Paris mayor: Lee Zeituni hit and run intolerable
Ronen Medzini
Published: 27.11.11, 21:14
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1. Frenchman equals Socialist and...
GideonReader   (11.27.11)
...that boys and girls, equals a lower life form without a shred of honor or believability. On a personal or political level. the Putz dares to lecture Israel while shielding an individual who is a fugative from justice. Well, what can you expect. They ARE the French.
2. Shortest book: French military victories.
Eytan Leibovitz ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.28.11)
Longest book: French Arrogance.
3. isn't no. 2 funny?
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (11.28.11)
allia, gergovia, soissons, poitier (charlemagne beats the invading moslems decisively), pavia, bouvines, montiel, roosebeck, montgisard (saladin near jerusalem), orleans, carillon (even though vastly outnumbered), marengo, wagram, friedland, borodino, jena, marne first and second, to name but a few. your respect, however, shines through the joke.
4. Isn't no.3 stupid
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.28.11)
Last one on the list was what nearly 100 years ago, bet there aren't a whole lot of those soldiers left. Care to talk about oh I don't know World War 2, Algeria, Indo-China? Or perhaps a couple of dozen other French occupied countries? Tell us why does France still have colonies? When are they going to get out of them?
5. 3 Sweeter than honey: You forgot to mention Napoleon!
Rivkah   (11.28.11)
6. @3
Gabriel ,   leiden, netherlands   (11.28.11)
Pavia was an imperialist victory, ending with the capture of Francis I. Good work, though! add: castillon Patay Fontenoy (!) And ofcourse never forget de Montcalms impressive feats in the french and indian war, even though the french lost in the end.
7. And the greatest French fiasco: betraying Poland in 1939,
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.28.11)
8. Checking the calendar
Gideon Reader   (11.28.11)
Hey#3 Sweetie,..... Any of those outstanding military events occur in the last two hundred years? The french planted all of those trees in Paris to give some shade to the incoming German infantry. My ONLY french heros are Rene Artois, his wife Madame Edith and M.LeClerc (lifting his lunettes)
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