Livni: Israel heading towards dictatorship
Moran Azulay
Published: 23.11.11, 21:36
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1. this from a party that ethnically cleansed Jews
Golan ,   modiin   (11.23.11)
2. With Livni against it
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.23.11)
There must be something good about it.
3. This dope takes the cake for being a dope...
Al   (11.23.11)
Geez you cant take her seriously. Wheere oh where does Israel dredge up such morons?
4. Livnu is afraid her Soros funding will dry up
Sonya ,   Israel   (11.23.11)
poor baby
5. livni and mofaz
nva ,   jerusalem   (11.23.11)
...really there are no words to describe how disgusting are the things they say...Orwell?? dictatorship??? because Bibi wants the slander in the press to stop???? .the left has controlled the media for decades and they don't want to give up that slander and libel anyone and everyone they wonder they are mad......THANK GOD they are not in power.....
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (11.23.11)
This woman is a fruitcake ,and is also dangerous. She is hateful and clearly. needs psychiatric help I am sorry to say
7. Mabrook : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.23.11)
There is no way that "Israel" can be a true democracy without an end to the occupation.
8. Livni is living in a bubble.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (11.23.11)
If Livni would look outside her little political world,if she still can,it might occur to her that Israel could never become a dictatorship. The Israelis won't allow it. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
9. Livni
joe sombrero ,   usa   (11.23.11)
Wonder why Livni is so upset about this. Just a theory is she being influenced by the United States or the UK.
10. Shes right.
Michael ,   West Jerusalem   (11.23.11)
This is why I'll most likely vote for her in next elections. Oh and Salma remember we are a U.N member are you?
.....DACON9   (11.23.11)
WHY WERE YOU SORRY TO SAYIT. you must announce it , you must tell all the fruitcake...we got your number..... AND WE DONT WANT FRUITCAKES ANYMORE.... maybe a good shwarma in pita with a little tehini
12. Move To Miami and Drink Seltzer
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (11.23.11)
I have recommended for years, that Israel declare a partial marshal law, wtih the govt in charge. BTW Egypt/Tunisia and Libya WIll become governed by the Islamists, Israel a dictatorship, with 60 parties, 600 news outlets, NGOs financed by George Soros and sons, lackeys to the US, UN, EU, and Arab League? Israel's slander laws should be similar to those in other Western countries...I recall when Sharon tried to sue the NYTimes for slander and lost. LIke tax laws, ( intent) harm is impossible to prove. Are the protesters use of threats of harm, damage and extortion okay I ask? Is there not a judicial and legislative process available to all? She should be damning the protests are criminal and illegal. Israel needs people like the owners of FOX News, the Wall St Journal, the needs more Newts, Bachmanns, Perrys, and Mitts and less of Rahm, Schumer, Boxer and Feinstein. Democracy does NOT mean national suicide. To Livni: Ill buy you a one way ticket to Coral Gables, Fl, where you can tell your war stories and drinki seltzer.
13. Livni
Michael Pielet ,   Israel   (11.23.11)
Livni if she held power would be a dictator.
14. Gag-Order!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (11.23.11)
Would someone, please, shut this Witch up! Case in point: This is a perfect example of a looney leftist with too much "Freedom-of-Speech"! A lot of noise...with nothing to say. God bless Israel!
15. what can i say
of all the crap this lady has said this has got to be the worst. running out of meaningfull things to complain aabout
16. 6.
Pinhas Bayit ,   Bet HaKerem   (11.23.11)
Safed is of course the example of democracy and free speech...and free of prejudice. Is this what our grandfathers 'liberated' Safed for, abuse?
17. Bibi is the best for us.
With the whole world turning against us we need a strong Zionist Prime Minister, not one that will placate the world at our expence, or do anything to please the West to the detriment of our security. Livne is liability.
