IDF: Iran blast harms missile development program
Moran Azulay
Published: 28.11.11, 17:29
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1. So Maybe There will be Another
Mysterious Explosion At All iranain Secret Nuclear Weapon Installations!!!
2. Why bother writing this article
LHX   (11.28.11)
Let's see ... The IDF intelligence community says missile production at the exploded site MIGHT be delayed ... but guess what there are other sites that do missile production! ... well DUH ! Behold the level of intelligence of IDF intelligence!!! and these are the ppl who want to confront Iran. No wonder our spies are falling in Lebanon and Iran.
3. Iran threatened to "wipe Israel off the map' To save Israel
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.28.11)
destroying all of the power facilities, all of the missile facilities and all of their fuel facilities before they can strike is the only option Israel has. obumma the muslum won't come to Israel's aid, it is either act now or Holocaust 2.
4. When your enemy comes to kill you
Yonatan Koss ,   Chiloquin,   (11.28.11)
You rise up early and meet him on the way and kill him first.. We know that in the Iran, Iraq war, Iran and Iraq used every weapon they had including chemical and biological agents. Letting the mullahs in Iran develop an atomic weapon we know they will use it. Cutting off the hand that tries to build the bomb and the workshop for the bomb along it's components seems like a prudent course of action.
5. ''IDF''.
6. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.29.11)
Oh, shut up with the nonsensical blathering. Here's a news flash: I would be willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of ordinary Iranians are quietly applauding the two recent explosions. They are sick of the sanctions and they are absolutely sick of mullahs and ayatollahs and chastity police.
7. #4 Yonatan
Ali ,   Tel Aviv, Palestine   (11.29.11)
I think you will find it WAS NOT IRAN who used 'EVERY' weapons, but more like IRAQ who used every weapons, and guess where they got the bio and chemical weapons form, yes the USA who wnated to avenge the 1979 hostage crisis and tehrefore decided hundreds of thousands of iranians should be gassed or diseased by saddams forces. So no it wasn't iran but IRAQ, so the usa can supply MWDS to kill civilians (iran iraq war) the usa cna even drop not one but two nuclear bombs on hundreds of thousands of civilians and yet still be worshipped and allowed to have nuclear wepaons yet the noble iran cannot depsit not being involved in any war for 100 plus years, oh diddums, your double standards have been EXPOSED.
8. Deterrence is everything
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (11.29.11)
What will be really deterring to the apes is, if we can assure them, that we will survive and that our second strike capability will be so devastating that not only Iran will be eradicated, but the other enemies near us, too. And despite all losses, Israel will continue to exist and will become even stronger. If we can show them, that this will be the result of a strike against Israel, maybe even they would use their brains to think about something else but murder.
9. #7- Germany -not US- provided
Stephen in New York   (11.29.11)
precursor chemicals for Saddam's chemical weapons program.
10. #8 Yael Schlichting
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (11.29.11)
"We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world." - Grand Ayatollah Imam Sayyed Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini
11. #7 Short on facts, Ali
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.29.11)
Iraq developed their own biological and chemical weapons program. They recruited European scientists over a 30 year period. Iran fought an eight year war against Iraq from 1980-1989 and proxy wars against Israel in 2006 and 2008. Your not so "noble" Iran promotes and funds global terror.
12. #11
Ali ,   Tel Aviv, Palestine   (11.29.11)
Sort on memory, it was america who supplied iraq becuas ethey knew the iraqis would get destroyed by iran, so in order to maintain the balance (as the sua did not want iraq nor iran to gett too big for their boots) they supplied saddam with unconventional weapons, america is a disgracve to teh human race, it slaugheterd hundred of thousands of japanese with nuclear bombs yet no one utters a word against them or there nuclear weapons, they pretend to be in favour of democracy yet destroyed irans democracy in 1953, they pretend to uphold honesty yet lied with venom about iraq 2003 so get your facts rigths before typing.
13. #12 Please explain Ali
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.29.11)
Why would Iraq need "unconventional weapons" from the US when they were developing them on their own and what is your reliable source for this information? It was Iraq that murdered, disfigured and maimed some 100,000 Iranians with mustard/nerve gas, not the US. You would think Iran would have learned a lesson from this 8 year war. As for democracy, this is what the regime wants to destroy. People have no rights in Iran. That's home grown repression so the regime can cling to power.
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