Egypt's cabinet resigns as clashes continue
Published: 21.11.11, 21:40
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1. Welcome to the Arab winter, Mr. Obama
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.21.11)
"Democracy." Yeah, right. As if Egyptians -- or any other Arabs (or Moslems, for that matter) have any concept of what democracy means. In abandoning Mubarak, Mr. Obama (your private Islamic agenda aside) did you think that you were going to bring about peace and stability in Egypt? Well, if you did, you are even more stupid than I thought. Take a look at your peace and stability now, Mr. "President." What on earth were you thinking? Or did your private Islamic agenda take precedence over protecting and defending the United States and United States interests? You know -- all those really neat things you swore an oath to do .... but have thus far failed in all. For someone who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, you SURE are responsible for a great deal of violence in a great many places -- all of them, interestingly enough, Arab and/or Moslem. What does that tell you about Arab and Moslem societies? Speaks volumes to most of us.
2. where is obama ?
fad egypt   (11.21.11)
he brought down the mubarak regime and replaced it with a regime worse than mubarak`s is this the democracy the US wants to acheive in egypt ? the country is collapsed in chaos , thge radical islam is taking over the country , the economy is collapsed is this the democracy ??? obama victims are on the rise (israel , egypt , etc) shalom
3. Government resigns
observer ,   Egypt   (11.21.11)
Arab autumn has just become. The unauthorized Military issues Corrupting Political Life law. Government starts political maneuvers.
4. In the end it doesnt matter how many are killed
Al   (11.21.11)
they will end up turning against Israel. I say the more the merrier. Cry me a river.....
5. but,but,but...
cj ,   paris france   (11.21.11)
we were told over and over again that they wanted democracy. Polititians and journalists were telling us we were witnessing the birth of a democratic arab world. Not claiming to know much about the arab in their own countries, I could tell that the people protesting in the spring were what in Europe we call the bearded ones.In plain launguage the extremists. But still journalists and polititians were calling them the democratic loving peaceful protestors. My arabic is non existant but I am dam,n sure" ALLAH IS BACKWARD " does not translate as"DEMOCRACY IS COMING".
6. #1, #2
French dude ,   Paris, France   (11.21.11)
Historically democracies never appeared overnight, without any bloodshed. Give them some time. We don't know for sure where this is going yet.
7. An opportunity for protesters
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (11.21.11)
This is the protesters big chance and they should grab it. Instead of letting the military council appoint a new PM and council,THEY SHOULD NAME THEIR OWN PEOPLE WHOM THEY TRUST and demand that THEY form a provisional government to oversee elections and writing a constitution. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
8. Young people? With secular aims?
Max Merbaum ,   Los Angeles   (11.21.11)
We are obscenely naive. We look at every conflict searching for the inspiring Brown Vs. the Board of Educationish ideologue crusaders, so we can lionize them. We search for non-present ideals, passion, and youth. And pretend we don't see the same old assholes with Korans and beards.
9. # 2 @ Fad
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.22.11)
Fad, good to have you back & hope you are safe. Take good care of yourself.
10. egypt will burn the world
anton ,   victoria   (11.22.11)
egypt mess can not be clean anymore because is to big so there will be just a big fire in the hot world ready for a fire to burn all of it and this will come from the egypt of 2011.Arent world elites the same as the egypt s messy!
11. 1
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (11.22.11)
I agree with your post but I bet you a cup of decent coffee that Obama will win second term as President.
12. So what's new?
Pasquinel ,   Canada   (11.22.11)
13. # 9 Birdi
fad egypt   (11.22.11)
thanks my dear so much shalom
14. Obama, Yasser Arafat & Nobel Peace
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (11.22.11)
The Nobel Peace prize is devalued . Europe is anti-semetic in the political sense, so helping generate the non sense of the Peace prize recipients, nothing less than a joke.
15. To: Max at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.22.11)
Brown vs. Board of Education was a peaceful process. Enforcing it -- especially in Little Rock -- not so much, but we are essentially law-abiding citizens, and the law took its course and won out in the end. The overwhelming majority of Americans have an inherent sense of democracy and a respect for the law. The Arabs are a very different kettle of fish. Democracy will never work in Arab and Moslem societies -- their whole history and ideology works against them. The simple fact is that were it not for the fact that Arabs and Moslems control roughly 40% of the world's petroleum reserves, they'd all still be killing one another and riding camels. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. All the gilded palaces in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait won't change that. And Egypt -- most of whose revenue derives from two sources: the Canal and tourism -- has suffered greatly with both. The cost of insurances for vessels transiting the Suez has increased so much, it is now actually cheaper to go around the Cape. Tourism has dropped dramatically. The fact of the matter is that no matter how distasteful a human being Mubarak is, he maintained stability and peace in the region for over thirty years. That's gone, now. The flow of tonnage through the Suez is down by sixty percent; tourism to Egypt is down by a staggering eighty percent. The Egyptian people have embarked on a long downhill trip to nowhere. That, too, sadly, is part of the Arab psyche.
16. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.22.11)
Well, in the United States, we established it fairly shortly after the Revolution, although it took a while to iron out the despicable issue of slavery and its aftermath. The French -- well, you had to go through the Reign of Terror and the Napoleonic Wars. Sorry about that, especially in light of the fact that the American Revolution was born out of the likes of de Montesquieu, Voltaire and Rousseau and other great philosophers of the French Enlightenment. But we became a brand new nation, whereas you had over a thousand years of bloody history. That, sadly, holds true for the Arab and Moslem worlds, as well. It is going to grow considerably worse .... and may never grow better.
