Ron Paul: Why does Israel need our help?
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.11.11, 08:16
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1. well we really don't need help from
gal1 ,   Israel not palestine   (11.23.11)
US but they will need help from us (Israel) this war isn't just about us in Israel it's the world and the sooner they get this the better. Dear World "WAKE UP"
2. Jewish Democrats
Adar ,   Nation   (11.23.11)
WAKE THE HELL UP!!! When will the Jewish Democrats finally see the light and understand which party is the best for their people overseas.
3. Dr. Ron Paul is right.
Kram LaFup ,   Ridgewood Brooklyn   (11.23.11)
Time to grow up and stop feeding off the teat of the United States. It's called weaning. It hurts a little, but it's time. Ron Paul is right.
4. disagree #2
jewish whale ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.23.11)
Under the republicans Hamas was voted in during elections in gaza and Hezbollah was allowed to attack Israel. Condie Rice was sent with the explicit directions to convince Israel to hand over the Golan to prevent future fighting. This is not about political parties- it is about general business interests. The US gov't looks after the US- not it should, really. I am Jewish and say that with confidence- it is not the job of the US tax payer to foot the bill for policing the world and buggering foreign nations.
5. US should stay away from ME
Dave ,   NY - US   (11.23.11)
Why does the US care much about Iran, even though Iran has always denied wanting a nuclear weapon, when North Korea has openly declared being a nuclear, and has frequently threatened to use it?! Israel has been taking American tax payers money for many many years now, and has never returned the favor to the US in any of the wars that the US went into... So its time for Israel to be independent, and choose their own future... Or let NATO take care of them.. The US has no business in getting american soldiers killed, and wasting american tax payers money for no one when there are 30 million people in America living in poverty, and other 30 million unemployed, and with a national debt that has reached $15 trillion !
6. @2 Uhhh... Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN Candidate
jl ,   usa   (11.23.11)
Cleary he doesn't represent us Jewish Democrats which, by and large, support Israel and her sovereign.
7. #3 Kram LaFup
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (11.23.11)
Does the expression "Great Satan" mean anything to you? When Iran has nuclear weapons, it is also your very personal problem.
8. Ron Paul; hats off!
Mike S ,   Phoenix, USA   (11.23.11)
I rarely agree with Republicans, but I have to respect your honesty. This is how ALL candidates think, but at least he was honest and brave enough to say it...
9. Little Known FACT: Israel RUNS Most US Security-
Ezra ,   US   (11.23.11)
Apparatuses on the homefront. Six or seven Israeli security firms stationed in Los Angeles and other cities run most of the US's security concerning communications and deciphering threats. Why? Because they do it BETTER and CHEAPER than the giant, beaurocratic FBI, CIA and Homeland security. Israel is uniquely tied to the US in a way that no other nation has ever been. The security and defense relationship here is pure magic (note the complete lack of terrorist attacks against the US!). Top US brass have said repeatedly that what Israel provides the US with is ESSENTIAL and MORE THAN PAYS FOR ITSELF (the meager $3billion) and has already saved countless American lives. Ron Paul is talking out of his backside: if he were elected, after his first briefing on security matters he'd change his tune in two seconds and start kissing Israels backside. Americans who complain about Israel should SHUT THEIR MOUTHS AND BLESS THEIR LUCKY STARS that we have Israel as a friend. When we weren't so close to Israel we had our Naval warships blown up: embassies blown up, marine barracks blown up, planes flown into our buildings, etc. Right after 9/11 America woke up, took Israel as it's closest ally and WALLAH! a safer America. Yeah, that's simple folks. Get over it. Israel rocks and is better friends with American THAN ANY OTHER NATION!!!
10. Best plan for attacking Iran : Just do it ...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.23.11)
and the US will take care of it's end.
11. Israel Obama Iran
Jason Alster ,   Wethersfield USA   (11.23.11)
The million dollar question is???? would president Obama again ask Israel to return to the 1967 borders with the chaos in the Middle East, and would israelis agree to this as some previous israelis said they would. live and learn.
12. Just for the heck of it they should vote him in. After Obama
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.23.11)
......anything goes!!!!
13. @8 I agree with Ron Paul too.
Dave ,   NY - US   (11.23.11)
I supported Al Gore in 2000, Bush in 2004 but then supported Obama back in 2008. This proved to be a big mistake ehen I look at the national debt, and the countless military interventions and military bases in all around the world... And while the american people lose their jobs and homes, Obama bails-out big banks and big corporates! This doesn't make sense to me when I see unemployment rate of 15% and 30 million Americans live in poverty while Obama is throwing American tax payers money overseas and to big corporates! This time I must make the right choice and support Ron Paul.. Who has never lied in his 30 years in politics! At least he is honest even when its hard to be honest, and follows the constitution even when no one else really cares anymore!
14. Ron Paul a 'True American Patriot'...
Chris.B ,   Australia   (11.23.11)
he should be commended for bravery in saying the truth no more wars for Israel. Israel is more than able to decide its own fate.
