Thousands protest against 'libel bill'
Yoav Malka
Published: 22.11.11, 20:53
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1. paycheck
joe sombrero ,   usa   (11.22.11)
I guess these protesters are facing unemployment.
2. Wish I was there.
Michael ,   West Jerusalem   (11.22.11)
3. freedom to slander is what the left wants...
The right is gaining power, having more children, and STAYING in Israel. The left is going to be a museaum display in the coming years....
4. if Peace Now organized it then not really a protest is it
zionist forever   (11.22.11)
If thousands of people were taking to the streets on their own initiative then the government would have need to sit up and ask questions about what will be the backlash if we pass this bill but it all we are talking about is a Peace Now rally it doesn't matter if they have 2 or 2000 protestors its not ordinary people. Other groups could easily get 2000 people out in the streets supporting this legislation. The people this legislation persecutes are people who lie and slander others to promote their political cause or for a sensationalist newspaper story. Why shouldn't victims of slander be entitled to a substantial pay out, its not a tax on the people that Nitzan Horowitz claims this is an attack on its a punishment for committing a crime. I am sick to death of the far left taking their so called moral high ground and if the government does anything they don't like it becomes fascism, undemocratic, apartheid and all these other big words. These leftists just can't handle people rejecting them and their ideals.
5. some 2,000 is not thousands. again you lie and distort!
ralph   (11.22.11)
shame on you. but in reality nothing new.
6. Whats the problem?
Danny   (11.22.11)
Don't lie and the law doesn't affect you, why is this such a big deal for the left? Also don't believe for one minute anyone was chanting "one people, one country, one leader", so guess we know who is going to be the first person sued under this law...
7. right..."Israel" is not Iran.
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.22.11)
"Israel" is worse than Iran.
8. To nr 3 - True and honest comment
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.22.11)
"The right is gaining power, having more children, and STAYING in Israel. The left is going to be a museaum display in the coming years.... " Amen to that!
9. The right-wing are nothing but fascists.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.22.11)
Let those idiots stay in Israel by themselves.
10. Obedience now? One leader?
Daniel ,   Miami, FL   (11.22.11)
I don't know anything about this law - and this article doesn't really help me on that - but what kinds of ridiculous and dangerous slogans are these?
11. Only time in history "peace not" had a valid point.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.22.11)
12. Very cute
moriah ,   sacramento usa   (11.22.11)
Just keep the tape on you mouths to keep the poison spilling out...
13. .003 of the population. This is not news!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.22.11)
There are so many more important things going on right now than reporting on this non-event, which forces one to question YNet's direction. Is it moving to the left to join HaAretz? HaAretz can no longer survive on its earnings but has to accept money from overseas anti-Israel groups. Is that where YNet is headed?
14. #9 - What is a facist? You don't know do you?
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.22.11)
15. I passed it on my way home about an hour ago....
The Truth ,   Tel Aviv   (11.22.11)
.....on the 5 Sherute, I would say there were about 500 at most, I have noticed that the Israeli media always inflates the numbers of rallies, marches, etc., of left wing groups, to make them look bigger, when in fact the smalanime are just a very small loudmouth minority of idiots led on by professional trouble makers who are on the doll, of foreign funded NGO's and maybe even foreign agents. It's quite obvious who owns the media, it has all become quite transparent. Can't wait for the next elections, the left will disappear, those who think the summers b.s. demonstrations will lead to a Labor victory are nuts. Israel will swing even farther right.
16. @ #3 and #8 so who will fight ur wars & pay ur taxes?
if you two get what you wish for then there will be no one left to be the mule for the ultra-religious and the right wingers. Best thing to do? Have a little think and readjust your prayer!
17. Peace now is falling into pieces
Eli ,   Israel   (11.23.11)
Peace Now and the rest of the liberal leftist citizens of Israel are the Jewish version of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. They dont physicly murder Jews but they support and work alongside the muslim murderers of Israel. They are the ultimate traitors and hypocrites, they should all just move out and leave Israel since they all believe Jews have no reason to live in Israel, hypocrites.
18. Salma / 7
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.22.11)
Birdi was right. You are the resident clown.
19. paid protesters, paid ngos
izzie irgun ,   zion   (11.23.11)
lets just vote the bill and get it over with, that way we can sit back and watch the european haters who fund all these opposition groups go bonkers. Every country has restricitions on foreign money influencing local politics but only in israel is it an international debate. While are those stupid liberals weren't looking South Africa just passed a bill that significantlh restricts freedom of the press.... anyone care, hell no. only israel is of such concern to the world but who cares ... they can all drop dead they couldn't care less about protecting the jewish state.
20. 2,000 protesters? Where? Show us. That might be the
Harry Wright ,   UK   (11.23.11)
enrolment of one school.
21. try justify when your pen kills faster than the bombs...
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (11.23.11)
with the freedom of speech, one respect his freedom thus restrict himself to report only facts and not one-sided bias half-truth. your freedom to write does not grant you the freedom to write all things you hear or see or believe. in name of revealing the truth, you may in the end hurt the innocent and the justify the oppressors. not all truth should be revealed, as the evil ones used by Satan are all out to lure gullible naive souls to leak secrets that will harm the innocents. democracy is not a springboard to slandering your country leaders openly and ranting spirited emotional over-exaggerated half-truth. democracy don't give you the right to rant anything in public foreign forum or on-web to distort truth. Many naive common people may because of admire your spirit and courage thus believe whatever bias view you hold. sometimes majority are not always right, there are cases when everyone blinded by some persuasive power, and everyone do what is right in his own eyes.
