Goodbye, Israeli democracy
Asaf Gefen
Published: 29.11.11, 00:21
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1. Gefen 's op-ed
steve ,   USA   (11.29.11)
The author's initial comparison of Israel with North Korea immediately makes his article completely illegitimate. If his stupidity in that respect is not enough, his comments about the "Hearing Law" surpasses it. He had a chance to inform but instead he presents the law as one virtually identical to the process used i the U.S. Our Congress confirms judicial appointees, it is a very grueling process and we are not like North Korea ,either. This op-ed space is a nice piece of jounalistic real estate and Mr. Gefen trashed it.
Gene must be a militant, RADICAL left wing lunatic to compare a law against SLANDER (BLOODSHED---which is FULLY enforced in the US, HARDLY Saudi Arabia) with the sick, Saudi regime. What an irresponsible noodnick! I learned one very strong lesson today: I will NEVER read Gefens commentaries anymore. He's obviously against civility and sophistication, intelligence and responsibility. I don't know how Israel sunk to such levels where people make statements lime Gefen does here....and mean it...seriously.
3. Judge Hearings
Avraham Yehoshua Coh ,   Irvine, CA USA   (11.29.11)
Traditionally, the US Senate Judiciary Committee conducts hearings for US Supreme Court justices. Undemocratic?
4. Gefen's argument is desperate and ludicrous.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.29.11)
There is no rational comparison between blatant foreign intervention, by funding leftist groups, and American support for Israel. Virtually every western democracy has laws restricting foreign funding of NGOs in their nation. Such laws are completely congruent with democracy. As for U.S. support for Israel. Israel doesn't need American financial support and many Israelis feel Israel would be better off without it. However, this support, largely in the form of credits to be used only on U.S. products, is absolutely nonpartisan. It has nothing to do with Israeli politics. Gefen's argument is desperate and ludicrous.
5. Excellent article, Ynet.
Luiz Felipe Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (11.29.11)
I congratulate Ynet for the very good published article. The best quality of the State of Israel, for us, her true friends around the world, is Democracy; also Humanism. These ideals must never be lost. . Any extremism is harmful. I think Israel needs a written Constitution, that assures an independent Judicial Power, and a "bill of individual and social rights and duties". Salutes.
6. While Israel receives $ 3 Billion in US Aid a year
David ,   Haifa   (11.29.11)
And if thats not outside goverments interfearing with Israels demostic affairs then i dont know what is. The stupidity and hypocracy of the right -wing knows no limits, with home grown certified lunatics such as MK Michael Ben-Ari influencing goverment then we are all in trouble.
7. Gefen's a very good example of "Pen kills faster than Gun"
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (11.29.11)
the Gun kills, only the body. but the "Pen" reach down inside you, and kill your body, mental and soul. It brainwash you slowly sometimes, not rushing to kill you in a second, thus create a generation of Liberals / Leftists / self-hate Rebels by years of lethal exposures. i was reminded that the Devil himself speaks very well too! Gefen's articles is the very perfect evidence of why "The Laws" MUST PASS!
8. The finger
Sagi   (11.29.11)
has been hovering over the self destroy button at dangerous proximity for a long time now. It is now only one hair breadth above. I feel like walking up and down Dizengoff with a placard strapped to my body stating in true evangelical style that the "end is nigh".
9. An absolute moron
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.29.11)
The Arabs have not made a single step in the direction of democracy whatsoever and they never will. I guess that makes the United States and Canada two fascist states because their same laws on the subject are far more restrictive than what we propose. Why are these stupid leftists dominating the media these days?
10. In Democracy people elect then they select
ranjan ,   LA, USA   (11.29.11)
Asaf Gefen is the one who does not like democracy. Every democratic country, Including here in USA, judges are chosen by people elected parliamentarian or congress in America. Asaf Gefen is the on ewho want SA model, whatever that means. Onely one thing is clear that he does not like DEMOCRACY
11. First an indulgent piece by Haber
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (11.29.11)
yesterday and today a ridiculous piece by Geffen on the supposed deterioration of democratic principles in Israel just because these leftist adherents are no longer getting their way and the change to the right is becoming more readily apparent. Interesting how Ynet is publishing them but, and it shows, the poorer quality appears to be by these false liberals as opposed to thinkers like Martin Sherman and Yoel Meltzer on the occasions they are published in Ynet. Ynet has already lost prestige due to their refusal to publish their most incisive Talkbackers. Now their opinion pieces are fraying as well. The chances of getting this post published, incidentally, considering the track record these past four months, is about one in three.