15. To #9
Mike S ,   Phoenix, USA   (11.23.11)
I am SURE we can take care of ourselves by our own! And regarding (the meager $3billion); I have heard many justifications for that money, and yours makes the least sense, if any. Oh, they are not meager either...
16. Ummm
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.23.11)
As nearly as I have been able to discover, while the United States has sent their servicemen and women to die for Arabs, the U.S. has yet to do so for Israel. And while I find Mr. Paul to be generally repulsive in the extreme, I do agree with him in one regard: the United States needs to STAY OUT OF ISRAEL'S WAY.
17. is it united state of America or united state of "Israel" ?
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.23.11)
Why do the candidates for the U.S. presidential care about "Israel" more than their own affairs ?
18. The difference between US and Europe
ajax ,   Israel   (11.23.11)
In the Republican primaries, 7 of the 8 candidates are pro Israel. In Europe, 7 out of 8 politicians are anti Israel, the last one being pro Palestine.
19. Superior success
olli ,   espoo, finland   (11.23.11)
Israel should be proud of that it has the will of USA in its pocket. It is good because the americans are very narrow minded and ignorant and otherwise would do something stupid. Example the concessions to USSR in 1945.
20. What exactly do you hate about Ron Paul?
Colin ,   U.S.A.   (11.23.11)
He believes in the Constitution as the law of the land (because it is); he wants to return to a gold standard (which we were on until the 70s); he advocates the destruction of the federal reserve (since its inception, the dollar has lost 98% of its value); he would legalize marijuana, which would slice billions of government spending we used to arrest, try, and imprison the 1 million Americans who were caught with possession of pot last year and save the lives of DEA agents trying to infiltrate Mexican gangs which only have power because of the illegal status of drugs in the US (mainly weed); and he would invest the 1.6 trillion dollars we spent in foreign wars last year in the United States, creating wealth and prosperity in the US and goodwill abroad. I just want to know what Ron Paul haters really find objectionable, rather than just "This one time, on CNN, I heard he was crazy." "Those who give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither, and will surely lose both."- Ben Franklin
21. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.23.11)
Because, for better or for worse, foreign policy DOES matter, and mindless idiots -- like the ersatz "Palestinians" -- do abound. Get rid of terrorist scum, and the foreign policy burden lessens considerably. Hey! There's a thought!
22. To: Ajax at No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.23.11)
Yes, and we all know the sordid history of Europe and the Jews. Who cares about the Europeans? Certainly not I. There is something to be said for "just desserts." The Europeans are getting theirs. Oh, look! No more millions of Jews to herd passively into gas chambers. Poor Europeans. They still cannot look to themselves. It is still the fault of the Jews -- never mind the fact that there are precious few left in Europe. If all of Europe were to disappear in a mushroom cloud, it would be no great loss. They've caused enough trouble, haven't they?
23. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.23.11)
Exactly. Israel -- and its (considerable) nuclear capacity -- is more than capable of deciding its own fate. JUST STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR WAY. Hop back onto your barstool, and suck back another Foster's. Australia is pretty irrelevant, anyway. Go massacre a few more aborigines. That's the only thing you're good at -- as has been proven time and again.
24. Campaigning or roleplaying ?
Is Ron Paul showing some independent thinking or is he saying the opposite of everyone else to distinguish himself ? That would be hardly independent. I believe this guy has found a political niche that attracts all kinds, the lower range of being undeclared antisemites, conspiracy theorists and short-sighted "patriots".
25. Please tell me WHAT kids does US send ISRAEL.Talking trash
Alan ,   SA   (11.23.11)
26. This is quite an endorsement!
Dan   (11.23.11)
27. Re #20 What exactly do you hate about Ron Paul?
Andrew Brehm   (11.23.11)
Essentially this: "Those who give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither, and will surely lose both."- Ben Franklin That's Ron Paul. He is willing to give up essential liberty for temporary safety. Stopping Iran from getting nuclear bombs is necessary for "essential liberty" to exist. But Ron Paul is willing to give that up for the temporary safety of not being the first victim of Iran's plans.
28. And 80% of the military aid must be spent in the US!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.23.11)
And Israel misses out on a lot of sales because it is not allowed to compete with the US on a whole slew of military products. Just think of how many people get employed in the US because of Israel spending 80% of 3 billion there. The figures in this article .. might not be the latest but they give a very good overview of the US aid to Israel issue.
29. #3 please stop regurgitating nonsense.
Jane ,   London UK   (11.23.11)
80% of the money that Israel gets has to be spent in the US and it creates tens of thousands of jobs there. And the US gains a whole lot of other things from its relationship with Israel. This stuff that you spout is old hat and anybody that keeps track of things knows far better.
30. Americans
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (11.23.11)
Americans often support the Arabs too giving them "aid" and not to forget the Russians and the Iranian regime who also help them, so it would be unfair from America not to help Israel, but of course Israel will save the world from Iran, and this time America cannot play the hero...
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