18. Livni is a Noodnick. Needs Duct Tape
Ezra ,   US Israel   (11.23.11)
Across her mouth. She's a flagrant enemy of progress and belongs to a crooked, lying, thieving pack of propagandists who've given Israel NOTHING!!! Why doesn't anyone call this hot-air bag out on her empty words and actions? She's been a disaster and DIVIDES ISRAEL! She HARMS ISRAELI UNITY WORSE THAN ANYONE!
19. The new proposed laws
Spencer ,   Israel   (11.24.11)
Why is everyone getting their bowels in a knot over the proposed new law on defamation. All that the law will do is ensure the the media make that what they are about to publish is truthful and not defaming anyone. And that's how it should be. The media is here to report the truth,The proposed new law in no way infringes on the freedom of the press
20. Truth versus Slander
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (11.24.11)
“Everyone has the right to investigate and broadcast, but no one has the right to slander.” - Bibi 100% correct.
21. livni's tirades
alexi   (11.24.11)
when olmert was in power, we gave livni some allowances as he pushed her around. She fought back but meekly accepting his way to offer arabs one way concessions that left israel defenceless. She tried insome ways but fell short in not resigning or forcing him to get out during the 2006 war when he had no idea what he was doing. Now he is gone. She stands full as opposition leader. So what does she do? She yells and screams and reiterates her tired refrains of negotiating with abbas as the europeans and americans will screw israel. To hell with the gutless europeans and ban ki moon of the UN, a uselss asskisser. Livni has nothing to offer. She is n ot as bad as olmert, this is true. But she has no skill, no insight, no feel for geography, and no courage to fight another day. She is like a month end depressive who screams and yells and has nothing to offer, nothing to build the country , just an endless round of concessions and that is it. How the hell do jews put up such leaders , livni, beilin, ben ami, ramon, and the generals, barak, even mofaz who sat there like a clown while olmert was drowning in his own ignorance. biibi, lieberman, yaalon, ahronovitc,begin, merridor are 1000X better than this lousy livni kadima group. israel would be suicidal to vote for her inthe next election.
22. If you totally exaggerate you are loosing trustworthyness
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (11.24.11)
And Tzipi Livni is exaggerating all the time! She is always using the biggest caliber she can find. Her critic against her political opponents appears so disproportionate, that everybody can discover: There is something wrong with what she is ranting in the Knesset.
23. Livni is full of it!
Reuven   (11.24.11)
24. Livni is a very bad joke. Bibi's changes are democratic.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.24.11)
For Livni, it was fine for patriotic Jews to be arrested for voicing opposition to the Oslo Disaster. However, Bibi is "stifling democracy" by changing Israeli libel and funding laws to be more like those of America and other democracies. Livni is a very bad joke.
25. Proof positive........
GideonReader   (11.24.11)
...that Israel is NOT a dictatorship is the factual reality of the Zipperette still flapping her gums and potty talkiing anti-Bibi drivel. In any decent dictatorship, she would have been disappeared long ago, with few either missing her or complaining about it.
Joyce Fraser ,   Adelaide Australia   (11.24.11)
Well Ms Tsipi Sabotage Livni, you most definitely belong together with Obama and must be categorised as destroyers of Israel, and of their respective countries. You are so starving for personal power, that you constantly offer to arrange the deadliest deals for Israel! You are a traitor and a great danger to all freedom-deserving people, Ms Obama's Helper Tsipi Saboteur Livni!
27. #7 Mabrook my tuchus
Tambour ,   Eilat   (11.24.11)
King David , if he were to revisit us in spirit, would see that palestinians are occupying our lands. All this is a new stance since 1967 and the Germans occupied Europe
28. The sky is falling!!
Scott ,   USA   (11.24.11)
29. #1 said it clearly
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.24.11)
We don't want that party in. We don't want that party around anymore. We don't consider that party a party. If pulling innocent, hard working, and peaceful people out of their homes is not anti- and undemocratic, then tell me, dear Livni, what is?
30. Livni and Israel Democracy
bernard Landman ,   raanana israel   (11.24.11)
Looking back at the bunch of clowns our Israeli democracy has produced, I truly wonder if is the "least worse system" as Churchill said.
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