12. What was that, Chicken Little? The sky fell on you?
Scott ,   USA   (11.29.11)
13. As it turns out...
OJ ,   USA   (11.29.11)
Democracy has struggled to rise so the public will finally be heard, and was put down by the PM. Hopefully it will return soon.
14. all you reveal is your ignorance, lack of historical knowled
ralph   (11.29.11)
knowledge, less than zero knowledge of political science, and general stupidity, arrogance, self-righteousness of the left. pure simple shit is all you offer. nothing of substance.
15. Dear Asaf Gefen:
Israeli 2   (11.29.11)
The laws that were passed by the kneset were good laws. They were not against Israel or Israelis but rather against the very few but dangerous leftist monority that receive money for the purpose of Israel's destruction. I think that Israel is turning into the Israel it should have always been. Even Ben Gurion said: "Medina Yehudit" Israel is for Jews. All others must obey the laws and rules of this Jewish State. As for the rest, leave it to Hashem.
16. The Israeli supreme court is currently a
Israeli 2   (11.29.11)
leftist mouthpiece. I agree that the judges should be selected according to their loyalty to the State of Israel and to the laws of the Torah. Otherwise, any decision made by the supreme court would be invalid and traif.
17. polish passport
zvi ,   YERUSHALAIM,ISRAEL   (11.29.11)
asaf,are you one who stood in line to polish consulate to get polish passport? what a shame!
18. why does this git still have a column?
Danny   (11.29.11)
19. and Asaf Gefen is
Julie ,   Israel   (11.29.11)
is preciesly why Israel needs these new laws. It is for protection against people like him who just .....don't.....get it.
20. this op-ed makes no sense
Yehuda ,   Israel   (11.29.11)
Supreme Court justice nominees in the States are vetted by Congress, idiot.
21.  Israeli democracy
Yonatan ,   Yerusalem   (11.29.11)
Goodbye, Israeli democracy? no no no no it's Goodbye Arab Fifth Column
22. Nice try Asaf, but it's horse manure! You&your ilk have been
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.29.11)
poisoninig the gullible/guilt-ridden Israeli minds for decades. Now people are simply wakung up from a political- opium induced nightmare and it feels.......GOOD !!!
23. Closer to Saudi Arabian example?
This is typical leftist exaggeration. This article is more like the Palestinian example.
24. This article is absurd.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (11.29.11)
Gefen is making the classic slanderous parralels that the law was put in place for. How can he compare German government funding of Holocaust survivors to NGO funding of groups created to print lies and slander about the very country and government theses groups live in? Gefen, you are being illogical.
25. Asaf Gefen Transparency = Democracy
james ,   uk/il   (11.29.11)
26. dumb & dumber
tiki ,   belgium   (11.29.11)
Written by Asaf Gefen, directed by Asaf Gefen & starring Asaf Gefen. He will understand what he had when he will lose it.
27. this article is absolute trash
mr. reasonable   (11.29.11)
asaf gefen should never be given the podium to speak ever again
28. To #6 et al
TruthMonger   (11.29.11)
QUote "with home grown certified lunatics such as MK Michael Ben-Ari influencing goverment then we are all in trouble." Hmmm damn that man to have the audacity to push himself into power like that.....how did someone like that get to that position...oh yeah, free and democratic elections !!!!!! Currently the Supreme court is not answerable to any body other than itself, the epitome of an old boys club, the only thing lacking is the smoke filled room
29. Garbage
Sidney ,   USA   (11.29.11)
The real question is why does Ynet publish this garbage. Has Schocken secretly bought it? For this idiot Gefen's information, all top jobs in the U.S. require the "advice and consent" of the Senate including every federal judge. I guess that we are not a democracy either. We also restrict foreign interference in our elections. It would be interesting to know where Gefen finds democracy in this world if the U.S. doesn't qualify? He cannot believe that Great Britain is a democracy with its official secrets act. There is not another country in the world that would allow people disloyal to the country in their parliament other than Israel. The first thing that a new president or congressperson does here is to take an oath of allegiance to the country, something which Arab members of the Knesset would never do.
30. # 18 re:Gefen
yy haban ,   the Gush, Israel   (11.29.11)
...he reminds me of derfner..the other leftist mouth piece who was fired from JPost...
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