22. Defamation and Peace Now
citizen   (11.23.11)
Why is Peace Now, an organization funded by foreign countries & EU member states, behind this protest? Could it be that they are worried they will be sued over false reporting? Peace now says that they are for "democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of press, equality and the rule of law" -- so are we all, but, if they think that freedom of expression is freedom to lie, in order to advance their particular agenda, then they are in for a rude awakening. It is because of organizations such as Peace Now that the libel law has been revised.
23. Proof Peace Now and Slander Go Hand-in-Hand
Netanya ,   Netanya   (11.23.11)
If Peace Now actually had facts and was not a totally dishonest group, who can only present libel and slander to make their case of suffering by Israel, they wouldn't be protesting. The new law is only against the slander and libel, which Peace Now and other leftists are so well-known for. This is just proof of Peace Now's tactics, which they need to keep the lie going. Now that lies will not be allowed, they don't have a foot to stand on and those morons who are protesting will not get their paychecks from those who hate Israel. That is what the protest is about, not anything having to do with silencing, freedom of press, fascists or anything else with real substance. This law is well overdue! World opinion is based on the lies the newspapers write and to this day, many scream about Al-Dura, Rachel Corrie, Gaza Beach Massacre, the Flotilla "activists", Jenin Massacre and another million fictional stories, to prove how awful Israel is in human rights, while none of these were actual events where Israel was involved in any type of human right's abuses. Let the truth be written and told, the lies must be stopped and those who write them or perpetuate them must be held accountable. Sof Sof!
24. Nr 16 - Your arrogance is beyond this world
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.23.11)
It's mighty strange that one can't criticize the "Left" without the "Left" chanting: "Who fill fight your wars and pay your taxes?" For your information, Left wing radicals are the ones eschewing and avoiding military service. The "Left" is not indispensable as you pretend. At the same time, IDF sees a steady growth and percentage of religious soldiers. And that is not an ideological statement since I'm no ideologist. That's a factual statement whether you like it or not, but I'm merely speaking the truth even if it hurts your ego. And regarding working and paying taxes: I don't know what planet you live on and I have no idea why you are hellbent on lying, but it is a myth - a lie, that "all religious people just pray and don't work or pay taxes." Many religious people do that - and believe me - it irritates me as much as it irritates you. Nobody should be a parasite in Israel. But acting like a parasite is never right - no matter if you are "Left" or "Right", secular or religious. But what really bothers me is that you pretend that the "Left" are just the moderate average every day Israelis. They are not. The Left is a lunatic extremist fringe that has held an ideological strangehold on our political system for a very long time - and that's not democratic at all. What also bothers me is that you pretend that the "Left" is the majority and that the "Right" are an "extremist" "minority" consisting of "ultra-religious". Most "right wingers" in Israel happen to be brazenly secular like myself. Let me ask you a question: Do you hate religious people or do you simply hate parasites? And why do you equate "parasites" with religious people and why do you equate religious with "right wing"? There's no problem being a secular right winger. And for your information: I'm neither "ultra-orthodox" nor "national religious" or even "moderately religious". I'm a brazenly secular guy by your standards. But I happen to support Zionism, patriotism, capitalism, family values and conservatism - and I deeply dislike traitors that are "ashamed" of being Jews/Israelis and can't live with their Jewish/Israeli identity and therefore choose to dismantle our country from within so that Israel - in their perverted dreams - ceases to exist, so that these lunatics can "finally" give up their identity and assimilate into the non-Jewish world. If some lunatics want to assimilate themselves - go ahead, do it - I won't stop you - but leave my country alone. We want to remain Jews/Israelis in a Jewish/Israeli country. And stop pretending that the "Left" is the indispensable secular working majority - they are not - they are neither indispensable nor the majority.
25. Amateur Hour
Bill ,   New York, US   (11.23.11)
So apparently the libel award does not require proof of damages. There are some classes of libel in US law for which damages need not be proven, but there is no reason to make all libel free of the damages requirement. And on the other hand, I have not heard any explanation for why there should be a ceiling on libel awards or penalties. In other words, where is the serious discussion of the law? Is it occuring in Hebrew and is just not available in the English-language press?
26. to #24
Tamar ,   Jerusalem   (11.23.11)
I agree 100%!!!
27. The inclusion of the word "Peace Now" makes it treiff!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.23.11)
28. @24 who said I was a leftist?
#16   (11.23.11)
I am a right winger of the old revisionist school (Jabotinsky/Begin) and you have just slandered and insulted me by calling me a left winger. According to the new law I want my money from you and from YNET who has published your malicious slanderous, unsubstantiated talkback!!
29. hypocrisy !
nadav ,   tel aviv   (11.23.11)
These professional "protesters" are hypocrites- they used every means possible to silence the opposition to their policies in the 1990s, from slander to banning groups and media outlets (Arutz 7) terrorist just to prevent them from opening discussing the flaws in Leftist policies. As a former Left wing, I am disgusted by the today's hypercritical, self serving, and disingenuous! These reforms in the law are LONG overdo: NGOs should NOT receive foreign Government funding to shape the discourse in this country; judges should not be nepotically appointing their peers without checks and balances from the legislature, and journalists should be held accountable for deliberately disseminating disinformation to the public without consequence! Enough is enough! Its time for Israelis to grow up and learn to play fair with one another!
30. #9 -- Obviously, the concept of slander is beyond you.
Scott ,   USA   (11.23.11)
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