Iran launches 3 new submarines
Published: 26.11.11, 18:03
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31. New Iranian subs
Leo ,   Indiana, U.S.   (11.27.11)
Iran, as an oil exporter will benefit from any up-turn in oil prices. One quick way to get an oil speculator's blood pressure up is trouble in the Middle East. One or two torpedoes could sink a supertanker. That could rattle all sorts of military as well as economic cages around the world. Iran doesn't need a big navy. It just needs enough to attack shipping off of it's coast at certain 'opportune' times.
32. trying not to laugh. : )
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (11.27.11)
What the heck, did they steal that from Disney? All they need now is Captain Jack Sparrow. Flipper the dolphin is bigger then that. Whoever sold that to Iran should be persecuted. A shark may take a bite out of it thinking it’s some whale or something, the missiles can be no bigger then a toothpick or the thing would sink, and what makes up the crew? Midgets
33. The styrofoam holding them they will float.....
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.27.11)
was a really difficult problem to figure out for the Iranian military industrial complex. The Iranian sailors have to stay outside of the new sub on the deck...........and throw rocks at their enemies. They have dubbed their new fleet as.....( Only a stones throw away). They have been prone to overturning....and drowning the sailors that are secured with chains to the upper deck of the submarine. Iranian technology just fascinates the world just like a bad ethnic joke. They don't tell Polish Jokes.....They don't tell Belgian jokes......They replace them with Iranian jokes. I'm not so sure the thing couldn't be confused with some woman's bedroom toy.
34. To: All of you
Robert ,   Australia   (11.27.11)
Jingoism directed against Iran such as displayed here by almost all posters is reminiscent of the misplaced confidence of the Nazis before they were defeated. You people are in for the shock of your lives.
35. I laughed
will ,   WA,USA   (11.27.11)
They must be saying they are as advanced US subs, based on (unclassified) specifications they found on wikipedia. It is sad that sinking these hand-me-down korean subs will cost the US more money per Mark48 torpedo then it cost Iran to purchase the sub.
36. In order to cut costs, Iran installed screen doors on them
William ,   Israel   (11.27.11)
there were no survivors.
37. Iran bought them from a Mexican drug cartel
William ,   Israel   (11.27.11)
38. Sublime
John ,   Lagos nigeria   (11.27.11)
I really wonder why everything about iran generates much wave as if they are first people to have it.Their time has come and will soon pass.
39. #21..a joke, right?
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (11.27.11)
Israel "owns" the Persian Gulf? Please. How can maybe 2-3 Dolphin subs "own" an entire Region? Sure, there may have been patrols so big deal. You're exaggerations seem manic. Do your homework. The US "owns" the Gulf from a naval standpoint . Have no doubt the Iranians have formidable weapons systems zeroed in on the Straits. Even the US would have some rough spots if things got out of hand. People like you (and that goes for both "sides") make me very nervous...just salivating to start another war. Guess your kids won't be coming back in body bags, eh? Have another sip of wine Ms. Keyboard Warrior in your ersatz seventh Israeli district.
40. uhm new technology?
Daniel ,   Tracy USA   (11.27.11)
Seriously??? This looks like a mini sub from WWII. I have seen beter stuff from Russia, although their reactors make your uniform glow at night. That big round drum on the top must put off some serious turbulence. I mean they would not be able to hide from Israel or the US in those things. The UK, Germany make some good subs, but dang that looks like it was put together with spare parts! doesn't matter how much technology is on the inside, if you can run silent or deep you are screwed. They would be chasing their own sound signature all over the ocean.
41. To: Tony at No. 23
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.27.11)
"The Iranian cruise missile that was supposedly stealth was so stealth that no one ever saw it actually fly." LOVE IT! As to harassing shipping in the straits, not likely. Israel owns both the Persian Gulf and the Straits of Hormuz. We've taken out arms-bearing vessels -- headed for Gaza and Lebanon -- in the past. We can do it again, and the Iranians will never see it coming. I'm told the Iranian submarines are so loud, you don't even need sonar to spot them. Ping!
42. those are subs???
les ,   canada   (11.27.11)
looks more like oversized mullah toys :)). as the saying goes; barking dogs don't bite.
43. To all the armchair military geniuses back talking here:
Elad Lending ,   Yahel, Israel   (11.27.11)
Best not to underestimate one's enemy. And it's best also to figure out where one's own weaknesses are; rest assured that your enemy will figure that out for himself.
44. TRUE,BUT I WONDER................#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (11.27.11)
Why the military strategist in the West discuss the increasing capability of the Iranian Naval force.They seem to be totally fools,don't you think so?Furthermore,you seem to be underestimating your own experts.Only few months back I read three articles on the subject of Iranian increasing power in Naval capabilities.All these three articles were sourced from Washington.From where did you get your information from,you dud.
45. SORRY,READERS......................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (11.27.11)
Sarah seems to have been to the Persian Gulf lately.I mean in her dreams,of course.As mentioned on so many occassions,she has already started and finished the war in the talk-back column.Follow her on the talk-back and pacify yourself if you cannot imagine the real war.
Scott ,   Australia   (11.27.11)
Any weapon in Iran's hands is dangerous
47. to #43
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (11.27.11)
If the dill pickle does Israel in ,Israel deserves not to have a country. you should never under estimate your enemy you are right. but come on a floating pickle.
48. "As advanced as Western..."-Iranian propaganda caption used?
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (11.27.11)
Why use Iran's propaganda to caption the photo? These are tiny North Korean mini-sub designs, coastal use only, range insufficient even to get to the Red Sea mouth one-way, much less close to Israel, before they run out of fuel. They are not much bigger than the tourist ride submarine that used to be at Disneyland! Basically are a clumsy knock-off of the WW2 Nazi Type XXIII mini-sub. Its electric "creeper" motor was very difficult to detect.... in 1945! Carries 2 Russian-made short-range and noisy "Starfish" rocket torpedoes, which to date have succeeded only in sinking Russia's "Kursk" - when they blew up accidently. More or less a suicide weapon.
49. Designed only to stop OIL tankers
RONY ,   USA   (11.27.11)
The SUBs are only designed to stop oil tankers. Iran knows that this is the only thing USA think about....oil is going to $300 load on Canadian oil company stocks, because SAUDI, Iranian, and rest of gulf oil will be up in flames. Israel and US already accepted mass casuality that will come in next war, the only thing needed is to accept that world economy will go down the #@@%
50. #34 NO WORRIES
URBAN POET ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (11.27.11)
This photo makes me piss myself laughing .Believe me ,we have nothing to worry about here if this is the standard of iranian equipment.I have seen more menacing looking toys .
51. Just sink them at sea - even in peacetime !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.27.11)
If one sinks them with other subs nothing needs to be said, they just dissapear. Arn.Sweden.
52. Talkbacker #1 tells us more than the writer of the article
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.27.11)
The first talkbacker describes the character of the Iranian which is really a North Korean submarine. He completely destroys the 'propaganda effect' given by the initial article. One might ask why the journalist or in fact the editor of the piece could not put it in proper perspective.
53. Ghadir Subs
Aarky ,   Ft. Smith, USA   (11.28.11)
The biggest danger to US ships is that the Ghadir could wind up in their propellers. Did they steal the design of a WWI Sub from the Germans?
54. Iran Submarines
walker1946 ,   Clt, U S A   (01.05.12)
Where do you put the Four man Crew
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