11.22.11)
Obama aside, Israel has vast support from Congress and the American people. Although Americans prefer to stay out of 'foreign entanglements,'we are a loyal people. The US would never sit back and watch if Israel was in a fight for its survival.
30. #34 Graczek, until now, I wasn't quite sure
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (11.22.11)
Now I know you're nuts 9.1% Unemployment, despire the fact he pissed away One Trillion Dollars , promising it would never go over 8% 47 Million people living below poverty level, on food stamps & welfare Far worse than when he took office and after all the promsies he made for " Hope & Change", which turned out to be "Lost Hope & Change for the Worst Fourteen Million people unable to get jobs, another ten million that have quit looking for work His Spanish base has been cut in half students and women are no longer blindly following him, believing that he's some sort of a Messiah His fellow blacks, have been hurt the worst, their youth has a higher rate of of unemployment than whites have Obama's popularity is almost as lousy as Congress', pay attention to the pollis, maybe the facts will sink in Even leaders in his Democrat party are asking him to step aside, they hope Hillary can get elected, he doesnt' have a chance Oh yes, Obamacare, everyone seems to hate having ti forced down their throats, only a fool, such as yourself would think that you can treat millions of additional people with fewer doctors
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