17. To: Fad at No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.22.11)
I echo Birdi's comment in her post at No. 9. It is good to hear from you again; please stay very, very safe. These are troubling times for non-Moslem Egyptians. You have never indicated where in Egypt you live, but I find myself hoping against hope that you live in Alexandria.
18. Army has everyone by the balls and is squeezing hard.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.22.11)
19. Egypt Fad & Sarah B.
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.22.11)
Hi I pray for your safety. I'm seeing the same pattern of Iranian Revolution in Egypt now. People are going to give in to the mullahs. And the fact is that the mullahs have no concept or idea how to run a country or an economy. The same would happen if Israel was to be governed by orthodox sector. They will try to attatch all ascpect of life and laws to religion so they can have total control of the government. Muslims are in a way slaves of their religion. They want it and they don't want it at the same time. Iranians don't want religion, but they feel guilty if they admit to it. The answer is that the chance of a real free society is very slim in any Muslim country. Egypt will be turned into a huge Gaza. I hope they will not attack Israel, but the chances of that is also very slim. Israel will have no choice but to take back Sinai if attacked. Do you honestly beleive that your government should be handed over to people who are willing to kill one another over a naked picture? Mubarak had no choice but to rule with an iron fist. The extereme religious don't understand any other way but their way which by the way is another iron fist.
20. Wow! Gaza just got a lot bigger. I'm sure
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.22.11)
tourist are going to flock to Egypt now that religious thugs are going to be in control.
21. Unfortunately, "stress" in these latitudes
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (11.22.11)
always mean much blood and victims. If Islam is involved, things are complicated. Main engines of religious fanaticism are ignorance and illiteracy. In the era of Internet and mobile communications, however, difficult to keep people uneducated and ignorant. Therefore, in the upcoming clash with the religious life in Egypt, secular way of life will win and this is the future of young people from Tahrir Square. Will not happen soon, it will probably take many years and victims. Indeed, the clash between religious and secular has happened to Christianity centuries ago.
22. #7 not so fast!!!
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.22.11)
Who do you think is going to be their choice? The Persion monkey or his brother in Lebonon? Do not worry! they will go with a Mullah at the end who unite them by blaming Israel and the great Satan'USA" for all of their problems. And then Israel has to step up and defend itself. This is teh cycle in every Arab country. It's us against them at the end. Thank God we got nukes!!!
23. Obama should run for presidency in
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.22.11)
Egypt. His" yes we can speech" was start of all of this.
24. #21 I like your post, but you are wrong
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.22.11)
about one thing. The side that is willing to kill will win at the end. The educated are the moral winners, but the control will be with the ones that are willing to kill. The new generation will win the revolution by giving blood, but will give it up to the ones that are more willing to kill such as the mullahs. Army in Egypt will start siding with the protesters, and will start distributing their own guns to the Mullahs very very soon. In return the mullahs will start killing all the generals and then brainwash all the young soldiers as the soldiers of Islam. That's the cycle in Islam.
25. #24 I did NOT say, it would be easy
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (11.22.11)
Our democratic transition is not easy (I mean the Balkans). Today "brainwash all the young" is not as easy as 20-30 years ago. They are young people like others around the world. Being poor don’t mean you're stupid. I agree that the fight against the mullahs will be difficult but not impossible. Never say never. And we thought we convicted of Communism 'forever'. Shalom
26. To: John at No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.22.11)
Ah, can we bet on something with an alcoholic content? The only thing harming a Republican victory is the fact that the two most credible candidates -- Huntsman and Romney -- are both Mormons. That will sell well in Utah; not so well among mainstream Christians. But I do retain the hope that most Americans recognize that Obama is the worst possible person to lead the United States. I also hope that most have the foresight to realize that an Obama victory will guarantee a very large and devastating unilateral Israeli action against Iran. And Lebanon. And Gaza. We KNOW how Obama feels about Israel. We also KNOW how the United States Congress feels about Israel. We further KNOW how the overwhelming majority of Americans feel about Israel. Time will tell, John. Time will tell.
27. # 1 cold winter-long dark age
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (11.22.11)
Sarah B ! I am not a fan of Obama,but what have you expected him to do ?.send in the Marines to fight the Egyptian mobs,in order to keep Mobarac in power ,those days are gone,i don't believe obama is anti Israel,Obama provided Israel with things that Bush refused to give,but Obama should not be reelected, because he is a Marxist and believes in a government run by big brother,Obama is a Jew,he has an identity complex like many Jews,what am i, and who am i, the street considered him,black,but he was raised by white folks,obama is trying to impose on the American people an ideology foreign to the spirit of America,and unfortunately he may succeed ,because around 50 % of the people,one way or another eat from the governments palm,especially the young,who believe,he is God,in the past there was very little difference between democrats and Republicans,today the Republicans are left left of center, while the Democrats are far far left of center,one thing for sure, with mentors like Bill Airs and the Anti white-Antisemitic revrend Right,Obama must go,and God forbid that somthing should happen to one of the 5 coservative Judges while Obama is president,those 5 judges are standing guard,to save America.
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