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Propelling Latin American 'Jewish spring'
Published: 24.11.11, 09:05
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1. ROI
J Bernard Marquez ,   South Salem, NY, USA   (11.24.11)
Your article was interesting but I could find nothing explaining what ROI is
2. Amazing how different views are in Latin Judaism vs Israel
Josh   (11.24.11)
Being a convert and the views of a convert: I bet these latinos let converts live normal lives. Do they know how Latinos are treated in Israel? The only place I have seen them get along is in the Florida Keys where Israelis don't let anything slip.
3. # 2Josh
Rebecca   (11.24.11)
Those aren't Latinos , are Jewish semites, 2 generations or three from Polish Russian grandparents
4. Latinos
Robert ,   Florida USA   (11.24.11)
Rebecca, Latino or Hispanic is a reference to the Spanish language, It does not have racial or religious connotations.
5. Brazil
Marcelo ,   Sao Paulo   (11.25.11)
Well here in Sao Paulo we don t have any relationship with this ROI. By the way I am the second generation here my family came from Lukow Poland. And there is no difference between Jews from Sao Paulo or Bogota. First we are Jews and that's the matters, the country where we were born means only a place or better in many cases a safety place.
6. These are good news! Our Jewish life is vibrant, but...
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (11.27.11)
...any help and/or influx of new ideas are welcome! I feel that we've succeeded into keeping the the vitality of our approx. 120,000-strong Brazilian communities, but of course we suffer, in various degrees, from the same well known problems tha plagues Diaspora communities elsewhere. Good to know that frese, young minds are exploring new paths, new approaches when it comes to bring us together! PS: Marcelo, I agree with you 100%, feel exactly the same way.
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