New report suggests Israel linked to Irangate scandal
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 26.11.11, 07:49
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1. Why is this new news?
Danny   (11.26.11)
Been known for years that the Islamic republic only survived because Israel supplied it with arms.
2. So ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.26.11)
When the United States needs a convenient scapegoat or patsy, it's always Israel that steps up to the plate. Yet, the United States does nothing for us. Where's the reciprocity? I say it is time for Israel to throw the United States under a bus. Incompetent, bumbling fools -- who needs them? We are far better off on our own, where we can at least muster up a three-digit IQ. Good luck with THAT one in the United States, especially in the current "administration."
3. why is this such a news all of a sudden?
Iranain Jew ,   LA   (11.26.11)
We all know that mullahs in Iran use Isarel and USA as their scapegoat to stay in power. How stupid have my people become is just amazingly sad and disturbing. They refuse ot see it.
4. If...
merle haggard ,   usa   (11.26.11)
if you don't like it leave it...what's the holdup?
5. Iran contra Israel connection
noel ,   Ct. USA   (11.26.11)
All known then. Israel was storage dump for half billion $$$$ USA had no way to show on books as I recall. Was mandatory then albeit illegal -- sometimes smarts need trump dumb law, called survival. Wonder where $$$$ now?? Reagan knew how to "OPERATE" in real world
6. there is nothing new in this
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.26.11)
the iran-contra deal started with candidate reagan, via then-cia-director george bush, weapons in exchange for NOT releasing the americans being held hostage in tehran, until after the presidential election. as told in sworn testimony before a congressional committee. for an american citizen to negotiate with a foreign country, against the interests of the united states, is called treason. actually shipping the missiles violated the embargo, and also broke the laws requiring notification of congress. which would have been impeachable offences, as well as damaging their "hardline" image and chances for re-election. later, president ronald reagan claimed publicly that "israel" had suggested shipping missiles to iran. even if true, how could a president of the united states duck responsibility for his own incompetent decisions and illegal actions, just "because the israelis told him to do it"? what the hell ever happened to "the buck stops here"?
7. Iran=Israel=antichrist
Pierre ,   france   (11.26.11)
Iran is the muslim version of the antichrist , they build it up as if its the powerfull and the only one standing against israel to lure the muslim public and beleive iran to be the real Islam.. But the Mullah and the Anglo-American-Israeli leaders are all in full coordination about all issues!
8. @2 clearly u need them 2 employ u otherwise u would be....
Israel ,   Israel   (11.26.11)
living in Israel full time already for a long time instead of going back and forth between the two countries. Also number two go have a look at the documents mentioned in this article, "follow the money" and then come back and tell us that the USA didn't reciprocate they reciprocated big time!
9. what? no mention of the Shakshuka method? y like this?
10. Old Rehashed news
Andy ,   Canada   (11.26.11)
All of us living in Israel at the time knew this. The link was through Oliver North and whenever a shipment went to Iran from Israel we got pistachios at Shuk Hacarmel in the return shipment. Why deadhead a freighter was the thinking. And the price of pistachios dropped by half whenever the deals went through.
11. The Gipper himself was responsible for
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.26.11)
that what...??
12. so now we officially know! wow that took a long time comin'!
Sally Forth ,   Jerusalem of course!   (11.26.11)
13. And IF Jimmuh Caharter were
GideonReader   (11.26.11)
re-elected; the hostages would STILL be held, and that Putz would still be hiding in his freaking rose garden, albeit somewhere in rural Georgia. Oh yeah. George Herbert Walker Bush did it.
14. probably released by obama WH to discredit Jews
Bernard Ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (11.26.11)
Any US president asking israel for a favour is accommodated. what else is new. However, where there is caspar wienberger and meese there can be further disinformation
15. Merchants of Death
Reid ,   Washington,USA   (11.26.11)
It's hard to imagine THIS Israel as being 'a light to all nations', unless of course AIPAC is filling your election coffers or you're an Evangelical.
16. And if it was illegal-Israel has gone after moneylaunderers?
Josh   (11.26.11)
If someone in Israel was going to launder drug money, who was it? Is the government ok with drug money being laundered? No wonder Israelis are oppressed by thug monopoies..
17. #16 - and how's your tent on Rothshield?
William ,   Israel   (11.27.11)
Oh wait, your protest movement ran out of steam a long time ago. Yikes. Must have been a hell of a party, anyway. Oh well, back to work...for those who do work.
18. #15 - It was initiated by YOUR president
William ,   Israel   (11.27.11)
and for whatever agreements or arm-twisting by the US, Israel became a part of it. Oh, but wait, the US decided to let its hostages wait longer in order to gain a political edge. Yikes - someone from DC actually have the gall to speak about Israel as "the light to all nations" when their own backyard is rat infested.
19. It would be difficult to prosecute Reagan
Mr. Mojo ,   San Jose, US   (11.27.11)
since the idiot is dead.
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