New find sheds light on Western Wall
Associated Press
Published: 24.11.11, 14:50
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1. amazing the burning marks still there.
ghostq   (11.24.11)
and the muslim shouldn't build their site on other people worship site.
2. to #1 Romans not muslims you bright thing!
or just anything to blame the muslims! remember who had killed 6 millions Jews in revenge for Jesus?! maybe you need to brush up a little bit on your own history!!!
3. #2, please read post #1 more carefully.
Israelit ,   Israel   (11.25.11)
And you'll see that nothing was said about Muslims burning the temple wall. However, Muslims are trying to stamp out the right of Jews to pray at the wall and try to deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem..
4. #2 - he made 2 statements in the same post
William ,   Israel   (11.25.11)
or is reading comprehension a problem on your part? His comment about Muslims building a mosque on another group's holy site, which history and archaeological evidence has ascribed to the Jews. In regards to "6 million Jews in revenge for Jesus" - are you talking about the Nazis? You know the Nazis were anti-catholic and wasn't big on religion at all, considering it got in the way of the worship of Aryans as the rulers of the world, The Third Reich? Speaking of brushing up on history. Whatever your day job is, they're paying you too much.
5. #4
Billy ,   Dearborn, US   (11.25.11)
Just because Hitler was anti-Catholicism doesn't mean he wasn't a Christian. Catholicism is the least pure version of Christianity there is, it's mixed with Paganism! And even people who aren't Christian still believe in Jesus and that he was a great person! Such as myself! Why are you telling him to brush up on history when he didn't say anything incorrect? And that's very rude to say he's getting paid too know nothing about the guy, how good he is at his job, or how much he gets paid.
6. Some facts....
Basil ,   Dallas, Texas   (11.26.11)
One, Hitler did not believe in Christianity. Why would you, Billy, lecture people about history without checking your facts? Hitler was into Teutonic thinking and rejected Christianity. The holocaust was not about Christianity. It was about Hitler believing all Jews were only out to help themselves and sought power, so he committed genocide. The Romans destroyed the Temple, and the Muslims later built there. I believe there are religious problems that can be resolved, but not so long as there is a conflict and Israel and the Palestinians are using religion against each other.
7. @2 and her supporter
Ber ,   Yahud   (11.26.11)
Anthing to blame a Muslim???? Get real. As pat Condell calls it the "Religion of Phony Grievences." and as someone who is familiar with that infamous book, too bad the grievances and accusations are all phony.
8. Excellent work by Reich and Shukron
Henry from New York ,   USA   (11.27.11)
Wonderful to see that their dig is going so well. When I saw the site I couldn't imagine how they had managed to clear away so much soil so quickly without most of it being sterile, but it's good to see that they have made this significant find. I only hope the curse of the City of David excavations doesn't strike.
9. No one claims it was builtby Herod
Aaron Kuperman ,   Baltimore, USA   (11.27.11)
Everyone (except perhaps for the Arabs who deny our existence in the version of an alternate timeline they believe in) agrees the Har ha-Bayit dates back to at least the time of the Shlomo, and was always being built and rebuilt. Herod was the last major contributor before the Romans destroyed it, and then started building some more on the site. To be significant, the find would have to be a coin found at an undistrubed level under everything indicating the first construction was later than believed (as the Arabs believe, a 7th century found at bedrock level). Don't hold your breath.
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