Livni: Israel heading towards dictatorship
Moran Azulay
Published: 23.11.11, 21:36
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31. Although I don't vote: Go Bibi GO...!!!!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.24.11)
32. Police State and Theocracy in the Name of God
Alex W   (11.24.11)
Well. The Israeli electorate voted for a coalition of religious freaks, and now that government is passing laws that relinquish control from the government to the rabbinate - not what you might expect in an normal democracy, but apparently quite acceptable in a Jewish theocracy, and to the electorate.
33. Tippy Is Dippy
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (11.24.11)
34. Fighting for freedom of speech?
yushl ,   yerushlaim, E.Yiroel   (11.24.11)
MKs Livni and Mofaz blasted proposals. That is their right in a democracy. However, I request that they quote the passages of the proposals that threaten democracy and explain the threat to us. In USA, a President may not run for a third successive term. This law limits the right of the people to elect the candidate of their choice. As an American, I do not feel threatened by this law. In America, The Senate must approve the candidacy of Federal Judges. The President nominates the candidates for the court seats. The President may request or ignore the opinions and recommendations of the entire Supreme Court or the Chief Justice. Americans do not feel that their freedom is compromised by ignoring the desires of sitting Chief Justices regarding the nominations to the court.
35. Libel Law
Joe ,   Afula, Israel   (11.24.11)
If this law is the beginning of a dictatorship then the USA has been a dictatorship since 1776 being that if someone publishes a lie against you in the USA, that person can sue for whatever he believes is a fair amount and the jury will decide. That's called DEMOCRACY!
36. I've always said Israel needs a king and not democracy.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.24.11)
No time like the present to start the changeover.
37. *yawn*
nadav ,   tlv   (11.24.11)
then abolish state run tv and the TV fee that is imposed on the population. There is NO reason for the IBA and channel 1, especially not in the age of the Internet. Israelis have free access to news in many languages (which many of them speak), so they need not only get their information from state run tv- which no one watches anyway!
38. to livni: don't be stupid; at least try.
rick ,   walnut creek   (11.24.11)
now is not the time for shrill hyperbole. the proposed legislation may or may not be well advised but debate should be rational and not hysterical.
39. Livni would prefer to certify Communism......
I don't think so ,   Israel   (11.24.11)
as the official political status of Israel. That would keep G-d, midline and nationalist Jews out and only allow herself and her far left commrads to run the show. NO WAY.
40. how does she get any support from anyone?
yoni ,   tel aviv   (11.24.11)
who is behind this lunatic raving clown who can only oppose everything that her nemesis the Prime Minister and our government does? How can anyone fall for her empty political words of opposing only for the sake of opposing? Are people that blind of the dirty politics here?
41. No one noticed the irony
Logic ,   Israel   (11.24.11)
The irony is that this bill is co-sponsored by an MK from Kadima. Therefore, if she's against it, why isn't she taking responsibility for her own party's legislative initiatives?
42. This woman has nothing good to complain about.
so Mofaz compares reality with a fictional novel, Livni is to busy being a hippie to see the grave and dangerous realities around us, and MK Danny Dannon is the only one that is right..."We will keep pushing legislation which is good for Israel and keeps the country's Jewish and democratic character". Keep up the good work Bibi.
43. what a BS
Martha Fokker ,   Manila   (11.24.11)
Israel heading towards dictatorship?? She does not know what dictatorship is. If she lived in the Slviet Union or Iran or China, she would know better. Now she criticizes PM and nobody is gonna throw her to GULAG. Democracy is not a pass for slander.
44. To. 36 Noodles
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (11.24.11)
See..."The Special Status of the Davidic Monarchy" by Rabbi Lichtenstein The prophesied command and control structure is a monarchy.
45. Tzipi, go home!
She's a piece of work....hope she retires to private life sooner than later...
46. Salma, end your occupation of ynet talkback. : (
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (11.24.11)
salma, there is no way that "Ynetnews" can be a true voice for Israel without an end to the occupation of Salma and her irks.
47. like my matron always says: Don't act stupid!
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (11.24.11)
Livni, don't act stupid,.... truth is Livni don't "Act" stupid......... she is stupid! The End.
48. It is indeed, but not just yet............
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (11.24.11)
Of course it will be some sort of "dictatorship" eventually, well at least a theocratic halachic entity of some sort with some big shot rabbi in charge spouting out orders. This is inevitable due to the high birthrates of the ultra orthodox population but we still have a while to go before it gets to be really difficult here - perhaps about 40 to 70 years or so. True, it makes for a grim prospect and the more it kicks in then the more will regular secular citizens leave in droves and thereby make it even worse.
49. 1984 - Orwell - In Israel??
Torri ,   Naugatuck, USA   (11.24.11)
I invite Livni to come to America and see what a 1984 Orwellian government and dictatorship is like. We have it here right now with Obama, who 4 years ago people portrayed as "Messiah". I wonder if all those people are sill deaf,bumb and blind. It's amazing what Soros money will get you. He is the poison that seeks to destroy our 2 nations. Our 2 nations must stick together, we are brothers. We must fight the enemy together. Live FREE & STRONG ISRAEL.
50. #35 Joe: You are right!
David ,   Karmiel,   (11.24.11)
But, as you say, "the jury will decide". This Israel not the USA and the point is that "damages" will not have to be proved and there is no jury! No one says libel must go unpunished but both the left and the right must be subjected to the SAME law. What will be interesting is what will happen when the Government decides to make "the difficult concessions" as said by the Prime Minister at the UN and at AIPAC in September, what the Right will say about his decisions and if they, the Right, libel him, will the law be applied? Hmmmm!
51. democracy is funny and never ambiguos
Dketerstov ,   Israel   (11.24.11)
David Ben Gurion was brilliant but somehow a kind of dictator too.
52. Spencer, you're a moron!!
A. G. Phillbin ,   Anytown, USA   (11.24.11)
You moronically, and self- contradictorally, said: "All that the law will do is ensure the the media make that what they are about to publish is truthful and not defaming anyone. And that's how it should be. The media is here to report the truth,The proposed new law in no way infringes on the freedom of the press." And who determines if the media is being "truthful" and "not defaming anyone?" The government, you blinkered idiot! No government passes any such law unless they intend to muzzle the press. Only a complete jackass would think the government has the right to determine what is, or is not, "truthful."
53. Jewish Fascists In Comments Area
Al Blue ,   Ukiah, CA   (11.24.11)
As an American Jew I salute Livni for telling the truth. The rabid rantings of King Bibi's demented Israeli and US stooges validate her concerns. Israel has never been a democracy for Arabs and now it won't be one for Jews. People over here are tired of shilling tens of billions to Israel. Better wake up, big changes are coming.
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