Canada: Protestors target Teva Naot
Navit Zommer
Published: 26.11.11, 09:49
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1. Anti-Israel protests
Sam M ,   UK   (11.26.11)
The best way to shut these retarded idiots up is to massively expand building in Jewish communities all over the 'west bank' and 'occupied' Jerusalem. They'll soon get the message and if they don't they know where they can go. Imbeciles!!
2. Palestinians...
David ,   Raanana   (11.26.11)
...will only make any progress with their lives when they understand it is better to spend their efforts in constructing their own future than destroying other's.
3. with the occupation, israel is destroying its whole industri
eporue ,   europe   (11.26.11)
es reputation...
4. Jews should counter protest outside Arab shops
Judo ,   Canada   (11.26.11)
Simple solution: Montreal Jews should protest in front of the many Palestinian and Arab shops in Montreal. Montreal Jews should drive customers away from the Arab shops with mass counter protests against the calls by Palestinian leaders to drive every last Jew out of the West Bank and turn the West Bank an exclusively Arab apartheid racist Palestinian state.
5. Eventually the public will tire of pal protests, so just
Moshe ,   Usa   (11.26.11)
take over the w-bunk & gooozah & eventually it will be dropped by these commerce terrorists. By the way, how many shoe manufacturing plants are there in pallyville. The reason arabs migrated to Israel is because Jews created a worthwhile economy, something arabs couldn't, because they are lazy moral & ethically bankrupt idiot leaches. Ha Ha Ha !
6. Canadian government must grant permits that uphold the
Moshe ,   Usa   (11.26.11)
beneficiary rights of commercial enterprises to enjoy public passage along city sidewalks in front of their stores. Demonstrators must obtain a permit from the local city goverment & the local city government must approve of the venue for such demonstration. Therefore, the city can determine if the place, such as a city park etc. Just transfer arabs out of Israel.
7. protests really pogroms in waiting
moron ,   GALUT   (11.26.11)
nothing to do with 'palestine' is the left and islam at work against jews first and then civlization after
8. use every law every hit back tactic get at these brain dead
ralph   (11.26.11)
9. Wake up, commenters
k ,   Israel   (11.26.11)
You're not always being victimized by the whole world. A Jewish person's life does not have a higher worth than a non-Jew, we're all humans. And I sincerely hope that number 1 is joking.
10. To#9 You would have told Jewish store owners in Germany they
EST ,   Miami USA   (11.26.11)
were not being victimized??? Where do you think these guys get their techniques? Why do you think they have invested massive amounts of petro-dollars to propel a multi-prong attack against Jews world-wide? They finance campaigns that claim the Holocaust never happened, they finance campaigns that resurrect libelous claims against Jews used throughout history and remastered during Nazi times, many Nazis escaped justice by seeking refuge in Arab countries where they became advisors to the different people in power on the "Jewish question".... They continue to fund all these tactics and events in an effort to desensitize the regular person as to the attacks on Jews!!!! Obviously, those who refuse to see will continue to be blind ...
11. #9, k:
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.27.11)
"You're not always being victimized by the whole world". This senseless phrase said a lot about its creator. No one has to be victimized by the whole, half , quarter of the world or even only one individual. And no one can tell to the victim how he has to measure his reaction on the perpetrator of the aggression. Person's life worth as much as individual apprises it. If a Jew believes that saving one life it's like saving the whole world, it means his life is priceless. Jews never say their life worth more then anyone else. It's your personal choice to evaluate your life and to take care of yourself and your loved ones.
12. Montreal has an active group of Palestinians
Pro ,   Canada   (11.27.11)
Keep in mind who these protesters are..., I'm not jewish but I can assure you that these people do not represent me and millions of other Canadians who hold no ill feelings against Israel. These folks come here for their economic benefit and then they try to make this country a dump like the place they come from.
13. Can I Buy These Israeli Shoes in the OC
Ron ,   OC, US   (11.27.11)
Love to. I would pay more to have them. Perhaps a lot of people would rather have IIsraeli products.
14. With Israel's occupation of it's own land
Ezra ,   sandiego   (11.27.11)
More land needs to be annexed. May Teva Naot be prosperous for many years to come!
15. Dear right wingers
Michael ,   West Jerusalem   (11.27.11)
Stop using the holocaust for your own purposes and comparing your situation to our ancestors back in Europe
16. when you compare the canadian protest to anti-semitism as in
eporue ,   europe   (11.27.11)
germany/the holocaust... then you are also comparing israels illegal occupation with the jewish people (community) in europe at this time... the israeli occupation is against international law and is illegal... the jews in europe were not illegal, were not criminal... its not only a "downgrading" to pull out the holocaust for your right-extremist argumentation, its something really much worse... imo the occupation is illegal, violates human rights, and every person in the world has the right to protest this fact... and they will - more and more... you right-extremists just have trouble to defend your cause... and to take the criticism... the only thing you can do is, to admit that it is illegal and live with it - being the only jewish state in the world, and - a rogue state...
17. RE: Dear right ringers
Richard ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.30.11)
Sorry to dissapoint you but tne protesters are definitely from the left. They are endorsed by Amir Khadir, a provincial MP from Quebec Solidaire, the leftmost party in this province.
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