Iran threatens to hit Turkey if US, Israel attack
AP and Ynet
Published: 26.11.11, 18:04
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1. Iran threatens to hit Turkey
Spencer ,   Israel   (11.26.11)
Well, I'd say that that's a good reason for attacking Iran....we'd kill two birds with one stone.....Iran and Turkey.
2. Wait, that's supposed to be a DISincentive!?
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (11.26.11)
Bomb the bejesus out of Iran NOW!!!
3. I confused already
Igor ,   Israel, T"A   (11.26.11)
Iranians told too much lately, I want to draw the block-schema. So, 1. If America will hit Iran, Iran will hit Israel. 2. If America AND Israel will hit Iran, Iran will hit Turkey. What will happen if 3. America AND Israel AND Turkey hit Iran?
4. Forget your "extended arm" Syria if you attack us
sipahi ,   Istanbul   (11.26.11)
You attack us, and we'll respond by invading Syria. They want to convey the message to Turkey: "Stay out of Syria. We'll need them in a war against Israel" However, your business with Israel does not interest us. We'll invade Syria if necessary. Iran and Turkey has not fought a major war since about 350 years, and it is very unnecessary, they know it. The future big conflict is between Turkey and Israel, about being the ruling super power in Eastern Mediterranian Sea. We already see the footsteps (Mavi Marmara incident, natural gas issues, etc.). Turkey and Iran hasn't fought any major war since about 350 years, and there's no reason for a one.
5. They will give us the green light
Dan Flood ,   San Souci USA   (11.26.11)
The Simian Primate and all who serve political offices with him will no longer have their jobs.. Iran will no longer be ruled by total mentally diseased criminals. Attacking NATO bases will prove what we have always known.. The Iranians are hopeless fools.
6. This Is a Threat Against Whom?
emanon ,   USA   (11.26.11)
Your proposition is acceptable!
7. thank you iran for making erdogen one big jerk
reality check ,   usa   (11.26.11)
you gotta love it when one muslim jerk thinks he's helping another only to get targeted as an enemy ... after all his support syria and iran, erdogen now looks like a complete fool as the iranians threated him too. Gee what's a good little islamist to do, no love from fellow jihardists only suspicion. It might be worth bombing iran just to sit back and watch these useful idiots go at it. Iran and Turkey a war of words .. tomorrow the bullets to fly. can hardly wait
8. If the Psalms 83 war is next, then Turkey and Iran
Rivkah   (11.26.11)
are not in the picture. Syria, Lebanon, Gaza (Philistia refers to lands of the Palestinians), Jordan will be involved. There is a war with Togarmah (Turkey) and that is Armageddon. They will be a player in the big war. But in the little one coming up, no. There is another war that involves the higher horn of the ram of Daniel chapter 8 that is in the near future with Iran being subdued. But there is no mention of Turkey being attacked in that war.
9. enough evil people
istanbul   (11.26.11)
we ( world) tired of iranians, americans, arabs, gazans, iranians- all troublemakers we hate all of you
10. Checkmate Dilbert, now you've stirred up NATO as well.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (11.26.11)
11. ...and I think its for the best
PaulZion ,   Israel   (11.26.11)
Iran should carry on threatening - that way, more countries will be targeted by it and feel threatened - and join in a coalition to disarm it - or even attack it.
12. @1 is that any way to start the week?
Tracy ,   Israel   (11.26.11)
13. More nonsense
Analyst   (11.26.11)
The shiite entity military apparatus seems afraid after a few "accidents" and some leaks in the press about Israeli readiness to confront them, that their terrorist nuclear installation will be bombed. Therefore their goons resort to the old trick. They bark louder as they have no theeeth to bite. If Iran were to attack Turkey, or to bomb US base in the Gulf, this will bring on them a automatic retaliation, so massiv ethat their regime will disapear soon from the page sof history. The same goes if these dogs attack Israel with non conventional weaponry. So you should take these raticionations for wht they are: the ennemy is stricken of fear
ilan ,   InspirationTheatre   (11.26.11)
Iran is ready to fight its own Friends just to save its nukes
15. Nr 1.
No - the only loser will be Turkey !. Arn.Sweden.
16. Forget your "extended"...
Elie Abitbol ,   Canada   (11.26.11)
You are an idiot !
17. The chihuahuas of Tehran...
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (11.26.11)
are getting rather long in the tooth, wouldn't you agree? General Mo: "his achievements in the field of chemistry are unrivaled in the country as even the most renowned Iranian chemists are not able to repeat his achievements." Thats funny. True science isn't valid unless the 'science' can be duplicated again with the same result, by independent scientists. The fact that he vaporized himself speaks volumes. Im so proud of him! Lol. I wouldn't want to live anywhere near their testing facilities! Better we let them go up in flames, with the rest of their 'brightest minds'. The rest of this idiots rant is all "Yap,Yap, Yap"... Shalom Israel, Rob
18. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.26.11)
Hate to burst your delusional bubble, but Philistia refers to the lands of the people of Crete. That would be Greece. The word "Palestine" has nothing to do with Philistia. "Palestine" is a corruption of the word "Palatine," one of whose meanings is "district." "Palestine" was a district of Imperial Rome. You are such a complete fool. We know it! Stop proving it, already! Go back to hiding under your earthquake-proof desk.
19. Well, good!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.26.11)
It's high time someone recognized the Iranian threat. Oh, wait! Wasn't Turkey an ally? I guess not. The biggest mistake that the Iranians are making is in not realizing what Israel, the United States, the EU and NATO can bring to bear against it. Talk about your basic two-minute war. The Iranian leadership is completely insane. We all know what to do with insane individuals. Ciao, babies.
20. oh I forgot israelis #9
istanbul   (11.26.11)
21. iran threatens to hit turkey
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (11.26.11)
iran will soon be sent into obliviom iranians with any sense should get out fast.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (11.26.11)
What is it with these crazy people ?
23. That would be a fairy tale come through !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.26.11)
GO ON MAKE MY DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24. that would be nice to see
Oleg ,   USA   (11.26.11)
They definitely are idiots
JESUSALEN ,   JESUSALEN   (11.26.11)
God bless israel and his faithful servants to be the light of the nations,amen!
26. To. 16
sipahi ,   Istanbul   (11.26.11)
You are the idiot because you don't have any ideas to share. I shared my ideas, and you respond by saying: idiot. I guess your brain is frozen in Canada.
27. not smart to threaten your allies in times of need
zionist forever   (11.26.11)
Turkey is one of the few countries who are still supporting Iran and object to both military action and sanctions and now those idiots in the Revolutionary Guard are threatening to attack Turkey if Israel or the US gets attacks them. Turkey is also a Muslim state and so its not smart for a Muslim state like Iran to attack a fellow Muslim state just because the great saten and zionist entity attacked Iran. Last but not least of course is Turkey is a member of NATO whose doctrine is an attack against one of us is an attack against all of us. If Israel unilaterally attacked Iran and then Iran retaliated by attacking Turkey then the NATO states who currently object to military action would have no choice but to come to Turkey's rescue. In that case NATO would settle for nothing short of toppling this regime either through politics or force. Be careful, Turkey has already turned on their former ally in Syria its not unthinkable they will turn on Iran if threats are being made.
28. #8, Rivkah...hmmm, maybe it is another
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.26.11)
war ?
29. Attack Germany also...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.26.11)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (11.26.11)
They are " bricking it " which may explain their desperate threats to attack Turkey. And Turkey should realise that the enemy of your enemy can sometimes be your enemy .
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