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Polish city of Katowice gets new rabbi
Published: 27.11.11, 08:51
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1. The number of "Hidden Jews" is around One Billion.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.28.11)
A mathematical model has shown that worldwide there are around a billion of Jewish descendants, counting one Jew in six generations. The model allowed for all the major disasters that befell Jews in their long history. Poland is far from an exception in this regard, so I guess many jobs for city rabbis will be opening up.
2. Widen your scope
Marek ,   Lodz, Poland   (11.29.11)
At last some article about Jewish life not connected to Shoah. But this is a drop in ocean! Make an interview with editors of Cwiszn ( and Midrasz ( Lots of things are happening recently. Take a look at very recent "Facejew" (both FB profile and website
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